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    95 Red XE 4x4 at 146k miles BONE STOCK and ready for mods 95 Maroon XE 4x4 RIP
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    dogs, computers, trail running, motorcycles, and women. Oh yeah, debt collection. Just ask.
  1. Let me be the first to welcome you to the boards! Good to have some diversity on the site . Hope to hear more about that patrol. they seem like the uber-cool Pathfinder on steroids. -bounce-
  2. I am Captian overkill, and I for one believe that we need a titanium frame option to match! *ducks* Either way, I think you are doing an awesome job. Critical thinking ensures the result of your hard work will be a really useful product! Keep us posted!
  3. Welcome!!! and im sure you will find all your answers here. and in the Nissan service manual. Enjoy!!!!
  4. Yeah... The "more northern" middle says yo, too!
  5. Right on! I have been to Haspin for a few dirtbike races, but not for any trail running. I hope to rent an empty garage this winter and work on my Pathy. I would really like to get some 33s on it and some decent lift. See where that takes me.
  6. I've heard awesome things about Haspin, but heard there are some major pricks at Badlands. Hoosier National forest? Never talked to anyone about running down there. I'm on the north side of Indy, in Westfield/Noblesville/Carmel areas depending on the day of the week. Wish somebody would open some big space up near Sheridan.
  7. I have allready found the new one, just need to get around to buying it. dont have time during the week, but fortunately I was able to secure it. Will be bringing it home Dec 23rd. On a side note, any good places you have found to offroad near Indy?
  8. Hello all I have been a lurker for quite some time, and decided to post and start to meet people. I am currently in the process of purchasing my 2nd 95 Pathy, this time in RED instead of Maroon. Can't wait to get it, have been searching for a good one for quite some time now. Old one was stolen :furious: and found DESTROYED :sniff:. Soooooo, being without my Pathy for 6 months had got me down, but I had my motorcycle to get me thru. Now winter is coming to Indiana, and its starting to get cold. Hopefully Ill have the Pathy by Christmas. Anyway, mad props to EVERYONE for having such an awesome forum! Keep it up!

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