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  1. Everything looked fine. Then I went back to the recent issues I had with the fusible links. I replaced them recently and changed the connection at the battery post. I don't think II was getting a good connection the way I had it set up in the pic. I fixed that and truck is running fine. Don't know if this was the issue, but it may have contributed?
  2. I have some time tonight to poke around....thanks.
  3. Truck sat for a couple weeks....when I started her up, ran rough (like missing a cylinder), but went away after warm up. Ran some Sea Foam for good measure, but this weekend it was running rough again until warmed up then, poof - runs fine....like flipping a switch. Anything obvious I should look for?
  4. I'm not sure what they all feed to, but I know the fuel injection and ECM are definitely one of them. Having all black wires does not sound right, it sounds like a previous owner bypassed the links?
  5. Question: there's another wire at the positive terminal, the black one circled; it contains a 15-amp fuse. What is this for?
  6. So the parts databases are a little off for the pre 93 VG30E Pathfinders. 24022-01G05 has 4 wires and I think that fits older Pathfinders (VG30i) or the 4 cylinder trucks. The two part numbers you need at the positive terminal are 24022-84M60 (3 wire link with green and white connectors) and 24022-01G00, the two wire link with black connectors. These are the same fusible links for the 93-95 Pathfinders.
  7. Hold off on 24022-01G05...it's a 4 pin connector and should only be 3. I think the right part number, which comes up for 93 and newer Pathfinders is 24022--84M60. That part should arrive tomorrow and I will confirm all these part numbers. 24022-01G05 shows up when I use he VIN, but it's wrong. My 92 has a build date of 10/91 and the database indicates a part number change from 7/92. I will post pics and part numbers when I straighten this out.
  8. Yea, the one close to me is kinda lame for parts, but I was holding out hope that these guys had them in stock. Totally clueless with these older trucks. He found two fusible links for the truck, but I checked the part numbers and one of them was the single black wire one that I did not need. 24022-01G00 is the black and brown wire fusible link right next to 24022-01G05 (red wire one with white connectors). I had them in my hand, but he couldn't find that part number listed for the truck even though I was showing him the part online at one of the many online Nissan Part dealer websites. There was no way they were in stock anyway, so I thanked them for their time and ordered them online.
  9. Dealer was no help, but after doing some searching here I was able to figure out the two part numbers I needed at the terminal. 24022-01G05 and 24022-01G00
  10. Good idea, I am going to stop by the dealer tomorrow.
  11. Okay so I played with the wires and the truck fired up. I think I may replace that harness that connects to positive battery terminal. Would anyone have that part number handy...thanks
  12. So I changed out my positive battery terminal with one to organize the wires better and now the truck turns over but won't start. I can hear the fuel pump run. I checked the fuses, they look fine. Do any of the fusible links at battery factor in here? Stumped right now.
  13. My 92 Pathfinder (manual) does the exact same thing you described. I would love to figure this out as well.
  14. Thanks for the info, I had no idea about that. I will disable it as I never use the auto setting anyway.

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