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  1. I have both the Stillen CAI and the Stillen headers on my 1997 VG33. I almost did a cash for clunkers on the vehicle. If the government does something like that again, I will part a bunch of stuff off this car before trading it in.
  2. If you bore the center, they will fit. The pathfinder center bore is 100mm.
  3. I received and installed the OEM one and it worked great. These have been discontinued by Nissan, but there are a few left in the US. If you are interested, go to your local Nissan dealer, and they can search on availability. If you want the one on Craig's list, that is a good deal and the brackets would be an easy fab. They are just 'L' shaped. The Milford one would be the nicest if you are downunder.
  4. Pezzy, Thanks for the heads up. I ordered one that was on clearance at a Nissan dealer, and I got it for 109.00 delivered. Well, I didn't get it yet, but hopefully the order goes through.
  5. That's just what I want. Did you get that in the US? Was it a recent purchase?
  6. I'd love to have one of those, but I am about as far away from that as one could get. I doubt I would be able to ship one of those to the US for a reasonable amount of cash.
  7. I'll probably go with the petsmart one, but those Aussie Pathy-specific ones are the ticket!
  8. That Australian one would be great. I'd like to find an OEM Nissan one also if they aren't uber-rare.
  9. Can anyone suggest a nice fitting well made pet barrier for the R50? My dog likes to trash my interior after going for a swim. I'd also like to hear what to stay away from if you've had some bad experience.
  10. Really???? Do we need to revive a 4-year-old post about a product that is no longer available?
  11. The OD of the oring on the pathfinder filter is 2.5". But I think the mounting surface on the engine is larger, so I think that kit will work. It sure would make oil changes easier.
  12. Looks like it should work. Might want to add 90° fittings on the engine adapter so the lines don't have to bend.
  13. If you are really set on changing your exhaust, go find a custom muffler shop to add in a flowmaster or dynomax and do the custom piping. You will save money and get similar results.
  14. I've been away for a while. 02Silver is right on. I dynoed before and after with the Stillens and I had 138 RWHP both times. I also have the Stillen cold air intake which draw cold air from outside of the engine compartment, not one of these make shift underhood psuedo CAI. The intake was on both pre and post header dyno. I have stock mufflers, but I really can't imagine a muffler making all that much difference. Please don't chime in telling me how much more power you "feel" from your Flowmaster or Dynomax. Your car is louder and the rattling has affected your perception. If you have some quantification (dyno results) I'd like to hear it. Save your cash, or spend it on something to make your rig more offroad capable. You aren't going to turn one of these into a street sleeper. Go with a spring lift kit if you don't already have one, or save up more money for an ARB locker. My 2 cents.
  15. Copper wire is cheap. Do it yourself, and you'll send less than 20 bucks. If nothing else, you won't have to wonder if it would work anymore. The piece of mind is worth the 20 bucks.
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