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  1. Mystery Solved, I ended up taking my vehicle to the CDN tire shop in Abby, as it was due for a belt change and mentioned to my friend behind the counter that I still had not resolved my issue with the headlights, I had explained to him that I had tried a used module from the wrecker with no luck, changed the bulb,checked the fuses etc. I got a call an hour or so later from the shop informing me that all the requested work had been completed and , by the way the fellow working on your truck, was familiar with these types of problems as they are common with Hondas,Toyotas,Etc. Well it turned out the module was in fact the problem, but he went out of his way of opening up the module and soldering the connection back to the circuit board, no extra charge, but I dropped of a case of blue as a thanks. so for those of you with the same problem who are more mechanichally inclined , not spelling challenged like myself, save your selves the 340 bones the dealership charges for the part alone , forget about the diagnose and re& re charge, saved close to 500 bucks.
  2. Hi I have an 03 Pathfinder and the low beam on the passenger side does not work when the headlights are turned on, however the headlight works when in day time running mode, and when in hi Beam mode, I have changed the bulb with no better results, I have gone to a wrecker and swapped out the Daytime running module with a used on that resulted in absolutely no headlights whatsoever on either side. Is there more than the one fuse box for my truck besides the one located under the hood on the passenger side ? or does anybody know what the problem might be other than looking for a short in the system ? Thanks
  3. Cool place you guys have here, Bought my Pathfinder last year and I am slowly as $$$ allows want to turn it into a off road worthy vehicle and not just a boulevard 4X4. it is fully loaded has 113k's on it and is fun to drive in the recent snow we have here in the lowermainland. I am new to the 4x4 scene and want to relive my youth so I'll turn to people in here for advice on how to do stuff.
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