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  1. Special bellhousing used on TT engines to relocate starter outside bellhousing and backwards to allow the turbo on RS to be placed where the starter would normally be. A hybrid auto trans could probably be built similar to how my manual was done. I didnt research that in detail
  2. Well...It has been a while since I checked in here. The Twin Turbo Pathfinder is still running strong, but I have fought many front end IFS problems. Just doesnt want to hold up to my driving, soooo...... I will soon be starting the Dana 44 straight axle conversion to the front of this beast. Should be just what this thing has been begging for, after a barrel of broken front end parts over the last few years.
  3. Look up Twin turbo Pathfinder on Youtube. easy to find my videos No
  4. Yes, Little Sahara Oklahoma. Ive taken it there a lot over the last several years
  5. Thanks Dowser..I appreciate it. There are some videos on youtube if you search for "twin turbo pathfinder". I hope to have more soon. I am currently in the process of upgrading my fuel pump and performing some much needed maintenance (timing belt, water pump, fluid changes, etc...). I am working on upgrading the cooling system for the engine and building a cooling system for the intercoolers. It now has custom tuned ECM from Ash-spec performance and will be capable of 15psi with race fuel as soon as I get the Wahlbro pump installed. I will be taking it to Little Sahara Sand Dunes in Oklahoma again on April 13th for this years Snake Hunt weekend. I will get more video and try to post it.
  6. You will have to use 300zx trans and try to adapt 4x4 tailhousing and output shaft. I dont know if that is possible (at least very easily). Another option will be to do bellhousing modifications to mount starter in 300zx location to avoid turbos. That may be a very interesting proposition....lol

  7. hey do you know if any one has ever done a twin turbo with the nissan pathy automatic? I just picked up my vg30dett and was gonna get goin but do not wanna loose my auto??

  8. Everything has been holding together great....and I have Tortured this thing! I run wide open across sand flats, carve side hills, hill shoot huge dunes, and air it out under all 4 wheels on jumps. It has taken a beating. Right now it is down to get a new timing belt and water pump, and a couple upgrades to the fuel system and intercooler fans. It will be out next summer for another beating. It has definitely turned a few heads when we go play with it.
  9. Better than limited slip.....Lock-right mechanical locker.
  10. The exhaust is all custom fabricated. Even the cast iron right side turbo downpipe was cut in half, reclocked to a new angle, and cast welded back together to get the exhaust away from the frame.
  11. I've been away from my computer, and actually just got back from the dunes again this weekend. I am running it a lot in 2WD for 2 reasons mainly.... I love throwing roost from the rear tires, and because it is much easier on parts. I can hit that rear differential with all I got all day long and never have to worry about it. I could not say the same for the front CV shafts. I have some 4X4 videos with it, however, they are a little less exciting.
  12. Not exactly true. .... If I am building higher boost with the same small turbos, the lag will be identical. The lag will only change if I increase turbo size. I can pull 15 psi with the small turbos with no diff in lag time. As far as reliability..... if you research the VG30DETT ,these engines were originally designed to operate at twice the original horsepower rating (300 stock = 600 hp ready) before needing to upgrade any internals. Not too worried about increasing my 320 HP to the 400 mark. I should have plenty of safety margin. I had to throw that out there..... I have spent many hours researching this very subject.
  13. Just got back from Little Sahara, Oklahoma and got a chance to run the Pathfinder a little more. I am running a factory Pathfinder fuel pump, and quickly learned it runs out of fuel at around 10psi of boost, so I set the boost controller for around 8.5-9 psi max temporarily until I get pump upgrade. Even at 9 pounds, it has plenty of power! My link to sand dune video

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