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  1. since i cant do this for my 02 path without plug n play would u recommend me getting an aftermarket maf sensor , i see em on ebay selling for 115 shipped or should i buy it from the dealer for 300+?
  2. i just bought an unlimited car fax report i have it till dec 18,2008, i paid 39.99 im just trying to get back some of that money CAR FAX CHARGES ON THEIR WEBSITE one car fax report is 29.99 , 10 car fax reports are 34.99 and unlimited for month is 39.99 u can paypal me $4 for each report , either way u will be saving money compared to buying it from carfax i am verified memeber of paypal with over 50 verified transactions i also have an ebay account with 282 all positive feedback, if u wanna confirm this ill send u my ebay id IMPORTANT DO NOT POST UR VIN # ON HERE -EMAIL ME YOUR VIN INSTEAD- sumtimes car fax searches forums and closes an account if they will offer car fax to people at discount once u email me and i recieve payment i will send you out your carfax report if you have any questions let me know ,thanks
  3. do US paths have daylight control module as well? i dont have any daytime running lights if that helps but had similar problems to my path as well
  4. i just ordered the osram night breakers made by slvania, i did a search n found a thread of how they look, they look real bright to me check out the pics on pages 3 and 4 pix of osram night breaker lights on a subaru
  5. thanks the manual only said hb2 didnt know wat that was, but after searching a bit i found out its an H4 bulb and the fogs are H3 , thanks
  6. are the OSRAMS that much of a difference? will their output burn the wires? i seen few sets online going for $30-40 pair has anyone tried them? i was gonna get piaa but so far been reading they die out fast has anyone heard of the nightbreaker version it says 90% more light , i put an ebay link below, what u guys think, u think it would make a difference or would it be too strong n overheat my housing ebay link with the bulbs
  7. those do look bright , thats a nice alternative thanks, bc im not really sure if i wanna spend $50 on a pair of piaa bulbs anyone know what size headlight and what size fog light are in 02 pathfinders? i dont know if they changed it for 2000+
  8. i need new headlights one of mine are out , was thinkin of piaa bulbs , i want a brighter light instead of spending the money on HID , has anyone had good experience with piaa bulbs? are they alot brighter than ordinary bulbs? i want to put them in my headlights and OEM fog lights, does anyone know wat size i need for both? i think the fogs are H3? and the headlights are H4 , but i havent pulled them out to confirm, can sumone save me the trouble, its an 02 pathfinder thanks
  9. i just placed the order on the shocks, the guy seemed nice on the phone i ordered 2 rear kyb gr2 shocks for my 02 path for 77.61 shipped
  10. so i guess that guy was wrong than i will have to call him sumtime this week to confirm Originally Posted by importrp Quote: Originally Posted by 95seMax rear shocks for a 2002 pathfinder , give me price for both agx and gr2 shipped to NY 11385 Rear pair of KYB GR-2 Shocks would be $79 shipped. Rear pair of KYB Gas-a-Just Shocks would be $113 shipped. We have these all in-stock and ready to ship. Thanks, Mike
  11. yea that price was for shocks , i told him i needed 2 rear shocks
  12. i need help i dont know wtf i did but i tried changing my dash bulb with the same bulb slickroger bought i stil had all the wires connected to the cluster when i did it , with the car off , i put one bulb in on the right side and turned on the lights just to test it out, when i did that , the whole cluster started smoking , i quickly turned off the lights waited a few minutes , put back in the old bulb to make sure it still worked and it did i figure i give it a few minutes to cool down , now i put the LED again back in but in a different way , when i did that it started smoking again now the backround lights dont work anymore, the warning lights and odometer light, still works though now did i f$% it up completley and need a new cluster or can i still fix it sumhow? i dont know if it smoked bc i bought aluminations base for the bulb its a lil longer than the original one , u can see from the pic, the oem base is shorter if i need a new cluster now my milege will be different right? please any help im gonna post this in another forum too bc i need a quick response so please exclude the double post, i still have my cluster disconnected in my yard http://memimage.cardomain.com/member_image....jpg?281212-305 http://memimage.cardomain.com/member_image....jpg?281212-305 http://memimage.cardomain.com/member_image....jpg?281212-305
  13. just wanted to share this i know its not really related but i used to be on a maxima forum and still go back from time to time, they have group deals from alot of people buyin stuff to get a discount, i didnt buy them yet but im planning to this guy quoted me 79 shipped for rear pair of kyb gr2 for my pathfinder he has his number there so maybe u guys could call and get a good deal too , im not making no money off of this i promise , im just sharing bc this forum has been helping me maybe u guys still find a better price , if so hook me up lol group deal forum kyb

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