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    More maintenance for the rig, new valve covers, valve cover gaskets, spark plugs and coil packs. I love hitting maintenance milestones... (sarcasm) Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
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    One thing to note: Depending on the width of your tent, you might run into issues with the bolts that come up through the load bar interfering with the base. Luckily my tent had grooves in it that I was able to line up the bolts to as my tent is very wide.
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    You could definitely do a cleaner job than me, I was doing mine in a rush before a trip with very limited tools/metal working knowledge
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    As far as I know, no one makes a proper roof rack for the R50 other than some simple cross bar setups. I made low profile cross bars out of old Thule square load bars using the method that Stioc listed here: I had to put around an inch of aluminum between the bottom of the bar and the mounting feet to allow enough room to fit my hand under the bars to tighten the tents bolts (it was still pretty tight!). I had a Thule roof rack setup with the correct podium mounts for the crossbars but I found this method to be much more secure, plus it looks better and lowers my center of gravity. I can snap some photos if you're interested in seeing my final result.
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    Nope, should need nothing. If Harrop says it won’t fit R50s because it believes the truck uses thrust blocks, then Harrop is wrong.
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    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Finished 1 complete 3" prototype kit as well as a partial 3" prototype kit and sent them off to AZ today. In the process of making this initial batch we've invested a lot of time into fabricating fixtures for the assembly and welding processes. This ensures our kits are consistent and allows us to be much more efficient. Looking forward to the coming weeks as this has been a lot of work and time but the passion for this project only grows daily, doubly so with good weather finally creeping in here and camping season on the horizon!
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    Time for an update! Another month gone by... It's been busy the last several weeks, as usual. We've since acquired all the steel and hardware we need to do the first batch of kits. We've done a limited run of parts to validate our anticipated production processes, and things are currently in @TowndawgR50's hands to complete the first finished kits. For now, this first pass only includes a complete 3" and 4" kit (and technically the 1.75" spacer, thanks to the modular design), as well as two panhard drop bracket options: a short bracket that gives a simple 3.5" drop, and a long bracket for 3.5", 4.5", or 5.5" drops. We also intend to offer extended rear sway bar end links. Expect some teaser pics soon. We are planning to install the first 3" kit in less than 2 weeks (!!), so we're both excited and stressed. Soon after, The Gambler will get outfitted with the 4" kit. If everything goes to plan, we'll start cranking out the remaining kits for the initial group we've been working with. Also, we want to make a clarification about the camber-correction function of the strut spacers: while the two-piece strut spacers allow for camber adjustments, we are still advocating the use of camber bolts. The adjustment feature is primarily to make large camber adjustments during the installation process. You'll be able to eyeball the camber during installation, and get it dialed in relatively well, but our secondary objective is to simply make sure the truck is alignable—and for many people (including myself), this means taking the truck to a professional shop. The use of camber bolts gives alignment shops the ability to accurately dial things in, using a part/process that they are very familiar with. While we like our strut spacer approach, it will be very foreign to many shops, who may refuse to adjust them. Keep in mind that R50s didn't have camber or caster adjustability to begin with, so there's already the initial challenge of informing the shop that you've added camber adjustability. Feel free to ask any questions, otherwise more updates to follow soon!

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