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    1991, SE-V6, 4x4 3.0L. Gray, 31x10.5r15 BFG A/T, Upper control arms lift, Rancho RS5000, Idler Arm Brace, Cold air intake... more to come!
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    Read, play xbox360, surf, and poke around my pathy.
  1. is updating his status

  2. did the writeup ever happen?? im looking for some info on the topic and it sounds very interesting.
  3. i have a pdf that reads "NISSAN TRUCK & PATHFINDER: MODEL D21 SERIES" Apparently its a service manual, i've found it quite useful, though i havent done any major work on my pathy. its about 36mb total. If youre interested, PM me.
  4. i had that problem last month, i had to check the levers and re adjust where they were joining... though i think mine is not stock
  5. i kind of did that today, i hosed my engine... no problem whle the engine was running on minimun.. but i started to notice some hessitation or maybe a misfire, so i decided to go for a spin... and apparently something is missingo.. it sounds like and old vw beetle... i just hope it dries down and that i didnt screw any sensor
  6. i might mean that youre pulleys does not have texture or grip... at least thats happening with mine... i think im gonna change them all, ive tried a few remedies, but nothing seems to work anymore than any minutes
  7. i found some mechanic speedometers that might help, but i just cant tell what cable or drive mine has... i thing its a square drive, i looked at it behind the gauge cluster, but dont know if the cable is the same... or the plug under the trans [?] is the same ...
  8. i actually got one and took it apart to make one out of two, but they keep giving really bad reading and dying on me while in use. what i would like to do is to sorth of replace the speedometer with an aftermarket... in the same plave, maybe cot off the back of the cluster and give space to the new one...
  9. After a very desapointing search for a full functional and working gauge cluster i realized that its like hunting dor dodo... and i thought, well, why have a dodo when you can make a nice meal out of chicken or anything else. I found an autometer brand meters site, where i found a list of their products. I wanted to find the right meter for my 91 SE-V6, but i had a hard time doing it. i dont know the tech talk, i just take it apart and try to fix it and well... i did not know what type my pathy needs. Basically, what i want to know is if any of you, fine people, has completely replaced the gauge cluster with any aftermarket sets or meters.
  10. the autozone website has great instructions of changing the locks, tough i dont know if conversion needs something else than shown. i've found that ebay is pretty expensive on the locks.
  11. are they sold by the pair? ive found some online, but they wouldnt say if theyre singles or packs.... and pictures are not very accurate.
  12. My 91 6v se started making noises, i was afraid it was the transfer itself. When i drove it with the mechanic, he told that it was the automatic LOCK hubs, and that i should change them. He gave me some options that i've never heard before... one of them changing the automatic locks for some manual lock out hubs, wich made me wonder about how to get them, i mean: do i need brand and model specific replacements or are there any generic type? is it better to get manual or automatics? Please, help me. Thanks.
  13. well, i was looking around for complete salvage cars.. ia found a few of them post 1997, so... tis time i ask about how much trouble or technic modifications does it nee if i have the whole thing? is it worth it??? :help:
  14. Ok, so im trying to get a new engine and 4wd transmission for my 1991 6cil 4wd PF... and im basically asking if any new model PF engine + trans (post 94) fits or does it need any custom work for it... Please, help me!! :confused:

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