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  1. how would i go about to get my foglights singled out so that i can turn them on speratly without having to turn my lowbeams on? the reason i ask is because i have some axilery lights that i want to reconnect them to a separate switch, they are currently connected to the foglamp switch and the foglamps are not connected at all. i wanna reconnect them to the original switch and have the ability to turn them on freely without the headlamps on.
  2. just turned 18 on the 14th of november.
  3. im in that 30.77% or the 16-20
  4. I looked under my truck yesterday and noticed that one of my CV boots are torn. About what should i expect to get it repaired, or how difficult would it be to fix my self? for now im just going to seal it with some duct tape.
  5. Well it was the fluid i topped it off this morning and to my avail it didnt turn on any more. the reason i wondered is because i had above minimum brake fluid. i just didnt want it to be serious. and good thing it wasnt. _________________ Max- ---------------------- Min- _________________ looked like this. Thnx to every one who posted info.
  6. Your Ford beast? I thought this was a Nissan Pathfinder forum! stevew1: Sly dog indeed! She was pulling me into the back while there was a party going on outside! Good thing I have tinted windows. 4door not ford.
  7. BigMike

    New Engine

    nuff said, when i first got my pathy i ran it for a month with no oil in it till I cheaked it. ran just fine but i dont expect it to really go past 200k miles. i have 105k miles now.
  8. What is Big Mike doing in the two door section. No ugly Pathies alowd in here. Go play in your own paddock. LOL No Paddock can hold my 4rd beast!! Muahahahhahahahhha
  9. tommarow ill be toping off my brake fluid, ill tell ya if it helps.
  10. Orginaly Posted By: stevew1 alright 2 door Pathfinder section. sweet. lets here it for the 2 drs they are the best by far!!! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The best eh?? Every one knows the baby in my sig is beutiful, four doors and all.
  11. Hah ive made the first post!!!!!!!!! i own!!! ok, getting to the post. Well ive been having problems with the ABS and brake light comming on and off. It used to only happen when I made right turns and U-Turns. They both come on and eventualy go off a few feet down the road, but the other night it came on and still hasnt gone off even though the parking/emergency brake is off and all the way down. Any one got any thoughts?
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