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  1. lol do they ask you if its commercial use? the last few times ive taken them in i get asked that.
  2. soon there will be more options for GPS. the new type they are developing now is called TV-GPS, it used tv signals to triangulate your position. and as you know tv signals can pass though alot, plus the transmitters for tvs are like 1000 times as powerful as the GPS transmitters now. problem is that the transmitters cant keep the time like regular GPS can.
  3. yea ive noticed that too. i use castrol GTX HighMillage 10-w30 on mine Castol Synthetic on the Sentra and Mobil 1 synthetic on the Ram
  4. you can find the tranny coolers at the autoparts store, ebay, junkyards ect. its not hard to do at all. you just mount the new one where you want, disconnect the old one and run new hoses from the tranny lines to the new one. takes like 15 mins to do and cost maybe 50bucks. if you do get an auto pathy its prolly wise to get the tranny flushed for a good measure and filled with some quality oil. just make sure you get the biggest tranny cooler you can find, cause the cooler it runs the longer it lasts.
  5. i had to rebuild mine at around 115k miles. it had problems with the forward gears, but i could still drive it just fine cept for the fact that i was going 45-50 at 3000-3500rpm consistantly. she still drove fine and during that time i never had another problem with the tranny other that the shift problem. i could even do 70mph but hovering around 4200rpm. it just sounds like your trying to race the whole city like that. i dont drive like a granny either, i tend to gas it hard every where i prolly should take it easy but wheres the fun in that.
  6. the main cause is from the tranny oil cooler. it gets clogged easy cause the lines are small. if you find a pathy that has recently had the tranny replaced then your alright on the tranny issue. if it doesnt have an aftermarket tranny cooler put the biggest one you can find on it. completely bypass the stock one. almost the number one thing to fail on the autos in the reverse. prolly from overheating and killing the soliniod.
  7. prolly better to take it to the shop and have them pressure test is, if the are a good shop they will have all the guages and equipment to do it. the compressors inherently leak very little freon, and it might need new O-rings. i suggest you look at the lines for freon oil accumulating anywhere on the AC system.
  8. get some cherry wood and smoke him out, it'll get rid of the pee smell. other than that i second the glue traps. our house was built where a forested/plains used to be so we get plenty of field mice in our garage. catch them suckers all the time.
  9. is it OEM? i went to see if the stealer even had replacement rubber boots and they said they discontinued them
  10. The Mars Volta, i love those guys they got some awsome songs. The window, Miranda that ghost just isnt holy anymore: vade mecum. thats a very long song name, but the song rocks. the trumpets kick ass. Avenged Sevenfold, very good band. Bad Religion, awsome. Led Zep, Rolling Stones some classic rock. almost always blasting no matter what, i love my music and i love it LOUD. when your passneger cant hear you when you lean over to talk to them, then you know its loud.
  11. i was talking about having a second powersteering pump and second hydraulic circuit just for the winch. i cant imagine that it would be impossible to do. i dont know all the specifics on hydraulics but couldnt be too hard to find out. would be just a pump bracket and some lines i think,
  12. i fixed mine the same way, cept not washers with an old credit card that i tore up and stuffed under. i really should get around to fix it permanatly.
  13. a torch a vise and a BFH(big f'n hammer) will prolly get that out. and maybe some welding like derogate said.
  14. imma try some pbblaster for a week, and if that doesnt work its getting the hammer dropped and a new set of bolts.
  15. any one have trouble taking the compression/strut rod off? cause im having a hellof time, i already broke a wrench a ratchet and a socket and the sucker is pretty much welded on. i soaked it and lube over night adding lube multiple times, heated the bolt, tried a breaker bar with two feet of cheater tube stuck on the end. and nada. so any idea?
  16. yea i know about the motor thing, but how often are you gonna use that pump and fluid? not enough to get hot i think
  17. couldnt you just fab up a bracket put a anouther pump on and run it off of that
  18. the compression rod looks ok, doesnt look like its had any movement other than the usual. the bushings look alittle cracked on that and the UCA, and the boot for the balljoint is kaput. dont know how that happened its only 3 months old. ill try the lube thing, think WD-40 would be alright?
  19. at 80mph its around 3100rpm and i get about 60 miles per quater tank. but then again i got a auto dunno if there is a big differnce on RPMs with autos and manual boxes. as for power, eh dont need to much but it would be nice. just yesterday i got truck doing what i would guess was 106mph, past the 100 mark crusing next to a IS300. good thing about texas is there are lots of open strait aways. had to try it
  20. alright ive been searching and seaching but cant find out what the problem is or where its comming from. the sound is mostly comming from the right. when i turn but only where there is some body roll involved. some times it sounds off repetativly in the turn with or with out any change in the amount of turn. it leads me to suspect the suspension and mostly suspecting the compression rod. imma have to crawl under and take anouther gander at the set up but this heat is killer at times. so you guys have any ideas?
  21. breaker bars work wonders if you got the musle for it. one time at work we had to use a 12 foot breaker bar to free a 4 inch fitting on a 2o foot long nitrogen tank. had 4 people dangling on the end and wouldnt budge. ended up using the 12ton forklift as musle
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