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  1. MrBuddha

    Hidden Hitch Installation...not...

    Awesome...thanks guys! I ended up figuring it out. There were stock plates that were mounted there and so I just took removed three bolts on each side and bolted the hitch right up. It was super easy! Very unlike the time when XPLORx4 and his buddies helped install my lift! How's it going Dean! Been on any new adventures lately? Thanks for the help!
  2. MrBuddha

    Hidden Hitch Installation...not...

    I just did a search on the forum and saw someone mention that the Hidden Hitch replaces a stock hitch bracket that, I think, is already attached to the frame. I took a second look and saw that there was a metal plate on the outside of each frame "rail". This plate had two bolts on the outside. Could the 4 mount points I'm looking for be behind this metal plate? Thanks!
  3. Howzit fellas... I just picked up a used Hidden Hitch for my 96 Pathy and was trying to test-fit it to my frame to see what bolts I needed to buy. (I only got the hitch/bar, no bolts) Now Hidden Hitch is supposed to be a no-drill install...so when I held it up to the frame, I was surprised to find that there weren't any holes that lined up with the holes in the hitch brackets (at each end of the bar). The bar has a Hidden Hitch sticker w/ 70609 so when I looked it up I came across these instructions: http://autoaccessconnect.stores.yahoo.net/nipa1cl3trhi.html So am I missing a bracket or something? Has anyone else had a similar case where there were no holes in their frame? Thanks!
  4. MrBuddha

    Warn Hub Replacement

    I'm trying to disassemble the stock hub assembly and am getting stuck right off the start. I can't seem to get the hub cap off. It's the little black cap that covers the end of the hub. I'm working off of Dean's photo DIY guide and it looks super easy...but alas, it's not. http://xplorx4.com/pathfinder/upgrades/warnhubs/ So anyways, I've tried prying it with a screwdriver, hammering the screwdriver into the "crevice" with a reasonable amount of force, but nothing crazy. It looks a like it could be rusted on. Any suggestions? Thanks! :cool2:
  5. MrBuddha

    Repairing rust spots?

    Where can you find POR-15? In the auto parts stores or the home improvement stores? The only rust treatment I could find at the auto shop was a bottle of Perma-tex Rust Treatment, but don't really know how good it is. Anyone have experience with this stuff? The product description states that it "destroys" old rust and dries to a durable black polymer coating. Application is pretty simple; you just brush it over the rust spots. URL: http://www.permatex.com/products/prodidx.a...m&item_no=81775 http://www.permatex.com/products/prodidx.a...m&item_no=81756 Thanks in advance for the feedback! :cool2: -MrBuddha
  6. MrBuddha

    trouble finding a body lift

    I'm not sure if this is the best place to present this question, but since we're on the topic of BL's... I'm planning on installing a BL soon and was doing some "homework" on the process to make sure I had all my bases covered. It seems that the AC kit comes with some brackets to relocate the front and rear bumpers. I'm assuming that if I don't use the brackets, there will be a 3" gap between the body of the Pathy and the bumpers, correct? If that's the case, does that mean I won't be able to re-install my brush guard? I believe the guard attaches to the bumper/frame as well. What would be the best way of relocating the brush guard once my BL has been installed? :confused: Any insight would be much appreciated! :cool2: - Mrbuddha
  7. MrBuddha

    body lift

    I live in the the San Francisco/Bay Area and just tried calling 2 shops to get a quote. One shop said they don't install bodylifts and the other said that they only carry kits for Pathys up to 1990. Would the 1990 lift kit fit on a 1994? I offered to provide them with the AC kit and he said they wouldn't touch it because of liability reasons. Can anybody suggest a shop in the Bay Area that would even attempt a bodylift on a 1994? :confused: Thanks! -Eric
  8. MrBuddha

    wheels and such

    Hey guys, I've researched this on the board but still haven't been able to find the definitive answer I've needed, so I'm posting on this thread. I just picked up a set of 15x8 rims with 31x10.5 tires with about 3 inches of backspacing (according to the seller). The wheels stick out about an inch past the fender flares right now. Lately, parking lots and U-turns have been a bitch... The truck feels more stable with the wider track and it looks pretty cool too, but I just wonder if the 3" of backspacing is screwing me over. I'll try to take some pics later today and post them for you guys to see. From my searches, the minimum backspacing people have been recommending is 3.25" to 3.5". My question is, will a 3" bodylift give me enough clearance for wheels with 3" of backspacing? Thanks for your help and sorry for the long post! :cool2: -Eric

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