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    Had a junkyard day and was able to snag a handful of parts: color matched side mirrors (mine are black), no rush to install these I guess OEM low-pro side steps tons of fasteners/fuses/relays other misc trim pieces/spares Welded on some angle iron to support a jerry can holder in the back, and installed the OEM low-profile side steps. The side steps were definitely a functionality "upgrade"; I found myself accessing the roof basket a lot and standing in the door sills and on the tires grew old, fast. These low profile ones are a great alternative- I don't currently have the ability to get some nice rock sliders. With the new jerry can I had to relocate my license plate. Decided to go all in and install riv-nuts. If it looks crooked it's because I need to adjust the spacers behind the plate. Due to the angles of the hatch, spacers were used to push it out level-ish. I wired in the LED light to the stock bulb locations. Bonus- found these little rubber strut covers and popped those on.
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    Absolutely. Normally I'd be appalled at making permanent changes like this, but I had to remind myself that this is why I bought my PF older/used. To experiment and play with
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    went out to play in the woods a little last evening Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Can’t get it anywhere except 4x4 parts. My recommendation to save you a grip of money would be to get the ac 2 inch coils for the front, and get Land Rover nrc9447 coils for the back from lrdirect.com
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    I appreciate the feedback and agree with both of you. I originally smoked the taillights to give it a contrast to the silver paint. Now that it's painted, I have thought of changing them back or even getting some aftermarket euro ones. Just don't know how the euro ones would look on it though. Also going to switch the front headlights out to the black lens ones vs the ones I currently have that are sprayed over. Just waiting for a deal on them. Mjo, are they ever really done? Lol. Really the only other things I have planned to do to it is clean up the under carriage spray it black and add some red accents to it tastefully, build a skid plate for the front to protect the radiator, clean up the engine bay/engine & re-route the intake to help protect the engine when river crossing and possibly build a swing arm tire carrier. My current rear tire setup was a temporary solution from the start, but will be the way it is for some time while I think of a design for the swing arm. Other than that, I don't plan to do too much more to it. Maybe some engine enhancements to try to increase the HP a little, but nothing crazy. Sent from my SM-J327P using Tapatalk
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    I gotta agree, non tinted taillights would probably look better, looks pretty good though otherwise! How much longer do you anticipate before it's "done"?
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    Yoooooo Jose you're finally on here lol and you spelled your own ig wrong
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    The pathy on the far left is mine aka @no_rumble
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    I voted for Moab cause I feel like it’s not a place a lot of us have been, it’s central, and should (correct me if I’m wrong) have somewhat predictable/pleasant weather for the time of year. And if I’m honest, it’s only on this kind of trip that I’m gonna make it down there. I can see Idaho anytime I want, but making it to Utah is a different kind of special. Just my $.02
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    I don't have pics of just the mounts but here are a few, I made a few different types of mounts out of Engineering paper all to scale so I could tape it to some sheet and cut it out with my jigsaw. Ended up being the farthest right one that worked the best. Then I bolted in all the mounts lose so I could add a small shim to take out some slop, then I aimed it and tightened all bolts up using some never seize to stop any galvanic corrosion . The door seal actually has a built in channel that I used to run my 14 gauge wiring up the door sill.

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