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  1. as it says, after getting her up on a rack today, i noticed the tiny exhasut pipes and i would think with a better flowing set up, it could have the z rumble. any suggestions
  2. I will get a pic ofthe dash later, i am almost sure it wont come apart that way. Its more "molded" than anything. It will need a dash kit for sure.
  3. No, mine is still stock. I have the 300watt, fosgate system. www.b15sentra.net would be a good place to start
  4. I think they were like $36 at autozone. And I just washed her , thats why she was shining.
  5. Yes it is, this is a pic ofthe car at the previous owners home as we were bringing in the F250 and car trailer to get it home. I never got pics of the car outside in my driveway, it came home and went straight into the garage, where its been since october.....Wow, i need to get moving on it,
  6. As promised, here are the pics of the sliverstars in my 2004 R50. I think they shine a lot better than the stock bulbs,. Not the most steady hand I will try and get better pics this weekend if anyone wants them.
  7. I say go with the 510. They are sweet. I love there boxy look. Speaking of a turbo'ed SE-R. Here is a pic of my old Black turbo SE-R./ Best 1/4 mile time(slipping clutch, 2.003-60' on slicks) was a 12.7@110. It was ran at 13PSI on a T28 hybrid turbo. Past rides. Im partial to Nissan for sure. 1995 240sx SE 5 speed. 2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT(Was the wifes) Current. The Pathfinder towing my Ninja. The motor coming out of the red 200sx. And the car I almost bought. I regret passing up this one. A datsun Z. See my Blue sentra in the background.
  8. I also have this SE-R hiding behind garage door No 2. Got her for next to nothing. She threw a rod(hit 12,000 rpms, missed the shift going from the top of 3rd, hit 2nd instead of 4th=bang.) She will be running by march.
  9. Thanks. It was cool out today, maybe 45 degrees. It was almost to cold to go out and wash them, but I suffered through it, and it was worth it. They were in need of a bath badly. I havent washed them in 2-3 weeks. Its been to cold.
  10. I got busy today, with a fresh bath for the pathy and Spec, and decided to snap a few photos with my christmas gift, a samsung 7.0Megapixel digital camera. Nothing has changed to either the pathy or spec, but the pics turned out good. Now, onto them.. I hope to have the B14 running by late Febuary/early march, and then I can get pictures of the whole family.
  11. I will post a pic of the R50 with silverstars if the weather holds out and I can get a good shot of them tonight. Also, good read.
  12. Im looking into an enlcosed trailer for the Ninja and my Brother's Gixxer. We have decided on a 7x12, dual axle, and they weigh around 2,000lbs enpty. Add another 1,000lbs forthe bikes and gear and Im at 3,000. I have a class III hidden hitch on the truck, but I might as well get the use out of the trailer, being it has electri brakes. My Pathfinder has the factory "flat 4" style wiring. The new trailer is a 7 wire "camper" style. How do I mod the wiring for the 7 wire style. Also, I will need a trailer brake controller. Any suggestions? Thanks in advanced.
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