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    Pines to Spines Offroad 4" SFD kit is making her turn heads daily now [emoji7] Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
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    Alright, we've been busy. Big batch of parts finally cut and cleaned up, ready for drilling and bending. Couple tweaks on parts from the last sets, most notably changes to the motor mount spacers. Same footprint, but more efficient piece with tons more tool access. In other news...I ordered another CNC plasma table last week. This one will increase cutting sizes to 48" x 33" (my current is 25" x 23", though I've not installed the kit that bumps it to 25" x 33"). This gets us a step closer to making bumpers and skids a reality. Still tons of things to think about in that regard, but since the table won't ship until January, we have some time to plan.
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    Another long-overdue update. Let me start by quoting myself from an FB response I posted earlier tonight, mainly in response to mentions that P2S has been trying for years to do things and will probably not materialize: I'll be honest: if P2S never becomes a legitimate, multi-state corporation, nor has a website or IG or FB page, I'll care very little. ( @TowndawgR50 probably won't let that happen as our Director of Public Relations.) If it remains a hobby, ok. It won't stop us from making things, and it hasn't stopped us either. The discussions and ideas we've had are just as frequent as they've always been. We've not been idle. Yes, it has been over two years since our initial post and we're still not "selling" SFD kits and we don't have a website, or secretary, or whatever. But yeah, we have kits out there already, and we're proud of that. We actually put a partial kit on a member's truck over a year ago; some setbacks prevented us from completing the install at the time, and ultimately led to a small redesign. We were expecting to have completed that installation this year, but the pandemic derailed things; barring some travel plans, we're ready to finish that job. As you've probably already seen here or on IG or FB, @Stpickens and @02_Pathy have been sporting the kits from the latest batch for a few weeks, and @RainGoat's install is coming up. So again, we're not idle. As suggested in my post, we've not needed to push the sale on the extra kits. They hopefully speak for themselves, but at the same time, we're still needing to fully vet our parts and test the waters by gauging interest from seeing real trucks with those parts installed. On the vetting side, we've even confirmed that an alignment shop was willing to adjust our spacers and was able to get the vehicle within spec. We've fully assessed the costs of our kits and the value of our time/work; these aren't rusty steel tubes with holes drilled in them. We've paid heavily into tooling to do this sort of stuff, and compromising on a price to meet all budgets isn't an option. The intention isn't to narrow the market, but it has that effect. Specifically regarding SFDs, we plan to have a new NPORA thread that just covers them. This thread is basically our "overdue update" thread now. The FB post pretty much provides the current state of things (noting that I never reply to things on FB but wanted to curb the bull@!*% there), but I'll add: Obviously, we have SFD kits available and intend to sell them eventually. A few people have messaged us here and on IG; we've not announced any pricing, and we're not keeping a wait list. We'll discuss that stuff in the new thread when ready. The parts for my new CNC plasma table have been delivered, but I have no space for it yet. The plan was to have personally delivered my current 2' x 2' table to @TowndawgR50 by now, but that didn't happen for obvious reasons. The new table gives me a 4' x 2'6" footprint, so dreams of more skids and bumpers may soon become reality (at least on my truck, ha!). When the new table is up, I plan to make a pair of plate-style rear bumpers with integrated tire carrier—one for my truck, another for a buddy's. I may eventually do a front bumper as well by year's end. We're discussing the feasibility of offering re-packed LSDs and/or complete 3rd member assemblies. Jake's already gung-ho about swapping to 4.6's ever since borrowing my truck for a few weeks while visiting AZ, and his swap will include a re-packed LSD and rear disc brakes (geez, finally!). We have the means to re-pack a few LSDs and offer them up, but I also intend to do a write-up about the process in the coming weeks. That's about it. Hope everyone's well given the state of things, pandemic, economy, yada. Take care!
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    Pines to spines 3” sfd OME had struts and springs LR9449 rear springs. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Star gazing Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
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    Sunday Drive up north mendocino count
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    Is this what we mean by snow pics?
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    Now available in small, medium & large [mention=40800]raingoat[/mention] @02_Pathy [mention=37543]TowndawgR50[/mention]
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    Got my LR9447 and AC spring lift installed. Bilstein shocks in the rear, SC creation control arm brace. KYG struts in the front. 285/75r16 tires. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Should probably update this so you guys don't think I'm working on this thing forever lol. After 3 weeks of tedious work I finally got it back together and thankfully no leaks! This is definitely a big job to do nevertheless but totally worth it in my case as I would drip about half a quart of oil after parking... yeah. Also in the meantime while I had the rig apart@TowndawgR50 helped me install the Pines to Spines 4" SFD kit which also made it possible to take my oil pan out and access other parts of the vehicle. More details on that later... Also after this huge project and with addition to the SFD I have replaced and installed: New OEM motor mount Denso Starter 4" stainless steel braided brake lines from Goodridge Extended breathers on front and rear differentials U Joints New O rings in the oil pan as well as the pan gaskets and RMS IVAC gasket Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
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    Went to 33" tires on QX4 wheels... Just a wee bit bigger...
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    Man, it's been over a year since our announcement. Where are we? We're behind where we wanted to be. We still talk about projects endlessly (today's topic was rear disc brake conversions), but a couple events in our personal lives this year surely derailed us a bit. I think @TowndawgR50 will give a separate update, but in general, I'll take the blame for things being slow throughout the year. At this point, we are finishing up 6 kits (3 each of 3" and 4"), plus some other side parts to complete another kit already partially in the field. Four of those kits are spoken for among the PNW crew, leaving 1 each of 3" and 4". I'm not sure when we'll push those latter two kits out, likely after we've had some additional hands-on with the parts and installs. That's the focus right now. We're still discussing 2020 plans, but tentatively we're talking about a few short run kits here and there rather than anything full-fledged. Our work schedules and locations presented their fair share of challenges, and Jake and I both have a few personal projects we'd like to focus on, so we've been discussing ways to make our two locations a little more independent. Part of that will be transferring my current CNC plasma table to him once my new one arrives and is operational. That would put nearly all of the SFD-making equipment in his hands, plus give him a kick-ass tool for a ton of projects. Since I'll have a larger table, I'll probably be exploring bumpers and skids, but will also be able to supplement SFD parts and such, too. More to follow soon...
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    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Poison mtn! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I want to start by giving a huge thank you to [mention]hawairish [/mention] for his unmatched pathfinder expertise, fabrication skills, and most of all his generosity. This past weekend I headed East to visit hawairish for fun garage day. Our plan: remove OEM steps and install sliders. We started by removing the steps. (Internet pic) Once the steps were removed, we noticed how robust the mounts actually were and the round tube was much thicker than anticipated. This photo is after the mounts were cut and notched but it shows the thickness of the tube. I believe it is 10ga. After seeing the mounts we decided to change our game plan. We were no longer going to use the included slider legs and mounting plates and instead reuse the original mounts but not without beefing them up....a lot. Before we started cutting the legs we brainstormed of how we could make our idea work. We decided on making gussets from 3/16” steel. Once the plan was set, we cut the legs, cleaned them up, and notched them to fit slider main tube. Here’s the driver’s slider ready to be tacked on. Once tacked we removed slider and got to work on the gussets. Hawairish sketching up the gussets Gusset cut and welded A complete slider ready to mount. Notice the beefy legs Slider fully welded and mounted When we had finished with the installation, we looked at the step left over after we cut the legs. We realized we could actually separate the top plate that holds the plastic step from the channel that was welded to legs. This is our end result. The plate welded onto slider. Hawairish has to cut the plate above the kickout to keep it level. I had to cut a small section to accommodate the kickout of the slider. Installed and compete. The step sticks out about 3” more than OEM which is great! Underside of slider Obviously we had to test these bad boys. Absolutely zero deflection no matter where we lifted. [mention]hawairish [/mention] is the artist in his family I must say it was a lot if work but I am more than happy with the outcome. Two long days of custom fabrication really wore us out, not to mention the temp was 108 degs. Next time I’m in town we’re wheeling and I’m breaking these in. Sent from my Pathfinder
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    New addition to the family Four months later - overhauled, lifted and dressed up
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    Posted this on FB but keep forgetting to post it here. Got good and stuck a few weeks ago. Ending up calling my buddy with a winch after several failed attempts from passerby's. Had 8" of water in the cab at one point but managed to drive home 11 hours later, after getting the 5+ gallons of water out of the fuel . Hardly any body damage, just a tiny dent and scratch!
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    Took a quick run with the dogs yesterday to play in the snow
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    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Taking a leisurely drive in my backyard trails. Sent from my Pathfinder
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    I thought it might be worthwhile to add something here. Personally, I find all the chaff on FB to be silly and I don’t really even follow there anymore. I have repeatedly advised them to ignore it. I have owned my truck since new and have used it primarily for offroad exploration for the majority of its lifetime – here in the PNW, but mostly in the SW (AZ, UT, CO). I intend to drive my truck for another decade at least. I actually have a 2018 Toyota 4Runner I own with my Mom but I prefer my Pathfinder for narrow PNW trails, its uniqueness and nostalgia. My truck has driven almost all the CO Passes (except Black Bear) and I’ve done several multi-day off road trips in places as diverse as Big Bend, the White Rim Trail and down the West Coast of Vancouver Island. All of that was done as a basically stock ’02 LE with Air Lifts and AT Tires. Pines to Spines (@TowndawgR50 &[mention=36148]hawairish[/mention]) has played a big part in my decision to keep my truck. I am a long term owner and look at modifications with an eye to well thought out design, safety, and long term durability. Also, while I have the capital to invest where I’d like, I’m frugal and generally commit to modifications only after long consideration and with an eye to value. It was these principles which led me to[mention=37543]TowndawgR50[/mention] and[mention=36148]hawairish[/mention] in the first place. Anyone who reads the NPORA forum routinely will soon identify them as two individuals who give thoughtful consideration to their projects and are meticulous in their implementation. It was for these reasons that I eventually met the two of them and, ultimately, developed friendships based on shared values and respect. I think the most important attribute they bring to the table is their ability to look at their own work critically, decide it doesn’t meet their own standards, and go about rectifying their critiques in a thoughtful manner. It’s also worth noting that we kid around with[mention=37543]TowndawgR50[/mention] in the PNW group by calling him “Captain Safety”. I am continually impressed with the work Pines to Spines has done and their in depth consideration of usability, practicality, durability, and safety. I am now privileged to be in their inner circle so I’m likely to be a lucky recipient of their ingenuity and labors in any case; however, I think all those who truly want quality products for their R50 would be wise to look to them. The SFD project has proven their commitment. It is their willingness to be patient which has led to progressive improvements. [mention=36148]hawairish[/mention] mentions a redesign but, in fact, I have overheard many little tweaks as they work their way to make the product better. For the two of them, it is in their character and a matter of personal pride rather than as means of income which they rush to market. I have several projects in the pipeline with them but I have patience as I know the length of time to fruition of those projects just results in a better product. I have already seen this several times in discussions regarding things like snorkels, bumpers, differentials, etc. Ultimately, we all gain by their passion. If you’re in a hurry, Pines to Spines may not be for you. If you want something safe, practical, well designed and durable, it’s worth the wait.
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    Not my rig but I was lucky enough to pilot this beast through AZ recently. HUGE thanks to @hawairish and his family for hosting us and letting the wifey and I use his vehicle to tour the Sonoran desert and the Colorado plateau. His rig is the most well sorted R50 I've seen. Everything is so well tuned and thought out. From the numerous mechanical upgrades and trick incognito pneumatic setup to the camping/fridge organizer in the back. It left me super inspired with a laundry list of things to improve on my own truck.
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    02_Pathy Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
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    Made it up to the snow after Thanksgiving. We just had a baby, so it was his first trip in the pathfinder. Definitely more stressful on the trails the first time! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Last Missouri photo @Buttercup for the camera work
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    Daytripping in the Cascade Foothills with@TowndawgR50
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    No roof rack no spoiler Guess I’ll be trying my hand at painting the hood in the near future... unless I find a good one at the yard. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    I think it’s about time I introduce myself. My name is John and I’ve been a lurker in this Forum for a while. I’ve owned many civics in my days as well as a Infiniti g35 and lowered e39 wagon. I never thought I would own a lifted suv in my life but sometimes things just happen. My father passed away in January and left behind this vehicle. It’s a 2001 LE 4x4 automatic with factory LSD and 135k “babied” miles. We were originally going to sell the vehicle but decided against it. The car is in great shape mechanically and inside with some battle damage outside from the brush guard. My father loved this car and this was prob his most prized thing he owned. He worked hard and spoiled my sister and I growing up but never gave himself anything nice except this car. I know he would be upset if we got rid of it especially since it’s not worth much. Needless to say this car has sedimental value to me. I want to thank everyone on this forum for sharing great ideas and awesome photos. I look forward to seeing more of your builds and being able to spend time wrenching on my own vehicle with my 8 year old son. I plan an taking the car on the Washington discover trail with my family this summer and other adventures. My mods so far include: OME front hd springs OME rear md springs New front struts and rear shocks 15” steel wheels with 31” duratracs All new fluids in the transfer case, transmission, diffs. New belts and pulleys Full tune up Power valve screws fixed Removed the brush guard Retrofit headlights I’m in the process of replacing the idle control valve oring so my ecu doesn’t fry. I also scored a complete rear tire carrier mount that will be installed once it’s a little warmer. There’s also a Rola roof basket sitting inside the car. I’ll be using the conduit mount method I learned from this forum. Future plans include: Arb front bumber Fluerys 1” spacers front and back Full size matching spare Full vinyl wrap Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Hello everyone. Just wanted to share my headlight retrofit with you guys. This is my 6th set of lights that I have retrofitted so far and and by far the easiest. The factory lights were super easy to separate and has plenty of room inside. I ended up the morimoto d2s 4.0 since I had those lying around. There are definately more projector choices out there but will require more custom work. The 4.0’s work well with our lights and use oem d2s bulbs which is a plus. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    1st time towing since the LR9449 install. Handles way better but I now need a drop hitch. Lol
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    Hello everyone, the lock down has allowed to do surprising thing... I had my old pathy was parked for too long and this is what I have done so far.
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    @Peters mill, VA . She did surprisingly well on the muddy trail Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Last weeks winter storm. I hope winter is treating everyone else alright so far!
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    Missouri meetup! @Buttercup

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