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  1. Thanks barthel. Pulled out my Chilton and it does look like a PITA. I got the tilt spool out of a bobcat s220 yesterday so I think I can pull off the pressure line install. Happy to know I can get it for less than a third Nissan's gouge.
  2. The hose from the pump to the steering rack is leaking from where the rubber goes into the fitting where it changes to metal pipe going to the steering rack. I'm being quoted over two hundred dollars for part to replace. What all am I getting for that. From the banjo fitting on the pump to where? Thanks
  3. 230,000 miles earlier this week on my 91 SE(The best year I think). Odometer has only registered about 96.5 miles for every 100 traveled so I think it may have another 10000 unregistered on it. Rebuilt transmission under secret warranty around 12,000 in '92. Exhaust manifold didn't start ticking till 180,000 so no help from Nissan. Made the mistake of letting Midas work on it and they broke half the studs and left them that way(May have to take them to court). Recently got that fixed(for half the price Midas charged to break it and I'm seeing the muffler they'd installed didn't use the factory hangers so the cat hanger is broken and the cat rides on the crossmember and puts stress clear to the manifolds, probably caused the first stud breakage) and redline MT90 in tranny. Original clutch. Timing belt and pump every 80,000. Four or five mufflers and four sets of tires. Can't remember how many brake redos, but love my four wheel discs. Have saved me many times. Never wrecked (knocking on wood chair)although a coworker caught the driver's door with a trailer and bent it clear forward. It still closed and latched!!! Was a $1700 insurance repair. Needs rubber now, timing belt in another 10,000. Found a power steering leak today, hope it wasn't because the inside fender guards are missing and currently awaiting me to replace them(as in thrown rock damage). I need to remember the brake lines are exposed and get this done!! Was it Slick who had some patterns? This vehicle was absolutely trouble free for many years, on a par with the 1985 Camry we had(I think we'd still have it if I hadn't sheared off a power pole with it). I'm hopeful this pathy will be in my estate I like it so much, even after sixteen years. I had no trouble towing a diesel air compressor around town with it today!
  4. I've got a one inch crack in the left rear corner of the indentation in the top of the dash above the glove box. Has been garaged but in sun during day. Aren't there vinyl repairs available we could use?
  5. Scratch that idea , how much tilt are we talking to get five and a half quarts in? Sounds like a lot less work than pulling up the carpet.
  6. I would like to put an el pipe fitting in the fill hole with plug on top. It would raise the fill height the required inch. Does anyone know the size and pitch of the threads of the fill plug? I fear having someone pull the plug and draining out the 1.5L(at ten bucks a liter). Thanks for any thoughts on the practicality of doing this too.
  7. They are the stock adjustable shocks. As I said they worked for a while after installation.
  8. Does anyone know if any of the available side step rails are a good match for the originals that are rotting off my 91se4x4? Mounting points matched and all. Everything I've found looks to mount at ends and use flimsy looking shackles and bolts around frame. Thanks
  9. Could someone elaborate on the electric shocks. I replaced mine with very reasonably priced Nissan stock shocks and they worked but now don't. What do I look for to fix. If they aren't working are they in the soft mode or sport? I want the stiffer ride of the sport setting. I'd like to keep it working as stock, but not a big deal. Thanks
  10. Thanks all. I'm happy to know there's an alternative to dealer only purchase of lsd oil! I wish the GL-4 tranny gear oil were more readily available. After searching high and low in brick and mortar stores I was happy to pay a couple dollars extra to order some shipped off the internet. I'm so happy with my redone studs :Magic: , the old girl is getting a little more tlc now than when she was bellering and gasing me with exhaust. Where I thought we might be about to part, she'll now get new rubber, headers and new speakers sometime this year. Repacked front bearings first. Timing belt in about 10000m. Hmmm, a new pathy is $40000, a new one's $40000, and they ain't nothing like the 91. I can pay for all of that with less than two months of new car payments. Tags and insurance only $200 a year. I know I'll keep her! I just wish I hadn't rolled the 89 pickup. They were the perfect pair. Just about everything interchangeable. It's only 14F out but 43F in our garage. If you guys can do it, I guess I should suck it up and change the oil at least, and torque the four bolts at front, and grease the tire carrier hinges, and.........
  11. There's a thread going http://www.nissanpathfinders.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=9792 which points to a relay in the drivers rear panel to repair or replace.
  12. What do you mean 'after', it's 13 freaking degrees out and dropping! I believe it's imperative you use genuine nissan lsd oil in the lsd diff. I had a shop put regular gear oil in and it don't like it.
  13. I'm sorry for your troubles, but had a happy resolution to my exhaust woes this week. Midas had trashed more than half my exhaust studs and left them that way. I only recently found a shop which repaired the damage for half what Midas charged to muck it up. I carried in the studs and gaskets and paid them $335. I'd been quoted a thousand a side so am very happy with my stock quiet pathy. I hope it lasts and I hope to see your problem fixed, as I've considered Thorleys. Now a letter to Midas corporate, and then to small claims court?

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