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    not bad, my gramps has a similar truck darn thing wont die. we have used that thing to hual just about anything and every thing imaginable. its a good truck good luck with the project
  2. lol no, I can't say I have. Its hard enough to find a idaho grown product in idaho unless your picking it out of the fields. We ship all of ours out and ship washington stuff in :-) Although I have had to circle the wagons a few times, the native americans like to rile the horses. ahahha, hell we just get the occational arrow in the tire carrier here
  3. Two Visions of the Countryside Clash read on, pisses me off. we loose trails, and get bad reputation for idiots like these :furious:
  4. thing any one has ever said too you? i got a couple, 1. did i ever think that my dad hit an 18wheeler on purpose to get a new truck 2. that i dont have this special power called "hollabillaty" that all domestic autos seem to have, AKA the ability to holla at the ladies (pick up chicks) 3. that people who have dropped out of HS are inable to call a Lambo ugly because of the simple fact that they have no degree and are stupid and whos opion is invalid 4. that 31s on a bronco are bigger than 31s on a Pathfinder the list goes on too, mind you this is one person
  5. no no dude its trick exhaust colored smoke is all the rage
  6. hell, im 19 and i dont act like that either. although when i was younger i did stupid things too but nothing to hurt any one. i hate stupid kids too, especialy the rich prep kids with escalades and tahoes sportin flames and confederate flags. i swear i wish i had a 10pound bag of taters when ever asshole$ like that pass buy doing things they shouldnt to people who dont deserve it. but in a bind im willing to sacrifice the 19mm deep socket in my console or the 1/2 inch breaker bar.
  7. ive heard that hawai has bad wasp/hornet problems. infact they has a nest that is 6feet high and 3 feet wide. one hell of a nest with like 20k cells for them buggers. its become a permanent nest. them suckers are pretty much the absolute worst insects ive come in contact with, i tried pressure washin one last time and didnt even kill the sucker, just walked off to dry some where, till i gave him a hand with lighter fluid.
  8. ive been wanting a new frontier too but they are out of my range. the new tacos are nice but i dont like the interior, too car like. when i see a truck i expect truck interior and durability not a truck exterior and corrolla seats. plus some of their fit n finish isnt as good as i like on some parts.
  9. my dad finaly got a new truck, and this thing is sweet! im pretty sure you Mopar fans will love this one. its a limited edition daytona with a HEMI. Go Mango orange paint with 20s and a black wing. man its nice as hell, and a heck of a lot more power than his last truck (RIP *sniffles*). im not so big on the wing, but still its nice. rides alot smoother than his last one, no more lo-pro tires. we had a hard time deciding on this or the Titan, but this one is a limited edition and it won out. although i kinda wish he got a titan cause then we would have three nissans in the drive way
  10. you can replace the solenoids your self, but if i remember correctly it requires you to take out valve body to do it.
  11. BigMike


    you should have prolly posted what year. 1994, same as mine. i havent seen any bigbrake kits for our trucks mostly cause lack of demand. do you have rear disk brakes? you might wanna look into that too if you dont have them. im try to save up cash to do a rear swap myself.
  12. lucky in the us we have options, in mexico its all Pemex. and all the stations have attendents no matter how remote. one good thing tho is sometimes you'll find a really hot chic in coveralls cover with oil and smellin like gasolina , kinda like a playmate photo shoot i read some where awhile back, that if the price of autos rose as much and as fast as gas, a ford toruas (sp?) would cost 52k! now only if our pay kepped pace with the rest of the economy
  13. huh, i figured that you get tons of snow being in oregon. hell we got one hour of snow here and the world about stopped cause every one was freakin out.
  14. ive never seen heavy metal, maybe ill dl some ninja scroll is a violent move, really good tho. fatal fury is a good movie. Cowboy Bebop is an awsome series, and the movie is great too. pleanty of fighting and guns. Cowboy Bebop Trailer Lupin the third is a good old school anime. they used to play it on adult swim on cartoon network. i havent seen akira in forever.
  15. i feel ya bro, 2.20 here
  16. excuse wheelmanLS1 guys *slaps wheelman and pulls to the side* 4/4 4x4 4wheeldrive 4wheeler 4 wheels turning COMEON WHEELMAN! get with the game lol
  17. One like this? older than that one, this one is green and black. so beautiful :bow: 1957 Dodge PowerWagon 1957 Power Wagon
  18. motorcycles are nice, very fast too. a friend of mine just got a GSX-R1000 up from a 89 honda hurrican 650 i think. that sucker is sick
  19. any of these Datsun 510 (if i could even find one) Xterra or the new Frontier Patrol HB pickup Power Wagon (assuming i could find one to restore) the new Power Wagon or a Harley Davidson Edition F-250
  20. man 88 how the heck do you guys deal with tall that salt up there?
  21. you try pulling it and smakin the hood? mine sticks sometime but thats cause its still f*cked up since i had my front accident. you tried spraying some lube on the assembly?
  22. what ever the choice i just hope you dont fathom anything like this.... well he wouldnt be a traitor cause he would still have the tried and true pathy to use. you could always just get a get a SRT-10, has more balls per say then all of them. 525 Torque and 500 ponies ready to gallop!
  23. now now no need to bash the poor guy, hes just askin for a neutral opion not a personal attack. as for the trucks, id have a hard time choosing too. im a Nissan guy but ive grownup around dodges. i love their trucks, we have had 3 with little to no problems, one dodge van with a crapped tranny, but that was a really beat down used/abused van with 175k miles. i think the ram is a good truck, my pops has a 2002 ram, and its running like a champ after 4 endurance runs to mexico and back with an average running time of 20+ hours non stop. i love the styling, the flow of the lines, it looks quite aggressive especialy the Ram SRT-10. the titan is a more docile look. although the stadard power accompaning it is impressive for their first full size, the quality assosiated with the truck is always a plus. both trucks has great interior styling, comfortable seats and nice controls. pleanty of room in both but i believe there is more in the rear seating of Titan. my boss owns a titan crew cab that he races every where, pedal to the metal all the time. he races my other bosses gmc sierra regular cab short bed truck with the biggest enging availible for that truck. i think the 5300 engine with 310 hp and like 335 torqe, the titan used to beat him all the time depending on drivers reaction and other variables. but now since they reprogramed the sierra it beats the titan. still the titan a ton of get-go in such a big truck. its up to you mudfinder, if your comparing specs of the Hemi Dodge and the Titan are comparable but if your comparing reliability and quality then id have to go Titan, even tho the truck is new and it still has time to have problems discovered and fixed, the hemi has been out for a while and has had time to work out problems and make revisions. i like both trucks and would have a hell of a time deciding what to get. in fact my pops is thinkin about trading his truck in for a either a Hemi or a Titan. you could always flip a coin a couple dozen times, till you figure out what you like.
  24. yea it is wierd the have 2 diff designs for our water pump, but then again the dealer ship couldnt even tell me which belt to use, square or round. so i had to buy both
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