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    1993 Pathfinder SE-V6, 57,000 original miles, 2nd owner, Leather, Sunroof, Keyless Entry, Factory CD player, Goodyear Wranglers. 57,000 ORIGINAL MILES!
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  1. I haven't been a Pathfinder owner since 2009, but when the opportunity to pick up a 1 owner '93 SE with only 57k original miles I had to jump on it. Owning this Pathfinder is like taking a trip back in time. The interior has everything, leather, adjustable suspension, heated seats, power everything, and a factory cd player. Everything works as if it were brand new, even the heated seats and suspension adjustment. Leather is in PERFECT condition, no rips or even signs of wear. Original floor mats, and dash is perfect. Paint is shiny, and bumpers are still very shiny with ZERO rust. I am sure that I paid too much for it, but this type of car only comes around once in a million times. The lady I bought it from bought it new in 1993, lived in Los Angeles and didnt want to park it downtown so it sat in her garage for most of its life. When she retired and moved to Boise, it averaged about 1,500 miles a year. She is no longer able to drive and listed it for sale. She is the one and only owner, all paperwork from new including the window sticker from Nissan, both key fobs, all papers for service, even the sunroof leather cover is in the back. Really this is like stepping back into a Nissan dealership in 1993. Once in a lifetime! I will post pics once it warms up here and I can give her a proper bath. Its nice to be back, as I have been hanging out in the CherokeeSRT8 forums for a couple of years. My other ride is a 2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8, magnuson supercharged, headers, high flow cats, borla exhaust...she is a beast. Its quite a difference driving my 600+hp Jeep and jumping into my 153hp Pathfinder ha ha ha!
  2. I was driving back from Southern Ca on Thursday, and I had a really weird sound coming from the back of my Pathfinder. The sound only shows up from speeds of 70-75mph, its a buzzing sound almost like a phone ringing, and a whining sound. From 75-80mph it is just the loud whining sound... under 70 no sound, above 80 no sound, just 70-80, and its loud. I got a oil change when I got back, and they checked the ATF. Everything looked ok, and fluid level was fine. I tried the search, and was unable to uncover anyone with a similar prob. A couple of things, no I do not have a aftermarket tranny cooler, and yes I am going to buy one TOMORROW. Transmission shifts great, no issues there, just the sound. So are we thinking maybe the trans, or differential, or something else? Also I am completely helpless, not a talented mechanic at all, so a aftermarket tranny cooler, where would I get one, and how hard is it to install. Thanks in advance for all the help.
  3. I took off the factory lego's and 31x10.50's, and replaced them with my extra set of wheels from my wifes Xterra that we sold last year. They are the Supercharged Xterra wheels with BFG Rugged Trail T/A's 265/65/17 approx 31". I love the way it updates the look of the Pathfinder.
  4. You could pick up a really nice used 05 and up Xterra. Make sure that you get the off road version, it has hill descent control, hill start control, brake applied limited slip, and the all important electronic locking differential. When equipped with the Off road package it is absolutely the best new SUV in its price range, and will out perform what you currently have.... then some.
  5. Harbinger, where ya been man??!! We gotta find you another Pathy so you can make it up the mountain
  6. This will be the best year yet!! Happy New Year Pathy lovers!!
  7. OK, OK, OK, So I have been reading all of the negative talk about the 05 and up Pathfinders, and well I am disappointed. I have a '05 Pathfinder SE 4x4 and it is a great vehicle. The 4.0 V6 has amazing power, great fuel economy for a SUV, I absolutely love the looks, and it performs excellent in the snow and ice. That is what it is used for primarily, to and from work in the snow, sleet, hail, bumper to bumper traffic, 105 plus heat, and everything in between. If any of you have actually read the Peterson's article it is not nearly as bad as everyone here is making it sound. When the 05 first came out, it ranked 3rd out of 7 SUV's/ Trucks in the same 4x4 of the year competition in 2005. Same vehicle just different engine... against the following: Dodge Dakota, Toyota Tacoma, Land Rover LR3, Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Unlimited, Jeep Liberty Diesel, and the Grand Cherokee. That was some pretty stout competition. I was very impressed and immediately went out and bought mine. This years competition is even better, a H2 with the new 6.2 V8 and 6spd tranny, the H3 with the new 5.3 V8, Jeep Grand Cherokee Diesel, All new Toyota Land Cruiser with the Tundras AWESOME 5.7, and the Jeep Liberty. IMO the Pathfinder held its own in a competition that was full of excellent off road vehicles. Here is what the Pathfinder was praised on "Explosive power train, fun to drive on fire roads, a great family tow vehicle", The acceleration times were the fastest times ever posted, the Pathfinder with its 310hp posted an explosive sub seven second 0-60 run of 6.75 sec, posting the fastest 0-60 time in the competitions history, over 4.6 seconds faster than the slowest competitor. The quarter mile time was also the fastest at 15.7 at 89 mph almost 3 seconds faster than the slowest competitor. Where the Pathfinder does shine is on fast graded roads, where the V8 can really be opened up! On the sand dunes there was plenty of power available, it was the road biased package that limited the fun in the Pathfinder and hence, hindered this years run at the crown. Just to recap, the FASTEST entry ever tested, great fit and finish, great sound quality from the factory system, good fuel economy, and second least expensive in the test. The universal complaint was "Where is the Off-road Package?" "I can only imagine how much better the Pathfinder would be with a rear locker". The V8 does not allow the Off Road package, only the V6 is available with the Off Road Package that adds Bilstein shocks, 32" BFG Rugged Trail T/A's, Hill Decent Control, Hill Start Assist, and numerous skid plates. This years entry was a SE V8, with 18" street tires. This is what I ask of all of you, how would your Pathfinder sitting in your garage or driveway perform against any of these vehicles? 1987-1995 Pathfinders with a 153 hp V6, no airbags, no ABS, and largest avail tire a 31x10.50 ??? (by the way I own one of these as well) 1996-2000 Pathfinders with a 3.3 ltr 168 hp, a new, longer-wheelbase unibody chassis replaced the old body-on-frame design... ie car frame. 2001-2004 Pathfinders with a upgraded 3.5 V6 boasting 250 HP, but rack-and-pinion steering, McPherson struts in the front suspension and solid axle supported by coil springs in the back give the Pathfinder rather car-like ride, although this design may not be strong enough for heavy off-roading. How would one of yours do... stock? Not feeling so confident are you? By the way, I love all Pathfinders! I am just sticking up for mine
  8. There, it should be fixed now. I am going to take the wife's 05 up tomorrow. Pics coming soon!!!
  9. I know that it is not my Pathfinder.... but here is the 4Runner in the Boise mountains today. It snowed like crazy about 8 inches in 4 hours. Today was a blast, and I am extremely impressed with the 4Runner's ability. I absolutely went everywhere I pointed it.
  10. I am only comparing rigs that are 100% factory (except tires) so really it is apples to apples. It is unfortunate that Nissan has waited until 05 to put a factory locking diff in its SUV's.
  11. Well here is a good example of a 4Runners capability. I was out on one of my favorite trails today, and I came up to a draw that can really test the flex in the Pathfinder. In the past I have used this draw as a gage to see how much flex I can get out of a new ride or potential ride. Well my 94 PF makes it about 4.5 feet and then spins with no more traction, the wifes 05 PF makes it about the same distance maybe a little further (less than a foot) and same thing. Today I took the 4Runner to the same hill and just left it in 4hi, made it about the same distance as my other two. I locked the diff, and proceeded to drive up the whole thing. It was freakin awesome, and I was so impressed. I have tried both my Pathfinders, a Grand Cherokee Overland, 4 door Tacoma, and the 4Runner has been the only one to make it all the way.... on highway biased tires no less.
  12. The new Xterra along with the new Pathfinder are both built on the Titan/Armada platform and frame... not Titanium. I have a 2005 Pathfinder 4x4, and I am not in love with the Brake Applied Limited Slip Differential which the Xterra has as well. What it does is apply brake force to the wheels that are spinning and transfers it to the wheels with grip. It is a fancy electronic traction device that is somewhat annoying. It is effective once you get used to it... but it takes some getting used to. I am not sure what kind of budget you have but there are several good off road vehicles to choose from, just depends on how you plan on using them and how much you want to spend. 1. 05-Current Jeep Wrangler Rubi, Torsen Limited Slip with electronic lockers both front and rear... if your into the Jeep thing. 2. 1996-2002 Toyota 4Runner Limited with Locking Center Diff, and optional Rear Locking Differential. (My choice) 3. 2005-Current Xterra, Frontier with above mentioned Brake Applied Limited Slip and Rear Diff Locker on the Off road pkg 4. 1999-2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited with Quadra Drive, a very advance 4 wheel drive system 5. 1999-2004 Toyota Tacoma with TRD Off road pkg, locking rear diff, Bilstein shocks, good, simple, indestructible 4x4. You can pick up anyone of these listed for $20k or less and all are excellent choices. Each serves a different purpose, but off the showroom floor, all of these perform right along side with each other. You can't go wrong with any of them.
  13. I thought it would be fun to see what other Pathfinder owners would drive if we didn't have our beloved Pathfinders. I will start this poll off with my choice: Hands down a 2009 Chevrolet Camaro!!! I will be the first in line at the dealer to order one when its possible... in Jet Black!
  14. For the life of me cannot get the pics resized, so here is the URL for photo bucket. If anyone can help with the resizing it would be greatly appreciated. But here are the pics, I am pretty proud of the new PF. It did exceptionally well and climbed everything I pointed it at. http://s231.photobucket.com/albums/ee169/2005Pathyfanatic/
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