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  1. maximusnt

    ford rim question

    Minimum Rim height on the 02's (and I believe 01's) are 16". Anything smaller than that won't clear the calipers.
  2. maximusnt

    Faulty oxygen sensor

    Can someone *please* post this TSB!
  3. I'm in Toronto, and replaced my plugs at 96K... They were looking worn as well. Not in horrible shape, but I decided to put new ones in anyways.
  4. maximusnt

    Opening Pathy with somone elses key?

    Not that tough to do the transponders, and not on just expensive cars either... Nissan started using chipped keys on the pathfinder around 2002, and I believe all Nissan vehicles have it now.
  5. maximusnt

    Saggy Bottom

    Yes, definitely being on a hill could make it look off. However, from the pics it looks almost like your front is higher than stock, which is then making it appear the rear is sagging. Get it on totally level ground, then measure from the wheel well to the ground. The should be equal, or a little higher in the rear.
  6. maximusnt

    PlackPanther SkidPlates

    I run his Front skid plate. Marcel is a great guy, and the skid arrived quickly, and fit perfectly.
  7. maximusnt

    IPF Relay rotted out

    That is actually the relay that came with the IPF foglights. The base of it rotted out though.
  8. maximusnt

    NPORA STICKERS -- New Poll

    I'll take two reflective Pezzers!
  9. maximusnt

    IPF Relay rotted out

    So the relay for the IPF lights built into my bumper has completely rotted out. The relay wasn't at all sealed like the relays we get with the otehr IPD lights, and it's completely corroded. Is there a relay that I can get that will accept the current wires that are run, and be reasonably sealed? I also have a spare IPF wiring harness, but that would mean modifying the fog lights to accept it, and I'm not too excited about doing that. Any ideas?
  10. maximusnt

    MAF sensor issues

    The Garage has to give you the replaced part back by law I believe. So, I would take that up with them. As for the busted MAF, it really shouldn't cause that kind of performance, unless it was grounding out. That almost makes more sense if the intake was rattling around. So they may have replaced the MAF, when it was really a wiring issue. The wiring issue still exists, but you now have a new MAF which will do nothing for you. I would go back to that shop, as you really got ripped off on the deal.
  11. maximusnt

    Little project

    You're prepping for a snorkel?
  12. maximusnt

    Aux light switch

    That switch is actually a stock Nissan fog switch. You could order them from AC/4x4parts at one point.
  13. maximusnt

    After Skidplates...how to change oil?!?!

    When I was at the dealer recently I had them change my oil while I was there. The guy was able to reach through the extra gap that the Black Panther skid has, and change the oil and filter without removing the skid. Now, I didn't happen to witness this operation, however he was a fair bit larger than me, so it certainly wasn't a lack of size that made him able to do this. You might want to poke around, and see if you even need to take the skid off.
  14. maximusnt

    Waag At Sweet Prices!

    I have one of the rear guards, and while it has been a while since I've been offroad, my truck has seen *plenty* of action. The rear-guard holds up well, I've modified mine a bit to make it more solid in its mounting. I've also been rear-ended with it, and it's held up beautifully. So until you test it out, don't knock it.
  15. maximusnt

    Vacuum Hose for SeaFoam

    So, where exactly is the brake master cylinder?

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