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  1. Steve_RI

    Gas line size

    I was thinking of tweaking the float, but I just wanted the truck running. It's still a possibility, but I really want to fill it up and run it down close to empty to get some visual and measurable results.
  2. Steve_RI

    Gas line size

    Well, this was a huge pain in the ass, especially in 25 degree temps, but I'm happy to report that the newer fuel sender works fine in the older Pathfinders. I bent the copper lines as close as I could to the old ones, but it was still a pain. I spliced in the new lines in right about at the spot where they make there straight run to the front after the rear wheel. They looked pretty good running up to the front of the truck from there. I'll report back after a trip when I can fill it up and see if it's off. Fyi, If you are under the truck in the rear poking around, the high pressure line is the bottom one.
  3. Steve_RI

    Brake Cable

    I'll know in a couple weeks.
  4. Steve_RI

    Brake Cable

    Source for parking brake cables for 4 wheel disc. I believe this has been posted before, but this seller on ebay has the cables listed for the Terrano, which is essentially a Pathfinder. He includes an illustration to pick the set you need. Item 2 is the cable set for the 4 wheel disc. https://www.ebay.com/str/LOKALIZOWANIE?_trksid=p2047675.l2563
  5. Steve_RI

    Gas line size

    Here is the comparison between the two units. As you can see they are very similar, the old one being slightly longer with the float sitting lower. Given that these go in the same gas tank with the same fuel pump the difference must be at the instrument cluster. The old trucks have a horizontal gauge while the newer trucks are vertical. I think this should work fine and will probably be off an 1/8 of a tank or so.
  6. Steve_RI

    Gas line size

    Thanks, makes sense.
  7. Steve_RI

    Gas line size

    Well, since I'm waiting for parts I'm going to run the new lines and get everything ready. Am I correct in assuming the high pressure line runs to the fuel filter?
  8. Steve_RI

    Gas line size

    I had that guage on my 89, haven't thought of that in years. I pulled a lot of parts off that truck, wish I saved the sending unit. I'm going to get the new one and find out. Could benefit someone down the line.....
  9. Steve_RI

    Gas line size

    The part# is different for 92. It looks like something changed with the 93-95 models. Any idea what that is?
  10. Steve_RI

    Gas line size

    One of the outlets on the fuel tank sending unit snapped off at the base..part is friggen expensive too...around $250 (25060-41G02). If anyone has a source for this part used I would love to hear about it
  11. Steve_RI

    Gas line size

    Thanks, I picked up a double flare kit anticipating changing all brake and fuel lines in the spring. My brother in law had a roll of 5/16 nickel copper tubing and gave me 10 feet of it... enough for now. The only thing left is to figure out what connectors I need for the ends?
  12. Steve_RI

    Gas line size

    Got a leak in a gas line along the frame under the passenger door area. Is the size 5/16?
  13. Steve_RI

    Planning WD21 Drum to Disc Conversion

    One advantage with the drums is that the parking brake cables are a hell of lot cheaper and much easier to find versus the disc.
  14. Drain coolant into something you can reuse or recycle (Use drain peacock on radiator or remove lower hose) Take the clamps off top and bottom hoses and detach them from radiator. From here there are a couple bolts on the sides that need to be removed. After that, slide it up and out and put the new one in. I forget if the shroud comes out with the radiator, but you can tell easily enough once you get it loose. See procedure on here somewhere to bleed system when done. Pretty simple job, good luck
  15. Steve_RI

    Brake Cable

    The other side:

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