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  1. Nistune Nistune is now supporting 90-95 v6 pathfinders (and pickups). The owner of a 1995 reached out to me with the good news! He's running a VG33 and his 1995 Nistune'd ECU has been tuned to run the vg33er (supercharged xterra/frontier) MAF and injectors. I immediately bugged Matt (from down under) at Nistune and he said yes my 1993 is now supported (90-95). I ordered my board from Past Power Innovations (previously ASCO) and I should begin install this week. Disclaimer DIY ECU socketing is NOT recommended for the average hobbyist, mistakes can set you back hundreds of dollars and weeks in international shipping. Typical installers might charge $80-$100 on top of the board itself ($240) which is cheap insurance if you have any doubts about your own skills or equipment. Still wanna DIY? If you've never done anything like this before I suggest you Grab a cheap spare ECU from the junk yard, make sure it works and drives properly with no codes. De-solder the ECU chip, remove it, put it back in and re-solder it. Does it still work and drive properly with no codes? You will either fly or fail and then you can make a more educated decision. Helpful tip: Read the Nistune Soldering Guide and use 63/37 Tin/Lead Rosin Core solder 0.030" if you can get in your country. (USA can) (60/40 Tin/Lead also works very well but avoid the lead-free stuff if you can) What does it do? This is most beneficial to those boosting or making over 200HP. Stock ECU/MAF/injectors will take you to 200HP without modification. The main purpose is to give you complete control over fuel and timing. It will also allow you to make injector size changes and MAF changes. (Like my favorite combo: 344cc injectors and Z32 MAF) Beyond that, there are lots of other parameters that vary by ECU model and what's been "decoded" for that model. Some examples are: -electronic idle speed control -the ability to add timing-based Idle stabilization -rev limits -safety rev limits (neutral/park) -AFR's during warm up
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  2. finished and installed rocksliders with a friends made in metal recovered from work
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  3. Went out again last weekend, led a trip to the Coast with the Land Rover Club. Link to a video of the trip is below.
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  5. If the power valves weren't loctited in during the rebuild, eventuality they will fall out, suck into a cylinder, bang around for a while before they are ejected. The end result is damage to the cylinder wall and valves which will cause oil consumption, low cylinder pressure, and inability to pass emissions. You'll get to have another rebuild. This is a famous problem for these engines and should have been addressed by a competent rebuilder. Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
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  6. FINALLY!!! put the truck back together, also changed the steering rack bushing since it was off, also had front and back sway bar links/bushing on hand for awhile. Did those too. NRC9447 Thought about getting longer Bilsteins, but for now will use the pair i bought a year ago from a fellow Npora local member on here. 5100 (185509) Will coat the wheel wells later on Orangy Spacer didn't come in on time, didn't bother using one but added the 1" SF Creations spacer Front 2928 OME HD Coils on KYB Struts All OEM Nissan Hardware Even with the 1" spacer in the front, still a bit of a rake but will wait for it to settle and then also do the alignment BEFORE AFTER :););) Me and a fellow techs 4Runner
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  7. Yep, despite the otherwise pristine nature of the engine in a truck I bought new, it was screw#5 that cost me that engine.
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