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  1. ah awesome guys! k ill check this out tonight. it looks rather hard to reach it from the top but i have long skinny arms that could probably pull it off. and nope that little dip is not welded so maybe this wil actually work. ill keep everyone updated . TY
  2. so I'm out here in my garage just about to get started on replacing my thermostat. well the first thing we need to do is to drain the radiator. so I go under the pathfinder and examine how to do this. you have to remove this so called "skidplate" to drain right?! WRONG! further examination of the skidplate shows that the previous jackass... sorry owner decided to remove the bolts that hold it on and WELD it into place looks like i wont be draining my radiator tonight!!! just beer now! sorry just a rant, havent had one of those in awhile
  3. this is why i love this forum. ill look into those two issues. I'm sure it isn't low coolant(that was the problem in my accord a couple days ago) but COULD be crappy fuel. this poor idle is only at start or 20min of warming up. and right now around here its about -25C or -13F so i don't think the cold helps at alll. *apologies to the OP for the off topic posts* ill continue this issue, (if i dont figure it out) in another thread.
  4. just the thread i was looking for. every year my pathfinder has its temp gauge right in the middle of C & H. this year its always below it. like i could drive it for 2+ hours and it still wont go too the middle. I'm guessing its the T-stat as well. my heating never is as hot as it used to be. you think the T-stat is causing irratic idling and black umm gunk coming out of the exhaust?? yeah i dunno
  5. wale - warwick avenue (f. duffy) story of my lifffe
  6. Hey evvry body! been awhile but now I need help again haha. anyway since I got my 92 pathfinder its been a huge pain in the a$$ too get her into Reverse. I have been told that this is first signs of tranny destruction. so now its getting worse I find. I gotta do the D to R to D to R to get her to "click" into R. now I am having issues were ill give it gas and it feels like the transmission is slipping. as well its doing some weird stuff at stop lights... like reving higher and then going down then trying to lurch my path forward! thats pretty much the just of what is wrong with it. so my question is would a transmission flush help these problems?! like were they circulate trans fluid through it? or is there no hope left in this baby and i need to replace it? IF i have to replace it I found a parts car at pick ur part from a 1995 pathfinder (which should still work right? as long as its 4x4) and the pathfinder only has 200,000KM on it. I know I would be taking a chance on the reliability but it would only cost me 100$ to buy it. Also if anyone can point me to a write up or anything on how to remove the transmission that would be great! TY in advance
  7. /\should step up their post count!! lol <likes vodka redbull. the only thing that keeps me goin!! and my pathy isnt warm in my heart. its dying and i cant fix her!! \/probably couldn't beat me in a shotgunning contest!
  8. I actually didn't know what got the tonne out of her hahaha! thanks!
  9. hahaha wow that was great. and I will be needing translations for the other ones
  10. very nice!! if i was back when we did this vote i would of voted for your ride.
  11. http://www.houston-imports.com/forums/show...ad.php?t=486637 im actually kinda speechless. i think they should just bulldoze it and start over.
  12. haha you know. I love seeing mutant vehicals like that. pullin up to a red light in a jeep and just toasting some lil ricer. I dunno if I am ever rich I would play around with shoving a sweet engine in a @!*% box. it just seems really fun. like a civic with a corvette ls1 in it.
  13. I reverse through or use a broom with a bucket on the end. DUHHH! :tonguefinger:
  14. its a 1990 fairlady Z twin turbo AUTO with only 41,000KM on it. (25,000miles) and very little body damage. the car itself cost me 2200$ and in total 5200$ all said and done. SO that is why I went with an auto, because this was an insane deal on an awsome car that I couldn't pass up. and driving on the other side is actually really easy. I havent had any problems getting used to it. and venge what are shift gates lol?
  15. well as most of you know I bought a car strait from the land of the rising sun. all in all it took about 2 months from start to finish. picked her up at the train yard last Wednesday and guess what it was parked by?!?! a lamborghini murcielago (and it was black same as mine) haha it was sweet guy at the yard said the transmission was fried though which sucks. anyway my car had been unowned for a year over in japan. and was sitting in the docks over there for who knows how long. anyway we pop the hood and guess what THEY CHANGED MY TIMING BELT before they shipped it. ya crazy hey. and the thing started right up!!! so I went and got a can o gas and took the TTops off and drove her home. first impression... the car is freakin fast! and def a head turner anyway I love both my automobiles and I hope they will get along haha. ok ok enough rambling here are some pics aww look their first meet <3

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