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  1. Ok. I'll give it a little time to work out some. Thanks for all the replies. I appreciate it.
  2. Oh. No. I just installed the throw away cartridge type. Could a "bad" tank of gas cause something like this?
  3. No. I just used your typical STP or Fram oil filter. I think this one is STP. I've used them in the past and never had issues before.
  4. I can see if intake or exhaust leakage or even injectors are a cause. But my experience in the past is if an O2 sensor or other component FAILS, the ECU spits out the trouble code for that particular part, not just what is happening because it fails. Also, to note...I reset the CEL the first time it came on. It took about two days to come back on. Then I reset it again. It came on within a few minutes of driving after that. There does not seem to be any loss in horsepower though, no hesitation at all versus when we first bought it. The fuel economy is slightly less which leads me to think possibly O2 sensor(s). But I'm just surprised the O2 sensor code didn't trip.
  5. Thanks for the info. I'll check into that and talk to Nissan probably about it. It just puzzles me that the ECU will spit out the PROBLEM but not a component that has failed or is triggering the listed trouble codes.
  6. Checked the ECU for the P0171 and P0174 trouble codes. They are Bank 1 and Bank 2 running lean. Does anyone know what could be causing or where I should start looking at for the source of the problem? Or is this something the dealer should deal with? Thanks.
  7. How close does the brushguard sit from the hood at the top? I ask because I have a bug shield on my Pathy and want to make sure there wouldn't be interference between the two. Thanks.
  8. Is that the Nissan brushguard NastyPathy? What brand is it? Price?
  9. Maybe something like a "bull bar" then? Provides protection while maintaining low center of gravity to for extra strength.
  10. How does AC's brushguard compare with Manik and Waag? The latter two I've seen in the upper $400-lower $500 area. AC's is a little less than $400.
  11. I just bought an 01 LE 4x4 Pathfinder to replace my old 90 XE 4x4. So far, I love it. I want to put a brushguard on the front. I know quality will vary depending on price range. There are some for under $200 on ebay that are strictly for astetics and have no function. Then there are those such as Waag which are high dollar, but they back up the $$$ with ruggedness. Is there a brushguard out there that isn't going to break the bank, but at the same time will not literally break if it comes in contact with something? I'm not going to be doing anything offroad but may encounter a deer or two during normal driving. I want something take can hand out punishment without being punished itself. How do Waag, Manik, Hunter all compare? I saw a Hunter on ebay for under $300 shipping incl. I am leary of that though since the headlight guards are left to be bolted on by customer. I'd think a fully welded 1 piece brushguard would stand up much better than something that needs to be assembled. Thanks in advance. Aaron
  12. Sorry about that. I must have accidentally selected "no replies allowed". Sorry. I appreciate the options. The reason some of those colors are not listed on the poll is because I was not looking for those particular choices. I listed what my wife and I are searching for and wanted to get feedback of those specifically. Thanks for all of the feedback so far.
  13. My 90 Pathfinder will have a replacement probably around September-ish of this year. I will be upgrading to a 2001 or 2002 QX4 or Pathfinder LE 4x4. As you can see in my sig, my rig has a decent number of miles. The exhaust is original and I have the manifold stud problem. My question is: Will the vehicle sell that much better if it has a new exhaust? Or should I just sell it as is? What can I expect to pay for a full new exhaust? Thanks.
  14. Same here. I don't rev the thing over 3K RPM whether I am on the city streets or highway; really pisses off the highway people. But hey, I can't afford getting less than 16 MPG.
  15. Thanks for all of the responses. I'll have to look into the trunk release idea. That would be very convenient. Row, you answered my question. Thanks. It is not my vehicle...YET. I am still looking right now. I saw that button on an LE equipped with the VCP. Now I know why.
  16. What is the Aux button for on a 2001 Pathy LE 4x4? It is in the area of the switch for the heated seats switches. Thanks
  17. Hey a friend of mine, who is a dealer, just bought a 2001 4x4 LE, at auction, loaded with navigation and the entertainment package. What all is included in the entertainment package? It has 100K miles, is in immaculate condition, and he told me he'd sell it to me at a discount if I was interested. He said the price would be $12,000 to me. What is everyone's opinion on this? How good is the navigation and entertainment package? Thanks.
  18. Mine is between the radiator and the a/c coil.
  19. That seems right to me. My auto on my 1990 is original and still shifts fine and it has 253,000 miles on it. It had the original cooler on it until I installed an aftermarket Hayden cooler and bypassed the stock cooler last summer. The only reason I did that was for peace of mind. I'm sure that since the tranny had not failed by then, that the stock cooler was doing its job sufficiently. My recommendation is to bypass the original cooler and install an aftermarket tranny cooler if you buy an older 1990-95 Pathfinder with automatic transmission. It is a wise $40 investment.
  20. I probably should have waited too since I will turn 250,000 in a few weeks.
  21. This is just to get a feel for how many miles these rigs have on them. And to further give evidence of Nissan's quality.
  22. My front differential fill plug is stuck. I tried getting it loose but my breaker bar turned without the plug turning. I am going to try some PB blaster a few times. But what do I do if it is still seized and gets rounded out? :o
  23. I just replaced my thermostat (old one was stuck open) and the needle points at the "T" in the word "TEMP". About a third of the way past Cold.
  24. Well this weekend I did some much needed maintenance on my pathy. The t-stat has needed changing since last winter. This is the first time I have done much disassembly work myself on this rig. Once the fan and shroud were out, there was gobs of room. I replaced the t-stat (Nissan), the upper & lower radiator hoses, the coupling to the t-stat housing, and added a Hayden transmission cooler (bypassed the stock one). So far I am pleased with the cooler. The tranny seems to shift smoother. Even the wife noticed. Now I feel comfortable knowing that the stock cooler, whether it was clogged or not, is out of the picture. Just thought I'd post. Fun weekend!

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