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  1. Disturbed1

    What CD is in your player?

    Lamb of god Machine head Killswitch engage in flames mucho more metal and of course: Neil Diamond
  2. Disturbed1

    Body lift install time

    wow :-\ ... sounds like fun, GL with the rest
  3. Disturbed1

    Knocking question

    welp.. we'll be replacing the oil pump. is it neccesary to bring in a cherry picker and lift the engine out to get to it?
  4. Disturbed1

    Knocking question

    it was the person who owned it before me :-\ oh goodness... I hope not... :'(
  5. Disturbed1

    difficulty shifting into first gear

    yup, I do the exact same thing right now, seems to do the trick
  6. Disturbed1

    What do you browse with?

    I actually went out and tried some browsers, I found I liked opera the best, the mouse gestures (like adelard mentioned) makes browsing so easy... plus it has some other cool features I like, very customizable and whatnot, firefox is also pretty good too, I use it at work because opera won't let me higlight then drag and drop text which I need to do a lot for work purposes. but yeah, when you use any alternative browser you'll still have to use IE for somehtings... and I just REALLY don't like netscape
  7. Disturbed1

    Knocking question

    ok, so I just recently had an oil change done to my pathy, it had hardly ANY oil and it was black as night... glad I got that out of there, but recently I have had REALLY bad knocking problems. it doesn't always knock, and sometimes it really bad. the oil light comes on, but I've got plenty of oil in it (unless I'm more inept than I thought originally ) any ideas what I should look at?
  8. Disturbed1

    Any gamers

    hehe halo is awesome, I don't have any X-box (anymore) so I can't play that.. but right now I am hooked on an RPG elder scrolls 3: morrowind. star wars battlefront is pretty fun too right now.
  9. Disturbed1

    whats wrong with your pathy?

    hmm that I know of on my 88: *takes a DEEP breathe* Door innards for passenger door missing,also the handle on the outside someone tried to pry my drivers side door OFF to break in, now I can feel the wind when I drive. CV boot is mashed potatoes, need to replace the joint there.. Wheel bearings are done, (mmm speed wobbles) my bumpers not all the way on. I am missing drivers side and passenger side vents, the middle vents are left but whatever is in between them is gone. ex owner punched the dash and it caved in a bit... the body where the spare tire holder is bent in. some dumb bumber sticks where put on (some good ones too though) the rear hatch struts need some replacin on mine too part of the interior hangs in the back on the passenger side, also the vent cover is broke and won't go back in. darned alarm sets itself after 30 seconds (its fun to take it to shops and watch them get hassled by it ) I have no car stereo whatsoever and no front speakers... the cover on the AC and light is lose. drivers side window needs to be pressed towards the front to roll up all the way. four wheel drive indicator lights don't work. its really hard to put it in 2 wheel drive from 4H temp gauge doesn't work. speedomter always shows 15 MPH if your below 15. fuel door is bent fog lights were taken off *exhales* :sniff:
  10. Disturbed1

    2dr Section

    *definitely and yes, 2Door pathys >> anything ever!
  11. Disturbed1

    And so the fun begins

    someone looks like they are having fun!
  12. Disturbed1

    Suspension Suspension Suspenion

    haha, I got the speed wobbles too, got to replace the wheel bearings and my CV-joint in the front drivers side, man that thing makes a racket in 4 wheel drive
  13. Disturbed1

    The newest n00b

    sweet, Thanks guys
  14. Disturbed1

    2dr Section

    oh gawd... :bow:
  15. Disturbed1

    Pan Hard Rod Xtension Mount

    Have I ever told you you are my hero?

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