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  1. lol thats what we were thinking.
  2. Hi Guys, Yes it was found with about $2k - $3k worth of stuff gone. I appreciate everyone that was part of helping find it. the work of this spread like wildfire on social media and we found it the same day I realized it was gone. My wife and I just moved to a new place over the weekend, with a garage which is where it will be kept moving forward. I have downsized from having shop space to just an office for a bit, and we has been in apartment, just trying to save money and in hopes of buying a house here in CA (wish us luck.. lol) But it's good to have a garage with a place to keep the pathy and have a place to tinker. Insurance money is covering most of what is gone, and I have a bit of work ahead of me. but it'll get there.
  3. Just get some weld in bungs, DOM Tubing and a couple Heim joints. A a fab shop shuld be able to ship one up for you pretty quickly.
  4. I'm actually not sure if the 33-spline split carrier exists.. atleast in the US. I've never seen one. I just looked in FAST WD22 & R50, it only lists 2-pin Carrier and LSD. However I did just do some digging in FAST and found 2 piece/4-pinion open carriers in the late 90's patrols, which are likely 33-spline but it's hard to say for sure. I have thought that the Just Differentials listing was a mistake but there is still a small glimmer of hope that it's true overseas.
  5. Hi Guys, There is some good axle shaft info in this thread! It's good to see that in depth tech info is still being shared on this forum. As far as the locker goes, Just Differentials is the only ones that lists the lockright for the 33 spline diff. Following the tech note, I don't see why it wouldn't work with the 4 pinion case. However in my experience the 33-spline side gears in a 4-pinion case are pretty rare. I'm used to seeing LSD's or single piece 33-spline carriers. Also just a side note, I'm having Revolution Gear & Axle make H233B gears 5.57 and 5.89. in both standard and reverse rotation. These ratios were previously available through Nissan but only in standard rotation. Having the reverse rotation gears will now allow for patrols to have more gearing options as well as open up more gearing options for SAS rigs.
  6. If you out out of the supercharger it's dead simple Sent from my HTC One_M8 using Tapatalk
  7. What axle are you using? Sent from my HTC One_M8 using Tapatalk
  8. I wouldn't cut it down. The diamond axle under my truck is 64" wide . It's a good width and should be easier to work with with more axle tube exposed Sent from my HTC One_M8 using Tapatalk
  9. I know that the R50 guys have been using the OME springs to get about 2" of lift even though they are spec'd at 0.5". OME does have a rear spring part number of #2920. Does anyone here have personal experience this this spring? are they getting .75" ? or maybe more? A good deal awaits to anyone willing to take a change and experiment. Ph:909-547-4651
  10. I'm not sure which admin to contact, can someone address this issue? thanks!
  11. Thanks! Here are the pics that I took during the event: http://gallery.ruggedrocksoffroad.com/v/GoneMoab2015/
  12. Ha the Moab one should be entertaining. I'm thinking I may be on the next episode.
  13. They are looking at moving the event a little bit. possibly pushing it back a week or so to help with people working around school schedules etc.
  14. There were only 2 other pathfinders there that I saw besides mine!!! C'mon guys! Hopefully we'll have a better turn out next year. I do have some pictures but I haven't loaded them in to the computer yet. However this one was caught of me on hells revenge:
  15. I wouldn't run the hpd44 due to not being able to get deep enough gears for it
  16. How many Miles are on this one? Due to the simplicity of the swap you may consider putting a vg33 in it. But I'm sure we'll end up talking about that farther on down the road.
  17. You can't truely leave.. once you're in.. you're in!
  18. Yeah that'll happen. I went silent on the boards for a long time but I'm more steadily poking in here n there these days. These pathys are great platforms btw. I know you're sasing but do you have any engine plans? The 3.0s will run forever but they won't exactly put you into a wheelie.
  19. Good to see you in these parts of the web!
  20. There are changes in coordinators every year but I think it's finally settling down.
  21. Is anyone from here going to gone moab this year?
  22. thorley used to list it in their app guide that way. I don't think they actually ever test fitted them on the truck with a manual trans but I know they fit from personal experience and many others have done it as well. I've run them for years and usually have them in stock. They are are good set of headers.
  23. There is no fitment issue with the manual trans on the thorleys
  24. Just keep it Check all of your grounds. Mainly the one going to the block from the battery. Even remove it, clean it and reinstall.
  25. I've been a fan of amsoil the last few years.. good stuff.
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