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    Yes, this is my understanding. To be more precise, drill out the mount to fit a grade 8 bolt that fits nicely inside a sleeve that bilstein supplies, or something of that nature.
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    Went up to Browns Camp again. My favorite place to go lately.
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    True. After fumbling around in the junk yard last summer, I can confirm there are 3 face lift grill logos. 99.5 -2001 SE grill emblem. Same style as 99.5 - 2001 LE emblem but has a different curved profile on the back side of the emblem. You could make it work with a small amount of creativity 99.5 - 2001 LE grill emblem. Same as above except curved profiled on the backside 2002+ grill emblem. noticeably different outline and the backside curved profile doesn't match either of the above. However, R50 buttercup on here has a 02+ emblem on a 99.5-2001 grill from what I've seen.
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    The big question, is the lockdown doing anything good? Sorry, but I am cynical about how the world is reacting to whole Covid 19 virus. It seems to me that it's real danger is more political than an actual health hazard. I am very glad I live in a mostly free state and country and don't have to put up with the restrictions others do.
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    Got the family out camping this weekend

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