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    Never mind guys I've figured it out, it's a power steering line I was mixing up the fillers Part number is 49790-4W00A. Thank you guys for helping with airbag information.
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    The MAF connector is a common trouble point on these, possibly because they get reefed on when people check the air filter. Recently mine started having a stumble just off-idle. Breathe on the throttle and it would try to die, but then catch itself. I found that pressing on the MAF connection cleared it up, so I unplugged it, tweaked the female pins in the plug to tighten them up a little, and stuck it back together. Good so far.
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    On day 2, I got the other 3 trailing arms out. The rubber bushings were cracked and split which obviously explains the death sway it's been having. The lower trailing arm bolts were much more stuck than the others. Those bolts came out with a sawzall. BamaQX402 was right about the locating tabs on the body end of the lower trailing arm. Filed those down with a belt sander, wiped with acetone and hit it with rust converter before greasing. Getting bolt holes to line up was a bit of a tedious endeavor but a jack and ratchet strap will eventually get it right. Tomorrow, I'll see about removing the old shocks and coils to put in the replacements. Hopefully the Bilstein 5100 bushings don't give me any trouble. If everything goes into place, I'll rest the weight of the vehicle on it's axle and tighten those trailing arm bolts. Then I'll wait until Wednesday to install the AC coils and Warn hubs.
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    Dude... now that you have me all hot and bothered with the sexy exhaust.... where's the video with awesome 3.0 sound!!
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    Thank you everyone for your help. The shop called this afternoon and said that it needed u-joints. Mr_Reverse, you were right on the money. I had some broken wheel studs so I had them do all of it while they had the truck. Picked it up and it drives perfectly. I was so happy that I even washed it. The fender is at my friends shop, I will pick it up next week and go about figuring how to put it on. I still have some work today, but the big things are done!!
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    I would honestly recommend you buy the tools to do the work yourself. It will cost less than a shop doing it and you’ll have tools for the future. Sent from my Pathfinder
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    Oh, I think the Firestone has the thickest tread also. I think mine were 24/32" new. Not sure with the Wildpeaks, but my Destinations are pretty light weight. My 33x12.50 15's mounted on a set of Ultra aluminum wheels actually weigh a bit less than the 31x10.50 15 BFG AT I had on my stock aluminum wheels back when my truck was new to me. People around here don't seem to be too happy with the current version of the BFG. A lot of them have really liked the Goodyear Dura Trac. Apparently they are really good in snow and rocks.

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