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  1. The cluster is getting 4.86 volts.. I assume that is enough.
  2. Right, understand what you are saying now. Couple of other things I didnt mention: The gauge is pegged at full and all other parts of the cluster seem to function fine. Will try to check for power to the cluster this weekend. Thanks for your help.
  3. What you are describing is a bit out of my abilities. Myself and a shop checked the resistance in the harness at the cluster and it seems good. I shipped the cluster to moduel masters a company that works on these types of things and they said that on the bench the gauge worked fine. This one really has me puzzled. Any more trouble shoting ideas. Where do you think the problem lies?
  4. Hi all- Appoliges if this has been asked already, I did a quick serach bt didnt find anything for the R50. Had what I though to be a bad sending unit, replaced sending unit with oem part. Gauge still not working. resistnace at top of tank is good, and at the harness on the cluster. It appears that the gauge is bad in the cluster. I sent the cluster to module masters in idaho as I had good luck using them to rebuild audi abs sytems and they work on clusters. They told me that the gauge is fine. I recently had a mechanic re check the resistance and they agree that the gauge is bad. Any one have any fixes for this? Can I put a salvage cluster in there? The latest mechanic mentioned reprograming (a new one) do you have to reporgram a used cluster? Was thinking a could cut a hole in the dash and install an aftermarket one but the wife thinks thats too gehto even for me. I've gotten really good at tracking the trip odo and I aways know my milage but I really want a working fuel gauge for long/ back country trips.
  5. NOCOjay

    Bumper and lift guidance

    Just ordered and received a set of the 1.5" spacers to accompany my OME 0.5" lift springs that have about 30k miles on them. 4x4designs was super easy to deal with and the spacers arrived in Colorado about 4 biz days after I ordered them. The spacers seem plenty burly enough. I hope to stuff 265/75's in after I install them.
  6. NOCOjay

    Water pump-when change?

    ITs been a few years since this was posted... Has anyone had to deal with this? I am prepping to do a big round of preventive maintenance to the pathy and this is something that I am curious about.... I did some searching and no one seems to know whats up w/ the 3.5 water pump. My rig is at 185K and running strong. I would like to get to 250k.... Thanks!
  7. NOCOjay

    Cheap 01+ MAF sensor problem fix!

    It looks like I've got an MAF issue with my 2003 RD50. It suddenly died climbing loveland pass at around 70 mph. I made it to the shoulder and then it would not fire back up. It would start and idle for a few seconds and then just die. I had it towed home and it will now start and run but won't rev over 2500 rpms. The CEL light is on and the code is for MAF. I pulled the MAF and it looks fine.. i sprayed some electric cleaner on it and no change. Im guesing I need a new one. Before I found this thread I tried to look up what a used one on car-part.com would run, car-part wants a manufacture month to determine which part number. How can I get the manufactur month? from the VIN? Tried usins a decoder but it wouldn't give me a month... called dealer and my truck was built 10/02. If I decide to go the route of using a Maxima replacement, can someone direct me to a more detailed writeup of how to make it work for my 2003? I followed the Maxima forum link at the begining of this thread but it appears to be broken? Still would like info on retrofitting the maxima maf.. the local dealer wants 309$ for the pathy maf. My maf has a 5 tab connector with all tabs being used so I will need to clip on the thermo resister or what ever its called anyone ever do this? Ok another update.. i purchased the maxima MAF and found a great description on the maxima forum. What failed to understand before was the the maxima maf is exactly the same as the pathy and is completely setup to accept the thermistor you just have to add your old one or purchase a new one http://forums.maxima.org/5th-generation-maxima-2000-2003/623670-where-get-thermistor-iat-sensor.html My rig runs great now. Only problem is that CEL is still on.. hopefully I can get the code cleared soon. Thanks in advance for your help

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