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  1. Steve_RI

    sound diagnosis

    Thanks for the info, I had no idea about that. I will disable it as I never use the auto setting anyway.
  2. Steve_RI

    sound diagnosis

    What the heck is that rubber tube (about a 1/2 inch or so) that runs behind the center console. You can grab it if you remove the ashtray. The dam thing was whistling and driving me nuts. I didn't know what the heck it was until I took everything apart and squeezed that tube and it stopped. Sounds like a little fan in there?
  3. Steve_RI

    Gas line size

    Okay, the needle stops just barely shy of E.
  4. Steve_RI

    shifting into 4wd

    I just spayed it down good with WD-40....it was too cold out to mess around. When it warms up I'll use some spray grease.
  5. Steve_RI

    shifting into 4wd

    Sprayed the linkage and it loosened right up.
  6. Steve_RI

    shifting into 4wd

    Thanks, I'll spray it tonight when I get home.
  7. Steve_RI

    shifting into 4wd

    i'm going to need 4WD this weekend, big snowstorm, so heading north. The shifter for 4 wheel drive was very stiff (auto hubs). It engaged fine, but I could only test it briefly...didn't want to take any turns on the pavement. Granted I do not use 4 wheel a lot, but it's never been that much effort to engage 4 wheel. Is there a linkage that I can spray or is this a lubrication issue at the hubs?
  8. Steve_RI

    Stock exhaust

    Excellent, thanks. I'm good to go for now, I'll get rid of that last hanger and add this one back in the Spring.
  9. Steve_RI

    Rear end wiggle

    That lower control arm is a fun one, huh? I had to do it twice on my 89 because the first time it squeaked so bad I couldn't take it. I would use the split urethane bushings for the rear if and when I need to do this on the 92.
  10. Steve_RI

    Stock exhaust

    Okay, new exhaust is in finally. The makeshift hanger on the muffler will do for now. I'm assuming that this is the missing hanger that I need to mount to the frame?
  11. Steve_RI

    Stock exhaust

    I was able to hang the exhaust using the oem hangers on the tailpipe and muffler. I had to make a new bracket for the tailpipe as the one from the pic on post 6 was obviously not the stock mount. The stock mount on the muffler was still there. The shop had welded a hanger to it (like the one in post 6), so I cut that off, drilled a new hole and was good to go. The forward bracket on the muffler that bolts to the frame is a head scratcher. Right now I have a makeshift strap. Pics of these mounting points and stock brackets would still be very helpful, especially the one on the frame. I ran out of wire welding a flange to the cat, so I will finish that up tonight or tomorrow. I have an adapter for the other end that I'm going to just clamp and call it good.
  12. Steve_RI

    Brake Cable

    No email information on the invoice, sorry.
  13. Steve_RI

    Brake Cable

    I can check the invoice when I get home to see if there is an actual email contact. My order reference number on Ebay, if you can contact him, is 232495391619. You may need to create an account to get these things.
  14. Steve_RI

    Stock exhaust

    A picture of the stock hangers would be very helpful. I had a custom exhaust shop put the Borla cat back on. Good work, everything welded nice, no clamps. For whatever reason it rusted very quickly and basically fell off the truck. I have the Walker 47752 cat back (Autoplicity - cheapest and fastest delivery I could find) and the Magna Flow 53004 universal cat (Amazon $46). Since the Custom exhaust place welded everything, I need to replace the cat...no biggie, it's shot anyway. I may do some welding on the cat (a flange or adapter on the muffler end and a welded butt joint on the other. I would like to go back to close to stock as possible with the hangers so I ordered the Stock ones Adamzan mentioned (Walker 35126). I'm trying to avoid welding to the muffler and tailpipe hence the pic would be great. Here's a pic of the tailpipe hanger that was welded to the tailpipe..I popped it off to paint it: If I could see how the stock exhaust is mounted to the frame I can get an idea of what else I need to mount to those stock hangers I ordered (Walker 35126). It looks like I just have to cut that hook piece off and use some type of strap. I could have the exhaust shop weld it up again, but I'm trying to save some cash.
  15. Steve_RI

    Brake Cable

    See Post 20. If he doesn't have them listed send him a message, he got right back to me when I had a question.

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