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    This is so cool, I never would of thought it would come together and look this good! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Hello NPORA, Location: Kitsap, WA Vehicle: 2000 SE Vehicle Notes: 2nd owner as of Oct18, purchased with 237k miles Hi all, I've been trolling the forum for a couple months now and have finally decided to join in. I currently have an '18 WRX, but after moving to the PNW I found myself in need of a good forest road exploration rig so I started the search. Stumbled upon a great condition single older owner R50 that has provided a great base to build upon. The first month was spent doing the usual- oil/coolant/trans/transaxle/front-rear diff/PS fluids, all three accessory belts, fuel filter, battery, and a good headlight polish. After that I moved to replacing some stuff: - turn signal housing (1) - fog light (1) - cat-back exhaust - broken power antenna to fixed 6" stubby Since then I scored a ~5' roof basket which mounts great to the OEM rails and will come in handy for fully loaded camping trips in the future. I'd like to integrate some ditch and camp lighting into the basket and take advantage of the blank switch spots in the dash. Current suspension is okay, but aged: *RR: 31.25" (Factory Spec: 33.31) *RL: 30.50" (33.31) *FR: 32.00" (32.09) *FL: 31.25" (32.09) Therefore as of Nov2018 I have the following on order: - LR Defender springs for rear (P/N: NRC9446) - KYB GR-2/Excel-G for rear (P/N 343379) - OME HD springs for front (P/N: 2928) - KYB struts for front (RockAuto P/N: 335031/0) - KYB strut mount/bearing/boot for front (RockAuto P/N: SM5329) - Camber bolts for front, (RockAuto P/N: K90474) Anyway, I'll photo dump below. There's lots of upgrades in the future like LED gauge cluster lights and a rear drawer system, but I'm taking it slow. I'll trail run it and as I find myself needing things I can add to it. I'm in the Kitsap, WA area near Seattle so if any of you local PNW Pathfinder nerds need a hand or want to meet up I'm down! https://imgur.com/a/PiQG7TO
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    I own a 2001 QX4 and wanted to see what people with experience recommend when it comes to a lift. I want about 1.5-2 inches. Is there a specific brand/kit and what is the best method for long term reliability. I want everything to be done the right way, right away. I don't want to have to worry about damage in the future. Thanks guys!
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    Looks like the perfect stance between front and rear. Glad to see the rear springs are working for you!
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    [emoji22]You people with your clean garages sicken me! [emoji1785]

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