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  1. oooh plus a super charger is parasitic and a turbo makes use of waste gasses
  2. lucky* you, we rarely find any WD21s or HBs around here and when you do find it, its more than likly picked to the frame.
  3. from what i know a supercharger is quicker than a single turbo cause its belt driven as opposed to exhuast and having to wait for the proper pressure, now you have a small and a large turbo on one car an almost eliminate turbo lag from the spooling.
  4. ive been thinkin about swapin out for poly my self, i need to replace some any ways. just this week end i had to do balljoints and tie rod ends. it took for ever, not cause it was hard but because i had ball joints with no threads in it, then i go back twice and they didnt have it and ordered the wrong parts.
  5. sounds like the problem i had, how fast do you drive? does it shift when you let off the gas? do you still have reverse? whats the rpm before you let off the gas to shift? id flush it and change the filter, the flushing may sweep out some material pointing out pluas able problem.
  6. yep had it happen the second day i had the truck
  7. check your rear hatch, and i have the same truck cept auto tranny
  8. oh i read it wrong i thought it said that it came on when he turned
  9. that is more than likly a warning light that your brake fluid is low, id check it out first
  10. i couldnt say how but just remeber to becareful around that air bag. dont wanna mess it up any way cause you never know it might save your life later. if its still under warrenty its prolly a better idea to have them do it. you could call it safety related
  11. what are the specs on that?
  12. yea it is adjustable, i found out it was the rear hatch switch. i raised it up but left it in the origianl position. i put some washers under the catch to raise it. now it works fine. after many nights of my truck being a rolling rave i got tired and tore out all the door switches and then took out the rear one.
  13. you dont have anything leeching off the circuit hotwire? cause if you do its most likely pulling too many amps. or you might have a short, maybe some wire that has worn through the plastic?
  14. its sporatic when im just parked, and constantly flickering on and off when i make right turns, i figure its just the switches aging
  15. ive got this annoying a$$ electrical problem, ever time i turn right or blast my sub my vanity lights flicker on and off like strobes. the first time it happened is was like wtf? :confused: and now all i am is pissed :furious: cause its freakin annoying. i think its the rear door switch but im no sure, you guys have any ideas?
  16. the light comes on sometimes if you give it a quick gas pedal push. what it does is adjust the power band at which the transmission shifts at. when its on it lets the RPMs ride high giving more power shifting later, while when its off it shifts gears in the most economical way getting the most milage
  17. i never liked the orange crap either, they seem to be moving back to orange. moms sentra has orange clusters...
  18. BigMike

    Any gamers

    Metal Gear Solid series - by far the best game play and story ever created
  19. BigMike

    Any gamers

    The Specialist mod for counter strike is awsome, i played Diablo 2 for the longest time but got bored and tired of it
  20. Yes Yes No if you got tint on the back you can get a plastic bag an some ammonia, spray ammonia on the tint and cover all the tint with a plastic bag. this will soften the polyester that that tint is made out of and soften the glue makin it easy as pie to remove with a razor blade. you could also remove the whole window easy, takes maybe 5-10 mins, just dont drop it!
  21. i look forward to you write up and wonderful pics! have you already gotten an axle?
  22. im interested in the same swap, i actualy found a Pathfinder excatly like mine cept it was a 93 and it has the axle i wanted with disks, but the guy selling it for parts wouldnt sell me the da*m axle :furious: he wanted 1500 for the whole rig, and all i really needed was the hood and left fender and axle. eventualy ill do more research on it when i get rid of this disease called being poor
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