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    Another update- this time some better news... I have no idea what broke the rotors, still, but I did figure out that the torque converter drives the transmission oil pump rotor. This is probably common knowledge to some, but was helpful for me. The snout on the torque converter is very helpful to determine which style of rotor (2-lug or milled flat) the transmission should have inside. The snout of the 2-lug converter has two grooves in it, whereas the milled flat converter has two flat spots. This determination made it easier for me with the meat of this update... I drove after work on Tuesday afternoon from West Atlanta up to St. Louis and stayed the night for a quick trip up to Springfield (Illinois). I found a 2WD Xterra (with VG33ER - Supercharged variant of the 3.3L) transmission that was only $99! I called and had them confirm it all before making the trip and about 1,500 miles of driving in two days later, I made it back last night with the transmission. The big deal was making sure it had the correct converter and input shaft like my Frontier transmission I was swapping in did. The other big deal is for my dumb@$$ NOT to pull the pump apart and break another rotor. I have fiddled some this morning and extracted the pump and tossed the broken pump into the 2WD transmission. I am going to call a local shop that specializes in the Nissan Z cars to see if it would be any use for them. I will next put the pump from the 2WD transmission into the 4WD transmission and try to get it into the truck soon. So far all looks the exact same and should work out. I guess we'll keep our fingers crossed. I will have to measure a lot before I get under there and wrestle with it. After this whole ordeal is finished, I hope to write up a big chunk of information on these transmissions, from my layman's perspective, with some photos of the differences (HD vs Non-HD, etc...) and to hopefully help both myself and anyone else in the future digging for info on these trucks where the service manuals fall short.

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