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  1. i can't seem to find my clutch cylinders on my 92 pathfinder . does anyone know what there buy . i know they have to be located on or near the transmission .
  2. i did that and check all the lines and hose for chinks and such and nuthin there , also i sprayed all the pivot points with lube , still nuthin
  3. ok , my clutch . i took my finder out runnin about 2 months ago rolled her , the rolled her back on her feet . the next day i drove her home , then didn't drive for about a week . when i got in it the other day . the clutch is really hard to push down and when i get it down it stays down and i have to pull it up . it will start but not go into gear . i lubed all the joints and still the problem , anyone know what to do ?
  4. i live in tacoma lakewood wa . hit me up on an email i can show u a few places were we go sometimes .
  5. i took out all my fuses and put them back in non of them were blown but everything works now . whatever
  6. stunnaeins


    hey i am from tacoma washington lookin for some new trialers other than eatonville to go ridin on or any events .
  7. non of my fuses are blowin . i might have the fusr box in upsidedown cause i had to pull my dash when my heater core blew is the big fuses on the top or the bottom . i don't have any owners manual for this thing
  8. i am really from mcchord and have had my finder for about 1 year now . nuthin but good things have come from it . i am lookin for more events to go to and show off lol . i went to the faithwheelers thing and now i can't find anymore .
  9. for the inhibitor fuse thing what else doesn't work , like the gas meter and engine heat , back speakers and all the lights on the dash ?
  10. well i washed the motor for the third time and like 6 hrs after i did it started . whatever thanks for all ur help
  11. well i did all that and it still won't start . how about the inhibitor relay does that sound like a problem ?
  12. hello i am erik . just posting a lessage to meet new people in the area lookin to do some offroading with . got a 92 Pathfinder . my AIM name is eatonville4x4 and yahoo is stunnaeins
  13. i recently went to a mud bog in my Pathfinder and got the fastest time through . but after i came out and did a couple runs through an obsticle course my finder won't start . i had the problem with it before i went and i would just tap on the starter and it would start . now i have changed the starter and cleaned off my engine and it still won't start . when i turn the key nothing happens no clicking nothing , i am able to cluth start it and it runs fine . does anyone have any advice for me what to do . email is stunnaeins@yahoo.com thanks

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