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    I did this already. To do so, run a 16awg wire pair from inside the cabin where your switch is mounted through the firewall. I route my wires through the diamond shaped plate where the clutch cylinder would have been attached. Run the wires (inside a wire loom for protection) along the cowl beside the brake lines and down to the fuse box behind the battery. First, pop out the fuel pump fuse. Turn the ignition to ON and using a voltmeter, check which one of the fuse terminals is hot. The non-hot side goes to the fuel pump. You will be cutting the wire on that side of the fuse later. Turn off the ignition and replace the fuse. Unbolt the fuse box. Remove the alternator wire from the stud on the fuse box. You may also need to remove the positive battery cable to give you more room to work on the fuse box. Use small flat screwdrivers to pop open the clips holding the upper and lower halves of the fuse box together. Locate the fuel pump fuse. Cut the FP fuse wire you identified earlier and connect the ends of your switch wires to the the cut wire. You should use male/female solderless connectors on the OEM cut wire in case you want to undo the mod later. Route your wires along the existing wire bundle, then snap the top and bottom halves together. Put it al back together and you’re done!
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    Definitely. After looking into I’m keeping the stock air box with the drop in k and n In it currently. I’m quite sure a “cold” air intake might actually do more harm than good. With out tuning some things and recalibrating the computer to the new air flow. I also don’t think it gives you “cooler” by any means. If anything it’s just ambient air from the engine bay, which could actually be hotter than where the stock air box pulls air from. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Today I replaced the old busted console, with the lid that stayed open so you rested your arm on sharp plastic. The one I picked up is from a 2001 isuzu rodeo. I had to rework the e brake handle. I raised it about an inch and welded it to the floor plate about 1.5" off center. This console feels great on the elbow and has cup holders! It just took a long time to figure out mounting.

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