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    About to scoop up my second pathy. .98 5spd 4wd had a 95 years ago i currently have a 95 Hardbody which is my first truck ive had for 16 years.. its lowered, 5 lug swapped, and dual weber side drafts have another 95 thats a beer truck have my 07 crew cab thats my daily and just got rid of my xterra Father has a tacoma that we have been messing with since i was a kid Looking for some ideas for the 98 im gonna get .. would love to kick up a SFD but they seem to be impossible to find
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    Hub update. Got my replacement ones in and it appears the bearing on the hub failed. Swapped it out and greased it up with some better grease than what it came with and the noise is gone and locks and unlocks fine. The noise was like hitting the rumble strips and more of a growl and went away when i locked them because that bearing stopped moving when the hub was engaged. Now as soon as my Lokka comes in I'm ready to go.
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    Looks like it's a dedicated wheeler now, if it wasn't already! Hopefully the hydrolock didn't hurt the motor. As an aside, I had no idea what RAC was, and was therefore confused until now as to why you were excited to take it to the rent-a-center.
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    It's interesting that over there you guys seem to always mount your CB/UHF antenna on the rear comer of the car. Do you have laws against putting it on the front or in the field of vision? Over here in Aus they get fitted almost exclusively to the front on a bracket on the bullbar. Maybe we're just too lazy over here to route the cable all that way under the carpet
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    So the hubs that I purchased were some unbranded ones off ebay but I've seen posts from Hawairish that they should be fine. Maybe just bad luck is all. I will be sure to inspect the next set well. Thanks for the tip on the bumper. I will look into my options. Trying to avoid a rough ride is important since this is my daily. And the Lokka is in the mail on its way to me right now haha.
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    Thanks for adding me! Just recently bought our 02 QX4 and looking forward to the sharing of info!
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    What's up guys I have a 2000 nissan pathy No mods beside a light bar and aftermarket stereo with 12 inch sub
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    Hi all! I’m a recent pathfinder owner and have lurked these forums for a few months and figured I should sign up and join the discussion. i look forward to posting and chatting with you!
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    Start by looking at how you drive the car and where you feel it's shortfalls are. If you're new to off-roading you will find the car very capable as it is and may be happy to keep it as is! Start with things you need to enjoy your car more - Cant get up hills? Locker(s). Keep bottoming? Lift/Bigger tyres. Don't like the colour? Paint. Want to chat with mates when out wheeling? UHF Radio. I only spend money to make improvements I am going to use. Over here in Aus every man and his dog has 4wd utes dripping expensive gear - 2k driving lights, roof tents etc... And you can see they never see any offroad action. So go use it, and tailor your build to suit the type of driving you enjoy. Nice rig, enjoy it!

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