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  1. I disagree. First I would need to know which tranny because the diesel's can be different. Reverse failure can be dead tranny or blocked passages in the valve block. Additionally there is a solinoid that controls the reverse that can go bad and cause failure. This is very difficult to diagnois over the net and MOST tranny shops just want to replace everything (butchers)
  2. It is not the cost oof the frame, it the cost of swap... it is NOT easy or fast
  3. Excellent point Mookie. The converters will rip out the splines as well. I am basing my diagnosis on the pop sound then immediately nothing.
  4. I have read the post so far and I agree with the suggestions made for checking things out. However with your noise then failure. I am going to guess you snapped the input shaft. These are a weak compotent in the Nissan auto tranny. They are not a hard part to fix, however once you have the tranny accessable there are other things that should be done.
  5. Here is a suggestion before you start tracking down wires. Pull the spark plugs or at least pull 5 of the 6 and see if the starter clicks 10 times before turning the motor. If it does then go ahead and trace out the wiring. The click you hear (I am assuming it is pretty loud not just a quiet noise) is the starter solenoid engaging. If that is occuring there can not be bad wires to that solenoid. Internal to the solenoid is the contactor for the starter to turn. Could it be bad on a new starter- yes, however it more probable that there is either insufficient voltage to turn the motor over or there is a motor problem that causes a binding (could be tranny also but again less likely) When looking at the cables do not forget the ground cable that is very important also.
  6. sorry 88. automedicsupply has one for $60 no shipping cost and even Rock Auto has one for $63. both of these are direct fit OEM replacement full wire unit with plugs and everything.
  7. WD21s will run in open loop without the sensor. I would be careful from the standpoint of offroad because you could load the motor and ruin the cat. Normal highway driving is going to be fine. As for new sensors, they are not really expensive. Some places will sell them for under $20. (internet) If someone needs a OBDII sensor (big thread 18 MM) just email me. I'll probably send it to you for the cost of USPS. (it is used and I believe it still works fine) Oh and BTW when someone ask a questionI have assumed that they want a good tech answer. I know that sometimes I can get too tech. If you want a yes or no I can do that also, but then you have to believe that I know what I am talking about.
  8. O2 sensor poisoning is when the surface metal of the sensor is rendered in active. This can be from excessive carbon, or silicone from a gasket sealer. Once the surface of the metal is covered with this it no longer either generates the proper voltage or resistance that the ECM is looking for. This is refered to as poisoning. In some cases this can be cleaned in others the sensor is dead. A good site for technical data on emmission is TOMCO you can google that. They sell the sensor , but look up their tech pages. They have pictures and everything. You can get circuit diagrams and tricks to test the sensors also. I learned one from them the other day about using your body as a giant resistor to fool the signal of an O2 sensor into changing the injector mix. By doing this you can figure out if the sensor is working or not. Pretty neat trick.
  9. Ok I just reviewed some data. I may have gotten the 2 different sensor backwards. Nissan used both zirconia and titania sensor. The Z type required a heater circuit and the T type did not. The problem is the years you are talking about are all when these changes were occuring. The T type used a 12 mm thread and the Z type an 18 mm thread. If the threads match then you should be able to use the O2 sensor. However each wire is used for different purposes. You can not just cut one and tie to together with another. The problem is you have a 4 wire tryin gto go into a 3 wire setup. The extra wire is a ground. If you follow the black wire in piglets harness you should discover that it is a ground. I am pretty sure that you could just leave the wire disconnected and the sensor should work. Also from the pic it appears as though this O2 sensor is contaminated. The white ring near the threads can be an indication of O2 sensor poisoning.
  10. Sorry there Slick'o'rama that will not work. (I'll double check my book and send you the page) Nissan kepp changing the O2 sensor circuits in the early pathys. Somewhere around mid 94 to 95 they even changed the comand logic. When they did that they changed the size of the thread on the sensor so that you could not make a mistake. Now the 91 is OBD1. I am pretty sure that the 88 is slao however I do not think that it is a heated sensor. One simple question are they both the same size thread??? I'll get back to you on the book pages.
  11. That was the excellent 95 I sold this is a 91 parts pig http://www.nissanpathfinders.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=14191
  12. I have tried to sell the 91 pathy for several months now. Pictures are on the for sale portion. I have spent a reasonable amount of money advertising on Ebay and locally and have not gotten a single sincere offer of any dollar amount. Grim greg said maybe he would take it and part it out ( he lives sort of close) This is rebuilt motor and everything. I can not part it out myself due to my health which is not going to change. SOOOOOOOO Look at the pics write to Grim Greg and tell him what you want and maybe this will convince him to come and trailer it. BTW remember he needs compensation if for nothing other than his time. This is my last plea on this form for this pathy..... if this does not go anywhere I guess the crusher get it.
  13. While the a crank position sensor could do this it sounds more like a fuel delivery problem. The pump could work but the injectors could fail. Now all the injectors failing at once could only be a computer problem or electrical circuit issue. When you pull the plug is it covered in fuel after cranking??? If not then fuel delivery is the problem. If it is wet with gas then start looking at the other "safety" devices.
  14. Thanks for the input. A couple of good ideas there. As for a price Yea $500 takes it complete. As for parts dump. I just do not know. Do you throw out a A/C compress because you have 2 ? I have all the front end pieces and as for parting it out. I have had a major health problem. I can not disassemble the front end to ship it to Slick. When someone wanted the new rad support the best deal I could find had the shipping more than the $25 I wanted for the support. I was not intending for this pathy to ever be drivable again. If I can't find someone in month it goes to the scrap yard. I will scrap the CATs my self because at least I can get $15 apiece for them and that is more than I'll get for the entire Pathy at the local yards. I'l think about a free offering just before the scrap yard. This forum has been very helpful in the past and I could at least offer when I finish my search.
  15. Guys it is listed on this forum under parts for salel. The deal is make offer. zero miles on rebuilt motor, lots of pic. go ahead and look. I am interesed in feedback
  16. Ok I have been trying to sell a 91 pathy with a rebuilt motor for some time now. I have advertised everywhere and can not even get anyone to make an offer. Is this the fact that I am in Cleveland or is this because Parthy are getting scarse. Or am I going about it the wrong way. Any suggestions???
  17. While that is a correct statement, it does depend on what you swap. The O2 sensors are not the same and not interchangable. They are two different sizes even.
  18. There are very talented people who can do just about anything when it comes to swaping motors. Please understand ANYTHING except a 1990 to 1993 VG30E in your pathy is not straight forward. A 1994 and and a 1995 are simple addtions. These were OBDII motors and teh computers are slightly different, but you can get the motor to run without the O2 sensor working. (1994 motors split between OBDI and OBD II) 1987 to 1989 VG30I motors require parts swapping because if you use the computer from the 1992 there are sensors missing on the motor blocks, but again not too bad and do-able. Past these swaps it take some talent to make thing work right. The ZX is about as hard as the 3.3VGE (1996). Japanese take out motors do not match exactly either and require some fussing. if you were not so far away I would make you a deal on a 1991 motor that has been bored out for more HP. (brand new rebuild) But shipping makes this a stupid move. Make sure you understand and are confident in your talent level. Slick is talented on engine swaps. I have done several. 88 is an all around expert. These things can be done, just make sure you do not enter the program with blinders on.
  19. I do not know what differences there are but the last time I bought a complete rebuild kit the oil pumps for the 2 wd and the 4 wd had different part numbers. The people I bought it from said it was differnt volumes but I do not believe they really knew.
  20. The pan and oil pump on the 4wd is very unusual. I think you do need to swap them on the 2wd motor. Post and let us know for sure.
  21. I know that this forum is loosing people because pathys are dieing out but did everyone forget what they know??? The motor from the 88 will fit in the 91 but the ECU will be screwed up looking for sensors the 88 motor does not have. One you must add to the 88 motor is the knock sensor. It is a pita to put in but it can be done. It is located under the intake plenum on the 91 motor. Take it off and then find a good spot on the 88 motor drill a hole and mount it. If you do not do this when the motor is out you will kick yourself later. The other missing sensors can be fixed after everything is running.
  22. Well I found out some things about oxygen sensors. In 1994 the entire system changed according to Nissan. They went from an OBD I to an OBD II system. The sensors are different in the signal they supply the ECU. I still do not know why 2 cats on the pathy. It started life in Ohio.
  23. When I look at the intermediate pipe there is no evidence of anyone rewelding it. But there are different thread sizes. where did you buy yours??
  24. Ok there has been alot of O2 sensor discussion on the forum over time. Prices listed for sensors that I find hard to understand, some way high some way low. I did not find a size discussion about O2 sensors. I have a 91 parts Pathy and and most of the time running 95. This past week I tore off the bad exhaust on the 95 and replaced it with the one from the 91. The difference was in 2 areas. The 95 has 2 cats and the 91 only has one. The other problem is that the O2 sensors are different sizes (thread diameters) The 91 sensor does not seem to functionon the 95 pathy. The truck runs like crap with it plugged in and good with it unplugged. But the 95 sensor is too large for the pipe from the 91. The parts listing however say the it is the SAME O2 sensor for both years. This can not be. Any ideas???? Side note on pricing a sensor for the 95 is $68 anywhere and the one where you have to splice in the wires yourself is $45 anywhere. I have seen prices posted as low as $15 on the forum and other places where people think $110 is a good deal.
  25. The Walker pipe 40353 does not fit with the other Nissan pipes. I have talked to Wlaker technical and that have multiple reports of the same problem. The down pipe from the left bank and the connector pipe to the cat both are designed to fit inside the Y pipe. The Walker pipe is too small.

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