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  1. headpeace

    Knock Sensor Relocation

    Is there a sensor for the idle air control? If so where is it?
  2. headpeace

    Knock Sensor Relocation

    Any posts that show how to delete the EGR? I dont have smog so I can just delete it if I knew how. Not real familiar with the EGR.
  3. headpeace

    New pathy

    We got a 2017 Pathfinder for the wifey this past year, haven't had any problems out of it yet (knock on wood). The CVT is weird, you don't feel any shift at all. It is definitely not built for off-road use in my opinion, no ground clearance at all.
  4. headpeace

    Knock Sensor Relocation

    Haven't checked the plugs yet, how do I check the EGR? Would an EGR malfunction cause it do run like ass when it's cold but not when it has warmed up?
  5. headpeace

    Knock Sensor Relocation

    Okay, when it is cold it runs like dogshiite, very little power. Once it warms up it seems to run fine and idle almost fine. In neutral it idles great, in drive it idles rougher than it did before this problem originated. Anyone know how to unplug the coolant temp sensor? I looked at it but couldn't figure out how to get it unplugged without tearing it up.
  6. headpeace

    Knock Sensor Relocation

    Yeh I'm thinking I'm getting that code because of the way it is running instead of the knock sensor being the cause of it running so poorly. I've changed the distributor cap and rotor, the coil, the plugs and wires, the air filter, and the fuel filter; cleaned the MAF, cleaned the throttle body, checked the intake boot for cracks/leaks, and ran it with the O2 sensor unplugged and it hasnt remedied the problem. It seems as though it has been a progressive problem instead of an acute problem. It started with me noticing that it was idling a little rough and has progressively gotten worse over the course of a couple of months. I'm not sure what step to take next.
  7. headpeace

    Knock Sensor Relocation

  8. headpeace

    Knock Sensor Relocation

    Do you have a copy of the testing procedure you can share?
  9. Anyone done the KS relo on a WD21? I find all kinds of info for the 3.3L but haven't found anything for the 3.0. My pathy is running like crap and the code read 34 - knock sensor.
  10. headpeace


    anyone have a pic of the bleeder valve, I can't get any of the FSM links to work
  11. headpeace

    Bogging Down Under Load

    My path got a 6 month rest in the garage recently, I started it often but didn't drive it. Finally drove her out and she had rough idle in drive (normal idle in park). So I realized the gas was certainly shiite so I syphoned it out and replaced with fresh. Still idled like crap so I put a bottle of Liqui Moly Jectron in the tank thinking the injectors were probably gunked up, ran it a few times around the neighborhood and boom, it ran like it used to, nice and smooth. Ran like that through about a half tank of fresh gas and towards the end of the tank started running like crap. When I push the gas pedal hard it bogs down big time and starts backfiring, I can let off the gas and then reapply and it accelerates normal. I do it again, push the pedal down, it bogs down and barely runs and backfires - let off and reapply the gas pedal and it runs normal. It idles like crap in drive again too, normal in park. Any ideas? I replaced the plugs and fuel filter and that hasn't helped resolve the issue.
  12. headpeace

    Interior Paint

    Anyone have any experience using interior paint to touch up interior trim pieces? I thought I remembered someone here doing this at some point in time in the past.
  13. headpeace

    Oil Light On

    I installed the oil pressure sensor just next to where the oil filter is. Is that where the factory sensor is located also?
  14. headpeace

    Oil Light On

    So today on my way to work my oil light came on, it flashed on and off a couple of times then it came on and stayed on until just before I got to work. I just checked my oil yesterday and it was fine on the dipstick, plus I have an oil pressure gauge I installed years ago that showed my oil pressure was good (makes me wonder if it is actually working correctly). Anyone know what the oil light sensor is actually measuring and where? Any ideas why the oil light is coming on?

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