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  1. Well this confirms what i was thinking. Thanks for the replies.
  2. A friend of a friend is a manager at a 4x4 shop and had a set of brand new superwinch hubs that he wanted tp get rid of. Part number 400545 which is listed as for the 86.5-93 Pathfinder (link). Of course if you finish reading that it says for 31 spline axles. Now that I have one of my automatic hubs on the ground and see that the superwinch does not fit did i research and see that I have 27 splines. Questions is, what pathfinders have 31 spline axles and are these hubs worthless to me? Thanks
  3. Actually there was a thread about that just a little while ago... Rhino Lined interior
  4. So are these supposed to save your front end from marauding kangaroos or is there some other reason your Aussies need a polymer push bar on your falcons?
  5. GGG (GrimGreG?) When you put the herculiner down on your cargo area in the 88 did you have to pull up the stock sound deadening ashpalt stuff that is already there under the carpet or just prep it like the rest of the floor and roll it on? If you did pull it up how exactly did you do it? I have messed with that stuff a little in lightening my autocross car but it took forwever and was a messy business...
  6. Pretty sure this was the thread that was supposed to be linked above http://www.nissanpathfinders.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=18 Lots of good stuff there wither way though
  7. Well a quick update... i bled the clutch and that sems to have been the problem. I am guessing that after a hundred miles on the interstate the 3 year old (at least) fluid in the clutch system had boiled and had approximately the hydraulic properties of cotton candy.... So I got the to my garage and did a quick oil change and I can see why oil filter relocation kits are popular... I had to use the old screwdriver and hammer trick to get the old filter off. Apparently the last person to change the oil was having a bad day... After that I decided it was time to clean out the inside. This started by removing all the trash that had piled up... then i could see the carpet was even worse they i had thought so that was next.... of course that meant the seats and the center console had to come out. Here is where it got really gross... On the plate the console and parking brake are mounted to there was literally 2-3mm of solidified cola and beer.... stuck in this mess were three crayons a pen at least 15 toothpicks and $0.45 in assorted change.... Then pooled in both foot wells there was more of the same cola goo gluing the insulation to the body. I did discover that a steam cleaner is a GODSEND in those situations.... just blast the goo with the steam and wipe it up before it re hardens. So 3 hours later the carpets are out and floor of the body is clean and ready for whatever i decide to put on it. I am thinking some rhino lining of some kind would make a good durable east to clean interior. EDIT The best part of my whole adventure yesterday was finding no major rust on the entire vehicle. There is just surface rust on the underside but that is it! Gotta love dry climates.
  8. Hmm not to break up the talk of the hootus... but i am also considering the full rhino lining of the pathfinder... That Durabak stuff looks pretty good and the price is not to bad... anyone know what the surface area of an 87 2 door is? I have also been thinking of doing the floor in that stuff as well. i pulled up the carpet in my pathfinder yesterday and it was gross... the PO must have had a propensity for spilling cola.... I post the rest of that in my welcome thread but anyway my questions about the interior is. How well do you think this stuff works as a sound deadener, If there is not carpet or insulation will the truck be unbearably loud or will the bedliner (maybe a couple layers) work in the same fashion as Dynammat? I like the idea of an interior I can basically spray out rather than staineds and increasingly gross carpeting. However i would like to be able to hear myself think driving on the highway too (I know picky picky).
  9. Ahhh... well thanks for the info. hopefully i can find some clean oem seat around somewere.
  10. What kind of modification did this take... The seats in my truck are really awful and i would like to put something else in there that might be a bit more supportive. Also liking the Herculiner... Based on the condition of the paint on this thing I might just have to do the whole truck with that stuff...
  11. I was browsing ebay and saw this auction and thought I would post it here. i had not read anything about an RD28 in a pathfinder and apparently it goes in there (check out the pictures)... not sure how much work is required though. Link Disclaimer... not my listing nor am I advertising for anyone... just interesting. Also... all these Nissan diesels are damn expensive.. looking at $2,000 -$3,000 to your door.
  12. Well saw this topic was devoid of replies... So I am in Colorado Springs... a bit south of you and in no condition for offroad fun atm
  13. Well thanks for the ideas. I will start investigating the clutch issue this afternoon and at least get it over to my other garage with all my tools and other toys (a couple of autocross miatas) and get the real tune up/ clean out started
  14. So my Father in Law has had an 86.5 Pathfinder XE (I think, not sure how to tell since it has been repainted a couple times) sitting in his driveway for the last couple years and decided that he did not want it there anymore. And now it is mine. 143,xxx miles and a lot of issues (peeling paint, rotted weatherstripping on the driver side, disgusting inside and lots of maintenance that has been deferred) but hey free car. Amazingly even though it has been sitting or 2 years all it needed was a jump to get it started. I found a couple holes in the very odd (to me) 4 piece radiator hose system and replaced them and then made the trip home from Farmington, NM to Colorado Springs, CO... a little over 350 miles. Going up Wolf Creek Pass the truck felt very down on power... it does have the VG30i but I was having a hard time getting up in 4th... part of this may be the deferred maintenance and the 10,000ft above sea level but anything specific I should look into? I also discovered once it got dark that not only does my fuel gauge read funny but the dash back light does not work. I saw 88pathoffraod's faq that mentioned the first issue but what about the second? Right about this time I discovered I also need to clean out that headlight switch since they were being very erratic. Finally as i pull off the interstate and go to down shift the clutch pedal heads straight to the floor.... not cool. Luckily I managed to coax it out of 5th and into 3rd which got me the rest of the way home (green lights all the way amazingly enough). I am not even sure if the WD21's have a hydraulic clutch like I am used to but somewhere between the pedal and the transmission something broke... any ideas where I should start? Thanks for the tips and look forward to getting this thing in off roading shape before spring!

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