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    98 Pathfinder SAS, Spooled Dana 44, 37's, Custom Bead locks, Custom snorkel,6" lift w/14" coilovers-custom rear coils, Tube Rear bumper, XJ front Bumper, Runva 11K Syn. line Winch, etc, etc...
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  1. No high steer... But I have 7/8 hiems and 1 1/2 DOM tube. You can drive on the steering without f$#king it up
  2. I'm in Ontario. Message me when you're ready. You never know
  3. Alright, I'm Stripping the truck down. $2500 for the SAS and all that goes along with it $1500 for Rear Dana 44 set-up $700 Front and Rear Bumpers $200 Chevy Master Set-up I can't remember what else I have for sale... Go through my build thread and let me know if ya see something you want http://www.pirate4x4.com/forum/nissan/1116165-1998-nissan-pathfinder-r50-sas.html
  4. It will be a full part out. Although it would be smart of someone to just take the truck and swap the parts over, odds are people don't want to do exactly what I've done.
  5. Not sure what specs you want. Its a 14" electric fan. Got it from Napa Auto parts. The Rad is a Spectra Premium CU571. It fits in between your upper and lower rad support and I'd send all the hoses as well.
  6. Well its time to sell my beloved Pepsi! I love the way she performs/runs/drives/looks but things are starting to rust out and I'm gonna need a vehicle to last me the next 10 years or so. So I figured this winter I'd let it go and find something else to suit my needs. So here goes! I obviously want to sell certain items as a whole, rather then separate them. You need them to accomplish what I have. For instance, all the SAS items need to be used in conjunction with each other to work, axle, steering, rad/fan, etc. So pricing will reflect that. ALSO, It would be best if someone bought the whole truck and swapped everything over, cause all the measurements are done for you... The truck itself is *getting* rough. So you may not want to use it as your main vehicle. So here's the list: Complete truck - 1998 Nissan Pathfinder SAS (LE) 230 k, auto, tow pkge, leather, burlwood, power everything, etc. - $8500 CDN SAS: Dana 44 '84 Jeep Grand Wagoneer 4.88 Yukon Gears Yukon Master bearings/seals Spartan Locker Outer C's gusseted TMR diff. Cover Newish Ujoints/bearings/seals Warn Premium Manual hubs Tom woods high angle/long slip drive shaft King 2.0 emulsion coilovers 14" 300/250 Staang's fab long arms w/ coil mounts Transmission crossmember Staang's Fab HD steering links '98 Dodge Durango Steering box E-Fan Monte Carlo 4 Core metal radiator Chevy 1 ton master cylinder Chevy sealed high Amp alternator Rear Axle: Dana 44 2001 Isuzu Rodeo 4.88 Yukon Gears Spartan locker Timken bearings Independent 4x standard cut conversion Newish brakes Custom Radius arms - 2" square 1/4" wall - poly bush/johnny joint Iron rock offroad WJ 6" lift springs Procomp 14" travel 9000's TransAxle Drive shaft Custom Rock sliders Custom Snorkel Custom front winch bumper Customs rear tube bumper And POSSIBLY.... Custom 15x9.5 beadlocks w/ 36x13.5x15 Irok radials Email me for prices rhadath@gmail.com
  7. Nope! Well the hub portion of it is smaller then the Yota, which is larger then GM. So if you get wheels for any of them. You're golden. But then your wheels are lug-centric not hub-centric. Still work amazing if you torque your bolts properly.
  8. I made my own radius arm/spring mounts essentially just used a round piece of 1/4" plate with a 2" diameter,3" tall body lift block to hold them in. Then widened the stock uppers with some 1/4" plate gussets
  9. Yeah still the same pattern. Not sure what's stupid about it. Its the same as Toyota, all gm, Isuzu, etc. Seems pretty easy to get ahold of wheels... My Merkur, THAT was a stupid bolt pattern! Yeah the axle is out of a '99 Isuzu Rodeo, its got big ass rotors and a scaled down version of the front calipers I'm running. The pinion though is an inbred version of a D60 but is a D44 ring gear. So you have to do some f#!king around with spacers and whatnot. I'll post the video tomorrow. I'm in an airport coming home right now.
  10. Dana 300 would be amazing! So much aftermarket available for those
  11. Well, I'm buying a QD32!!! Winter project/swap!
  12. Thanks man! We should do an NPORA meet/trail run some weekend
  13. Ok, got the rear end completed!! I'm happy with the way it turned out! New Stance And new brake system... Got rid of the MC/ABS and most of the line The ride control is soooo much better now that I don't have the broken rear control arm bushings. The brakes, wow, unbelievable difference! I'll post the video of the rear end working on a mild offroad run, when I get out of this God forsaken province hahaha
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