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    1996 SE r50 dark red. First day I bought it I had painted my fog lights, and removed my fender flares. Shortly after I put on a set of 31/10.5/15 MT baja claw radials. Lift will be coming soon!
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  1. sounds cool i'll shoot ya an email
  2. Yeah haven't been able to clean it yet, because I had it towed into a weird spot. Should be cleaning it today though. I took out the filter to the airbox. That thing was covered well everything else it covered too lol.
  3. Went through some soupy mud and it covered my engine bay. It idles but when I hit the gas it throbs up to 1k rpm when I have the pedal to the floor. It just keeps jumping up and falling down. I think the mudd is clogging something I dunno saaaad day any help?
  4. I was thinking the wrong thing at that title
  5. Love the avatar GoPathyGo
  6. ah if our seats came out when we rolled my brothers first pathy.. I think I would have died
  7. Whats wrong with it just going into the floor pan?
  8. I'm not really good with seats, but If I get some bucket seats for my r50 would I need to get new seat rails? or could they just install right in?
  9. We go shooting up there also not a very big place, but its pretty fun.
  10. I've thought of putting aftermarket seats in mine also, but not for wieght. It'd be nice to not move so much while off roading
  11. ah man that is hot, and thanks in advance for sending one to me.

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