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  1. i think (basically) it just closes or open valves in the shock it self alowing less or more oil to pass though it stiffening or softening the ride.
  2. 200 is what it can put out at its best, you should look for a true sence of its power by looking for RMS, thats the amount of power it can put out continuosly. the papers are prolly some where in the 2o watt range. why are you keeping your stock speakers anyways? there are a ton of better ones you can replace them with for cheap. the old paper ones cant produce the sound highs and lows at the same time. why not get a set of kenwood 2 or 3 way speakers? they are gonna sound a ton better than the papers, trust me on that one. edit: oh yeah, if you wanna know for sure you could take one out and look on the back, it might be stamped on there. the rear speakers are prolly the easiest to get out.
  3. howdy, another texas boy here! it really doenst affect your truck at all. infact i passed with flying colors on the dyno inspection. ive had my broken since i bought the truck with 101k miles and now im at 119k.
  4. i kind want one just to fool with too
  5. i got Moog tie rod ends and ball joints and they look pretty nice, tie rods seem beefier, they came with grease zerkers so you grease them up later. they come with a limited lifetime warrenty. so yeah they are good in my book
  6. i took mine to a place near where i work. auto services? like 88 said you can rebuild them your self, just need the brushes. that and not loosing any of the parts. i just didnt have time to do mine my self
  7. yea but its about twice as much and then needs a air compressor, this on the other hand doesnt need a compressor and is always on.
  8. OMG thats a sh!t load of miles. ive only seen one 2 other vehicals over 400k one was a mercedez with 500k, and a ford diesel moving truck with a staggering 675k miles. my bro was like does that say 67k, i turned to him an said theres no way this peice has 67k. i looked at it and was like wtf?!
  9. you might not be able to shift in to 4Low aftter it tho...
  10. outta curiousity how does that tranny fluid work? ive never heard of that one before, god im such a noob.
  11. from what i know its alwaysed locked and unlocks when you turn. in that instance you have pleanty of traction, off road on the other hand i dont think there would be many instanses where your makin such a tight turn and having enought tractional resistance to turn to cause it unlock. i dunno 88 prolly knows alot more.
  12. where is this at? if its in the US where the hell did he find a patrol axle looks nice too
  13. last i heard trains had to be heard up to a quater mile away for safety reasons. any one else ever hear about that?
  14. lol 5 tones? i wonder what the PSI for that thing is. ive got some dual tone air horns my self, i have still yet to set it up right with the proper relay, but its still loud so far. plus it gets the attention of passer bys. and a PA for backup.
  15. lol Ludacris: Redlight District Lil Jon and the Eastside Boys: Crunk Juice Avenged Sevenfold: Waking the fallen Atreyu: The Curse Static-X: Machine rotates thru the week
  16. what is it like a side to side thing or a back and forth motion?
  17. nice. is that a home made snorkle i spy?
  18. i got Moog with the lifetime warrenty and they are nice. mine came with grease fittings so you can grease them up. same with the upper ball joints.
  19. there really inst much you can do to stock other than upgraded harness and new bulbs. ive been reading up and considering swapping out grilles for a HB of similar design and getting E-Code headlamps, beefing up the wiring, and new bulbs H4? our DOT spec lamps are crappy at spotting light in front, as are all DOT headlamps. i remeber seeing a Nismo Headlight conversion kit, but if memory serves me its was like 400 bucks
  20. ahahhha dude, if you happen to have a Nissan key blank you can take it to home depot and they will cut it for free, if not they have them there and its like 1.29 for a key.
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