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  1. do you have a link for this kit? ive been wanting about upgrading my lights, i might have to look into this. otherwise im just gonna go ahead and start from scratch to converting to E-code lighting with H4 bulbs, heavy gauge wire realays and the hardbody grille. i do pleanty of night driving and i hate the dismal lighting i have. my moms sentra low beam setting covers nearly the same area as my high beam setting.
  2. the ammonia medthod is one of the easiest ive tried. it sofents the polyester and peals right off. a shop is prolly gonna charge any where from 20 to 50 bucks to take it off. if you got nothing else to do on a saturday you could save your self some money and do it your self. heres a site just for tinting http://www.tintdude.com/ but lurker pretty much showed the easiest way.
  3. moog sells bushing for the whole truck if i remember, they use some sort of hard rubber plastic combination. EDIT: infact heres their list, the k#### is their part number followed by the year and how many their are needed per vehical MOOG Upper Control Arm Bushing/Kit FRONT SUSP K9209 87-96 2 Lower Control Arm Bushing/Kit FRONT SUSP K9546 87-96 2 Sway Bar Link/Kit REAR SUSP UPPER & LOWER K90038 87-95 2 Sway Bar Link/Kit FRONT SUSP K9222 87-95 2 Sway Bar Frame Bushing/Kit FRONT SUSP K9582 88-95 1 Sway Bar Frame Bushing/Kit REAR SUSP K9969 87-95 1 Strut Rod Bushing/Kit FRONT SUSP K9515 87-96 1 Track Arm Bushing/Kit REAR SUSP K90037 87-95 2
  4. BigMike


    i guess it all depends on how much money you are willing to spend. i see some waggy d44s put on, mostly leafs cause of ease, and a few coil setup datz510 has a early bronco front axle and coil setup that is very nice. never seen any rockwells under pathys yet. as for power, 350s. cause there are so many, can be had cheap and lots and lots of aftermarket. but in the end its money and how much that does the dealing,
  5. so any one know where to get replacement boots for the transfercases?
  6. WTF? 110 degrees is brisk weather, its gets better when summer rolls in full trottle
  7. that was nice of you, hopefully you find money!
  8. yep they are at an angle, this last set worked its way off, but the ones before were seated just fine. ive been wanting to get new UCAs but ive got this disease call being poor
  9. well i have a lift but its a bodylift, my tbars are cranked all the way which i guess could be the problem. balljoints are pretty strait forward so i dont think i could have put them in wrong. maybe i should let the tbars down some. but i still dont see why they should be eating them so fast.
  10. pssd ive already replace 2 sets of balljoint boots, and they keep craking and letting dirt in. does any one know where i can get better boots? the only ones i can find around here is those cheap arse replacement ones that are thin rubber. any ideas?
  11. ive got some Deulers that i paid 180 for total from a friend of a friend. there was nothing wrong with them and they looked brand new. i havent had a chance to wheel them hard, but they are pretty nice, and handle really well on the road dry or wet. the only prob was that i had to switch down to 15s from 17 rims.
  12. i went to cali last summer, and the LA freeway sucks. like a damn washboard. other than that i thought it was great, makes me wanna move out there with a relative in west covina. but then i look at the gas prices and then my wallet. ill just stay a little longer and marinate in the houston heat.
  13. check out what else the bidder bought. ironically enough, in the land where 1/3 is mexican (texas) i see very few meximobile nissans, mostly chevys, dodges and fords. your occasional toyota, but the nissan variety is quiet rare, almost like truffles.
  14. like cosmetic parts? how about the grille, corner lights and head light buckets for a 92 HB? i was just about to tell you about some welding positions put i just checked your profile and see that your in arkansas.
  15. Damn 94.5 cents??? Geez, I was stoked with $1.98... lol hell thats still better than the prices around me. im going to die next week. thats when i start school. imma be shafted then!
  16. 2.56 the cheapest ive seen. last week 95.5 the buzz was promoting a new gas station and the were selling gas for 94.5 cents !!. i wish i could have gotten gas then! but i had to work,
  17. :o what a freak accident. good thing they came out alive
  18. eh lambo and ferraris are ok, ive never liked those that much. although i do love me some porches and aston martians :bow: i love that car. they would have won the lemans if it wasnt pentalized, the were faster and handled better than the vetts too. i wish i had one :sniff: , id have so many tickets if i had one tho. i guess its better that i didnt lol
  19. wow at 19 feet thats longer than than a suburban xlt
  20. i think it looks.. distinguished. i dont care so much for flash front ends, or the dual lights that chevy and gmc have going for it. i absolutly hate the 97-2004 ford fronts. simplicity is beauty.
  21. well there nothing as of yet, so far im just trying to make my mark in this world. right now i work in a metal laser cutting shop, only profile cutting mostly 304L, 316L, and A36 carbon steel. sometimes we get different materials, egiloy, aluminum, neoprene and some plastic. the machine is supposed to cut 1" material without problems but that would be hard to see it do that. it has a hard enough time cutting 3/8" 304L. ive been pick up little things here and there. yesterday i watched the so called "laser operator" change the focal position way to much. then watched him struggle to figure out why it was spewing liquid 316 on the top of the plate. i told him what he did wrong but the as usual he didnt think that i was right till he reset the parameters to stock and saw the focal position go from 4.35 mm to 2.4mm stock. right now im waiting on the Pullmax guy to come back and finish the 440 ton brake and teach me how to run it. then i gotta ride the boss for a raise. i can get a new copy of that cd any time, my pops has his connections. hes a machinist too. for the last 10years hes been running CNC machines, making all sorts of crap. lately he has been cutting exotic tough material that i cant remember the name of. apperently hes gotta change tools every two runs. eventualy ill get a new computer and teach my self. but lately i do quality control , clean of the parts and shop, shipping and receving, and any misc job to be done.
  22. Showing off the skill I have in a trade I have labored in for almost 15 years ? Yeah, then I guess it is showing off, but it weren't easy getting here Bud... B lol im just messing with you Precise i had solid works till some one broke the CD for it, i never got to use it either. my computer was a tad bit too crappy to run it. i had used autocad for a year but never got to the 3D rendering and wireframes. but for what we run at work i wouldnt need to know it, that is if he ever let me do drawings. they use some corp mod version of autocad called bypart. but its all the same.
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