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  1. Ha! I've been a member for a long time, but tend to only pop on here every few years it seems. Yep, that earthquake was something else. First one I've ever experienced. Seemed very fitting as an ending to March. Just hoping it isn't a precursor to Yellowstone exploding in April.
  2. Boise Idaho reporting in. Shelter in place order was only issued last week. I'd say about 3/4 of the population here are still considered "essential", just from the traffic alone. Up to 300ish cases in my county. I'm still at work. Have an engineering internship at a manufacturer of agricultural semi trailers. So outside of all my classes going to online only, and my gym being closed for nearly a month now, life really isn't much different.
  3. Despite being diligent with my wire running during a stereo install....I get static in the radio every time my blinkers lights up.
  4. When I did my swap, my check engine light was a result of a bad O2 sensor. Went away after I got a new exhaust put on after doing the swap. It ran fine on the AT ECU, but I'm using an MT ECU for the higher cold idle. Everyone else has had a pilot bearing in the crank, except me oddly enough. I've also got two different markings under the hood for timing belt swaps, with just about 200k on the truck...so my truck might not be the best to compare too.
  5. Hi all, My original key died on me a while back. Been using my spare, but never made a backup for the new, only key. Tried to get some copies made today, but the two places I went both were out of the #38 key blank needed. Seems like it is being phased out? What has everyone else done to replace their keys?
  6. Both? I love my rig, and while in school and working part time, I'm also very very poor. If I had the means I'd probably be in a newer truck, with the wd-21 being the designated mountain rig. That day is still a few years out though.
  7. Nice work. I like how you ran the shelves around the corner posts, as opposed to putting them inside the posts. I'll build a cart some day, once I can afford a welder.
  8. Haven't worked on the Pathy in a while, but did manage to change out my motorcyles fork seals yesterday!

  9. I relocated my oil filter relocation last night. Wasn't happy with the previous location next to the Power steering reservoir. Always had to pull the battery to avoid getting oil everywhere. Used two pieces of 1/4" aluminum to make a sandwich mount for the tranny xmember. Ran the hoses through a heat shield tube, so hopefully will minimize the heat pickup from the headers. Had to extend the lines about a foot. Used some brass splicers and double clamped every connection. No leaks/issues yet, but I'm looking for a decent hydraulic shop to make me some new lines.
  10. Had a guy come up to me in the parking lot of my college, to ask me where I got my NPORA sticker. Does anyone still make them?

  11. I changed my oil today. Also replaced the fuel filler hose and associated vent tube. Never adjusted them after my two inch body lift, and was starting to get a gas smell around the back of the truck. Filled up afterward and so far so good! The spectra replacement filler hose was actually longer than my stock one.
  12. Well it shouldn't be to hard if you study the FSM a bit. I know there is a spot for a switch/button on the clutch pedal bracket. IIRC, the clutch interlock relay is in the same spot as the Park Neutral relay in the Automatics. I think the clutch start cancel buttons replaced the auto's power button on the dash. If you jumper the existing park neutral relay, you can start the truck, and start in gear. I've wanted to convert mine, but at the moment, it hasn't seemed important enough for my limited time.
  13. I haven't been hanging around lately, but I have done a auto to 5 speed swap. I haven't seen one person wire up the clutch interlock when doing their swaps, so, good luck?
  14. Truth. I haven't seen it done without removing the steering column.
  15. Man, where was this tidbit last year, around this time? I pulled the housing to replace my RMS during my transmission swap. I've had an oil leak ever since.

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