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  1. hi, was just contemplating doing a swap , taking a 3L navara diesel n man box and droping it in to a 1990 diesel terrano ? has any one done this? what would be involved? intersted cos i can get half cuts from japan so i would have all the pices?
  2. wel its been way to long since i started this post but ive finaly got some things done and some results: first thing i did was fix the leaky fuel pump to deal with the sulphur content in the diesel and with that i notices an improvement in both economy (duh) and performance (only just) next i replaced the water pump (no real improvement other than it ran cooler) then i put togeather a custom air in take with a kn air filter* (large improvement in performance giving the pathy a nice burble in the exhaust) i finaly saved enough to buy a sports exhaust, a mandrel bent 2.5 inch straight through (no muffler). )ha ha ha it now sounds like a mac truck and the turbo whisle is extreemly lould, verry large improvement in performance, noticable improvement in econemy ) ive also been useing a fuel additive which after a few tanks of fuel it has lived up to its prommices (more power, better econmy ect ect) my stats so far: fuel use- before: 400-450ks per tank -after: 700-800ks per tank performance Before: will not spin wheels, traffic light drag yah maby against ... scrap that ,just wouldent try it after : will spinn wheels un till mid, high 2nd consistantly , with new tires. traffic light drag: any thing up to heundy exl spec is a good chalange After much reaserch and speaking with local 4x4 stores and both kn dealers and compeditors i have come to this conclusion about dust injestion: the kn filter only becomes a problem with dust when it is washed repeatedly at to close a intervals the cotten degrades and allows is reduced in affectiveness . so aqs long as i main tain the filter at the spesified intervills i should be right. next up in gunna give the motor a rest and work on the audeo system 4 a while
  3. that would be sweet 1991 2.7Td 5spd R3M Nissan Terrano 4x4 . thanks
  4. sorry for the late up date, my internet lost conection, somthing bout a digger hitting a cable, anyway this is my progress so far, got a quote for a 2.5 " exhaust system , only $380 which to me sounds realy good although it is mild steel, pres bent but that should be cool shouldent it? then once that is done im fitting a snorkle and kn air filter. jumper, i'd love to see those pics if you dont mind im realy interested in fitting an intercoolerand maby amping up the boos a little or even getting a better turbo and that dieselgas thing looks promising kremmen although i will have to wait till they make the product more accessable up here in Queensland by the way dose any one know the performance specks of the stock 2.7td by way of kw, torqe? so thanks guys for all your help so far ill keep u posted as things progress and get some pics as i go along, later,
  5. hay guys ive had the terrano for a few months now and i am begining to miss the power of my old commodore, im now looking in to the process of doing some mods to the motor, i just want a bit better acceleration, and more power for the hiway here is what i have in mind, (just remember its deisel) 1st larger exhaust system 2 cold air intake 3 tune up 4??? id really be intersted in your thoughts and advice espesialy cos i know almost nothing bout doing up diesels. Thanks
  6. dsb


    hay thanks for the warm welcome guys ; i tried to use that map thingy but my place was not on available so maby later but yah thanks again
  7. hay every body, just found the site whilst looking for info on my new truck and think its great (the site...and the 4b) well a little bout me ay? i live on the sunny coast qld Australia have just bought a 91 terrano 2.7td looking to do it up with a few mods and am looking foward a few good weekends on the beach well thats all i can think of now so laters...
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