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  1. Ok, lots more progress, it's running, the exhaust is leaking, and the timing is WAY OFF. I believe that I clocked the pulley on the Harmonic balancer incorrectly. With the timing light, it's indicating about 120 degrees out. Does anyone have an illustration of where the pulley should be clocked on the balancer? Edit... Turns out I had an idiot moment. I was setting the timing on cylinder No.3. Timing set, runs good. Gonna do another oil change again since there's likely lots of water contamination in the sump. The alternator does not appear to be charging now; will be looking into that later... Oh, and... my heater now works!!! Well, We'll see if the heat keeps pumping out. That has been an intermittent issue that may have been a symptom of the bad head gasket... At least, that's the theory
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