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  1. OK, I changed the end of the maf harness hoping that would be my issue, when I took a voltage reading going in I get 12v, and 12 going out on both the other wires. I thought I read somewhere that it is supposed to be only 5 in and something like 1.3 out? any ideas?
  2. Aloha all, been a while since I posted about my pathy. Needing some help here. Heres my updated story, so far I've changed the timing belt, cap rotor, plugs fuel injectors fuel pump fuel pressure regulator, fuel filter, MAF (was used) coolant sensor, drained & cleaned the fuel tank. I was having problems before with absolutely no power after the belt change so I actually bought a Nissan belt & tried it again. Now I have power up the wazoo but it is still missing a bit. I can actually drive it on the road now though, the weird thing is, I found that if I set my distributor in the 9 oclock position it gives me that power I need, at the 11 it is a dog, I checked the timing belt numerous times, I have 40 teeth between cams, & 43 between L/H & crank shaft so I know it's set right. I still get some black smoke out the exhaust but not sure if that is from the sea foam or not. ANY IDEAS??? Oh yeah, if I disconnect the MAF it runs very smooth but governs as it should. I also replaced that harness.
  3. Ok, so I changed the coolant sensor TWICE, (broke the first one...oops) Seems to run a little better, still no power though and the ECU code is gone except for the MAF, Sooooo.....looks like I may try & fork out the $$ for a brand new one, gotta wait til next paycheck though. Woulda thought the MAF would be fine if the sensors are both intact though. I did try disconnecting the CT from the coolant sensor & the idle jumps up just a bit but still no power, so still searching for ideas, hopefully something not entailing buying a new MAF.
  4. Actually, that code does show up also.
  5. Ok, so my 91 is still not running right, I have been a backyard mechanic for almost 23 years & now I am a licensed airplane mechanic, but this is stumping me really bad. Ready to go back to school or get rid of my path, heres my issue again, My 1991 pathfinder has some issues, when I start it cold it always starts right up. At times when it is warm it wont start unless I pull out the fuel pump relay. My compression when warm is over 180 per cylinder, and cold is over 150. It also blows black smoke intermittently but not sure if that is from the sea foam I put into the tank. I changed the MAF sensor ( bought it used)but I still get the ECU code for it, even reset the ecu. new plugs, cap, rotor, wires & fuel pressure regulator & pump. I had a friend tell me my computer is bad but not too sure about that. This truck sat for over 5 years before I bought it so I drained the fuel tank, replaced timing belt & double checked that twice. Cleaned the injectors & the TB, any ideas out there?????
  6. Thanks for all the help, my 91 is a 4 door & the 89 is a 2 door. 91 is injected, 89 carb. Would I be able to use the ECU?
  7. Aloha all, well, I kinda finally got my 91 running sorta, still needs a few more things though. I have a guy here in hawaii who will sell me his 89 4x4 for $100 but I'm not sure if it is compatible with mine. The engine is smaller I do know for sure but I am more concerned with body parts such as, rear window, skid plate and possibly the doors. This one also has a sunroof so if anyone is looking let me know & if I pick it up I can send it your way. Mahalo Nui Loa for the many replies to come!
  8. BWA HA HA HA, I dont have a daughter yet, but I printed this out for when I do. I also added a rule, #11-If you hurt my daughter in anyway shape or form, don't worry, I will forgive you as long as you come out deep sea fishing the next day with me, I have a 24 foot fishing boat & we can get REALLY FAR from the island where the BIG FISH eat!!
  9. busup

    starter gun

    Ruger 10/22 is great, very acurate, but you want fun-----M1 garand!!!!!!!!!!! watch your shoulder though.... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/M-1_Garand
  10. A while back some teens were going around Hawaii doing something like this, not sure how many dogs ? cats they killed but one owner finally caught them & beat the crap outta them. Laws are amazing, on a diff topic, there was this guy here, Gerard Jervis, who's house got egged & he chased down the kids & they crashed, well, they got off scott free & they are trying to put him in jail--- http://www.honoluluadvertiser.com/apps/pbc...ID=200990407069 and the other day a lady on a bike gets hit by a cop in a crosswalk & the cop gave her a ticket--- http://www.khnl.com/Global/story.asp?S=10154901 Interesting world we live in
  11. Unfortunately since we went from Aloha Airlines to Aloha Air cargo, we dont have any great benefits yet, we are in the process of getting fed ex so maybe I can contribute later on. Don't know what it will be yet though, might be only wherever I am so Anyone need something from Hawaii??!!
  12. Aloha Air Cargo Line Maintenance Supervisor Just decided one day 18 years ago I'd like to give airplanes a try.
  13. 2006 Kia Sorento (mostly the wife) 1999 BMW 328 IC convertible 1999 Dodge dakota And......Unfortunatly, my 91 Path is still not in commission, if anyone has ideas for me let me know & I'll fill U in on what it's doing & not doing.
  14. Kudos on the catch DJ, I have a problem sorta like this here in Hawaii, I've stayed up numerous times but have never been able to catch the person/s. My cars have been keyed, egged, and even tried to set on fire, came home one day in broad daylight to find a rolled up newspaper which seemed to have been soaked in gas or something, burning underneath my car. So, if I ever catch the person, taking him/her on a deep sea fishing trip on my 22 footer, maybe 20-30 miles out and see what kind of sharks I can catch with him/her!!
  15. Once were erections Grump old erections 1 & 2
  16. Hey all, I got something else I need help with here. I got my regulator changed & now the fuel is not dumping into the cylinders, took out the injectors & cleaned em too. Now, she starts up first crack but idles a little rough, if I step on the gas it wants to die, I pulled the vacuum line off from the brake booster & it ran much better, higher idle & smoother???!!! Any ideas? getting frustrated so I'm def not thinking straight anymore here. :headwall:
  17. Hey all, just thought I'd give a little update on my situation, I found out that my fuel pressure regulator is messing up, no one on island has it so I had to order, hopefully here by monday or so. Wil repost after I change and everything is good.
  18. Try this site, http://www.partsamerica.com/ProductList.as...ug+Nut%2c+Wheel This site has pictures so you can make sure you are ordering the same one. Don't know about shipping charges though The missing lug will be fine for a short while, It does not clamp the brake drum or rotor correctly so you should fix it before you wind up with warped drums or rotors, not like the wheel will fall off or anything
  19. Any parts store will have it.
  20. Aloha all, got another mind boggler to think about in my journey.....Today I took out the MAF & cleaned it, looks great, both elements still there & looked solid, Also changed the pins for the connector to make sure that wasnt my problem, then I got to thinking, why would I have spark & fuel but if I pull my plugs they would be wet??!! decided to check the distrib again and guess what, it was 180 off, now how the heck did that happen as it was running before, so I changed it around, tried to start & nothing, so I checked it again & bam 180 off again, this time I left it, changed my wires around to match and....VROOM, yup, she started, ran like crap but started. So as my saga continues, I put the distributor & wires back to original configuration, she runs, but wont idle good. Gave up for tonight as I started getting frustrated. Thinking of dropping my moped engine in there soon!!!! Oh yeah, forgot to mention, I did try & ground out that one wire but it never made a difference, I think it might be just a shield?? not sure, the 3 wires going to the connector are all good, this one is just bare wire wrapped around all 3, and yes, the MAF is opposite side of my battery unless thats not the MAF???? hhhmmmm......come to think of it, there is another sensor just outside the throttle body, I'll have to take a pic & post it later
  21. Okay, I took off all the crap electrical tape wrapped around the connector & the wires look ok, I'm gonna repin them just to be safe, there are 3 wires to the sensor itself, there is also a bigger ground wire that goes to nowhere, should this be grounded? Just kidding about wanting to sell, I hope to be 4 wheeling soon, even though not a whole lot of places here in hawaii. Oh yea, no check eng light, do have my anti-lock light on though.
  22. Heres another to ponder, I played around with the connection with the airflow meter (think thats what it is) just outside of the filter box, anyhow, car started briefly, but I dont know if it was coincidence or thats my problem now. Anyone wanna buy a 91 pathfinder?? XE 4x4
  23. OK, whats the CEL?? Heres a new thing now, I changed the plugs cap & rotor, I'm getting great spark & getting fuel, but still wont start even now when its cold!!

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