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  1. I agree with ya but for some reason the kit says do not use 28-29' tires after installing the kit... maybe has something to do with the tables getting misaligned? Im a bit puzzled to why it would say that
  2. Hey guys its been awhile! Hows everyone doing? Ive been very busy with work and have little to no time to be online . Anyhow the pathfinder is running awesome.... cept i just broke my front door lock. Anyhow in the summer i had installed the billstein 3inch lift kit from 4x4parts.com. My stock 31 inch tires are looking good on there but for the winter i got some 28'. The kit itself tells me its not a good idea to use anything smaller then a 31 inch... was just wondering why? and do i really need to buy new winter tires? Thanks you guys! Jason
  3. Hey guys just to make 100% sure... i read on the forums with a 3inch lift.... 33inch tires are a bit sketchy... they rub on turns etc? so im guessing 32 would be the max size id want for a 3 inch lift? Thanks Jay P.S. its the ac lift kit... billstein
  4. Ya im skinning it soon.... I dont know this has just been a project ive been working on... during my spare time. IM not asking anyone to join... just needed some people to beta test a bit. There will be some neat features coming up... with a youtube like script to upload movies.... and something like myspace for comments etc... thought it would be fun... and we could just use these as the forums to that site to populate more? not up to me and its not official just an idea... Thanks Jay
  5. Sorry hehe forgot the most important part http://the4x4forums.com/ Go there then just click forums.... Once again im not asking people to join to start anything... just beta testing the script... let me know if you guys can edit your profile via the blog. Thanks Jay P.S. any feedback is good feedback
  6. Hey guys... got some of the site working now.... been so busy... almost there though. Anyhow I got the VB forums setup with the new ZOINTS myspace type script... this will allow you guys to upload pictures and videos.... post news on your truck etc... all for free. Anyhow im having some issues in thebeta testing... wondering if theres anyone here willing to just signup to see if they encounter any problems or to let me know some ways to fix it up. Let me know Thanks Jay P.S. to those who dont know what im talking about.... its for the4x4forums.com
  7. Bah its not worth to putty up the rocker panels either....Just get an angle grinder... put a cutting blade and cut em off... go to a local machining shop... or a place that can fabricate rockers... cost me 30$ a rocker..... and i just had to align them and tac it back into place... everything you mention doesnt compare to some of the repairs ive done on my pathy alone... get on ebay... buy the 4-5$ book and fix her up... trust me its worth it.... To sell her now and go buy another car for such minor repairs doesnt make sense. Aslong as you follow the maintenance its fine. Thanks Jay
  8. Hey bud ill get some pics out today/tomorrow... depending when I have time... The stupid pin in the UCA that goes through the 2 sides there on my truck was jammed in bad....the bushings were rusted to @!*%....I had to use a hydraulic press to get them out... i only got one side of my front suspension done.... it was alot of work to get those peices out. As for my lego rims... I just cleaned everything very well with paint thinner... passed a nice clean rag over everything... Bought some duplicolor mag paint at canadian tire.... and a 4$ spray paint can nozzle and went....I did about 4 coats to get a nice solid black I was happy with and then I applied 3 coats of clear... came out real sexy... I was happy... and all my friends loved it. Anyway ill get some pics up after I get my truck aligned and sorted out... tonight right side front suspension goes in, steering stabalizer and Im going to get my exhaust fixed...need to replace 3 gaskets and weld my muffler bracket back together(broke due to my suspension being @!*%... always smashed the speed bumps) Thanks Jay
  9. Ya i sent that pathy to the junkyard... sold alot of the parts i had bought for the project... and bought another one... So i stripped down my old 2 pathies... white and blue and kept all the spare parts...to fix this one up. Its coming along nice... enjoying it alot... tomorrow im fixing my exhaust and installing front suspension Thanks jay
  10. Hey guys im gonna clear some stuff up by explaining the procedure of a website... Cause websites begin in jibberish....baby steps 1)Write ideas down... draw out some basic forms to get main body of site 2)work out who the audience is and figure out the most appealing shapes/look...colors 3)Use designing program and create the design... now a design is just an image.... Now to make the design look good you put in random words or designers language...as they call it.... This is basically just to see what the site would look like with the content 4)After this is done you search for images and integrate them into the site (if images dont belong to you then best thing is to show the audience the site is for and ask for permission...so far everyone has agreed...like i said in previous post if you dont please let me know and I will remove em) 5)Now the design is complete... all the images/words/links/shapes are into one design... kinda like 1 image 6)From here you procede to slicing it... now this means cutting the site into 10's or sometimes 100's of peices. These peices will later reflect a link or a part of the website 7)Next step is to code the sliced design... this is by applying some html/php or which ever computer language you wish to use. Now this basically just makes the site workable....by workable I mean now theres buttons you can hit etc... but they go to errorpages 8)Now you got to point all those coded slices to where u want by creating new pages.... when creating the new pages at a url....(http://xsessive.com/example) this will then integrate into the coded slices so that when they are clicked it links to the page you chose 9)Now I got the whole site designed, cut, coded, and I fabricated the script... 10)The script is pretty much what creates all the features... like member lists, forums etc.... I used VBulletin community software to get the features I wanted for creating a completely custom one could take months.... 11)Now that I got the script to most it looks like jibrish... and looks like a very ugly website... I must now skin the script to match the website.... meaning changing all the code or old image codes to new ones and altering the slices to make sure they fit properly 12)Once all this is done one must create a database on a webserver to get all the features to work and retain the info with out causing code errors.... Now im probably missing alot of other things that have to be done. Anyhow I hope that clears some stuff up... if anyone has questions let me know Thanks Jay
  11. Sorry I changed the name... was on the phone when I typed it out... sounds stupid now that i re-read the post hehe
  12. Actually my site is hosted at a subdomain.... meaning www.serverxtreme.com/jasonwork/.... etc.... so ya the hits dont count... just figured it would be easier to go there to take a look at. Also I dont beleive im snagging pics.... I made a site using pictures and didnt broadcast it nor advertise it live except to the members here.... to ensure all was ok... If anyone has an issue with the images on the site in the future please let me know and I will remove them. Anyhow I was building this site to add some neat features... help the community out a bit.... not everyone has to use it... and I know most people wont just cause "PathyJay" did it but thats ok... im doing it more as a hobby to post all my stuff on there... and others can do the same if they wish... should be fun Thanks Jay
  13. Hey guys just wanted to update everyone..... I got my rear 3inch suspension done now... with AC's 3 inch coils, billstein shocks..... I had to fix my frame due to my suspension being so @!*%ty for so long... everytime id go over a speed bump my hitch would smack which I think caused the crack in my frame... but shes all bandaided up now Putting in those rear 3 inch coils was not easy but thank god I had coil compression tool which worked well... For now since I didnt have time to complete the lift and needed the truck to get to work... I just cranked my stock torsion bars... I also painted my lego mags black with a clear coat.... Im loving it On saturday Im doing the following: Putting in new UCA's in the front, bilstein shocks, bilstein steering stabilizer kit, idler arm support... also got some sway away torsion bars... if I got time gonna change all my gaskets on my exhaust aswell.... they are due... most of them leak. Anyhow thought id just update the community on my newest upgrades.... Bilstein is definately a comfortable ride and thus far im very happy with it Jay
  14. Hey guys havent updated this thread in awhile.... the new site will be up by tonight for beta testing... if some of ya got msn add me knip_gnoht@hotmail.com if your interested in helping me test the features out.... I just havent completed it or worked on it in awhile due to work and also ive been upgrading my suspension.... Thanks Jay
  15. Hey bud I was unsure whose pathies I grabbed... I didn't plan on putting anything live until everyone agreed! thanks though for allowing me to use it it makes my site that much nicer Jay

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