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    After years of chatting about our own Pathfinder projects—and often, grumblings about having to make our own parts or hack together something—it’s become clear that Jacob (@TowndawgR50) and I (Patrick) have a common passion for our trucks. We’re always bouncing ideas around and sanity-checking each other’s work, ultimately realizing we have highly complementary skill sets that extend beyond working on trucks. We’ve also grown tired of a serious lack of aftermarket support for our trucks, especially when there’s an obvious demand to keep them on the road and make them more capable than they already are. To counter that, we’re teaming up to fill that void. That’s right: it’s time to turn a hobby into a business! In the weeks to come, we will be making more announcements regarding the status of the company (still working on the name!) and our product offerings. We’re still in the early stages of the company formation, and have some challenges ahead of us (most notably the 1,400 miles that separate us!), but we’re ready and stoked to get the word out there. If any of our individual projects have piqued your interest, then our collaborative efforts won’t disappoint. Our initial focus will be on subframe drop (SFD) kits, as this is the most important component required to move beyond 2” of front suspension lift. Unlike prior versions of kits that have existed, we intend to offer complete kits and à la carte components in multiple heights—including strut spacers—to support various lift configurations. Our particular focus is to provide high-quality finished products that simplify installation for the average DIYer (hint: strut disassembly not required), and without having to replace aftermarket components you’ve already purchased. While we won’t go into detail about all the products (and services) we’ve been discussing, we will tease that trailing arms and panhard bars (both in static lengths with poly bushings, and adjustable lengths with rebuildable joints), skid plates, missing link, and bumper brackets are on the product roadmap. That said, we’re looking forward to a productive 2019, so stay tuned!
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    Thank you for your patience everyone! We're excited to make a few important announcements... First, our company name: Pines to Spines Off Road. Affectionately "PSO" in our regular discussions, the name refers to the regions we call home and the challenges in between that inspire us to design and build our rigs to tackle all terrains. Our primary goal is to provide a comprehensive line of products that focuses on design, function, and quality. Since our product line will come from two locations depending on our fabrication processes, we also couldn't proceed without proper facility names: the "Tiger Mountain Test Lab" in WA, and the "Spines Fab Lab" in AZ. By both combining and splitting the production, we're able to make solid use of our respective areas of expertise and assets. Second, our SFD components. Let's step backwards for a moment, though: we know there are "kits" (pieces?) out there. Everything we've seen is based on antiquated prints that have been floating around the internet for years, with very basic designs, zero improvement, limited tooling access, and little assurance that the alignment issues are addressed. The design got folks down the road, but many have experienced problems with fabrication quality or alignment issues. The original kits were also intended for a specific outcome (either 4" to 6" of lift), and potentially required removal of prior upgrades; even that company got out of the game for some reason. Fast-forward to now, and we're addressing all those points. Our SFD solution is modular and bolt-on, backed by CAD and CNC equipment to produce consistent and efficient results. Our SFD "kit" is actually multiple kits, including a non-SFD lift option! We'll be offering 1.75", 3", and 4" strut spacers, all of which feature camber adjustment, and pairing those with 3" and 4" SFD kits. This allows us to cater to practically any desired setup! The 1.75" base spacer can be used without a subframe drop, or combined with OME or AC springs and 3" SFD to produce something more moderate. The base spacer is also the heart of our 3" and 4" strut spacers, so upgrading later is easy. None of the spacers require strut disassembly, and because they are two-piece spacers, installation is as simple as attaching one part to the strut, the other part to the chassis, and then bringing the two together. All materials meet or exceed OE specs with grade 10.9 metric hardware, 1/4" plate for the strut components and subframe risers with 3/16" plate for the motor mounts. Shown above are the unfinished prototype 3" and 4" motor mount spacers, the 4" strut spacer demonstrating full camber offset, and the upper mounting plate for use as a 1.75" spacers. These are fresh from the plasma table and press break processes this past weekend with a quick mock-up to validate core assembly so they have not been welded yet. We are still prototyping, using our personal rigs and a 3rd vehicle--an 03 Pathfinder LE (a.k.a., The Gambler) that @ferrariowner123 graciously sent our way! This rig will be fitted with all of our gear and serve as demo vehicle and eventually participate in the Washington State Gambler 500! Soon after, we'll be working with several local NPORA members (our "Piners & Spiners" Team) to personally install the first batch, among other things we've already been field testing. We are very grateful to these folks for the support and a chance to provide real-world feedback to further improve our products. We have also been eagerly developing other products we hope to offer in the near future: · static and adjustable rear control arms and panhard bars · polyurethane motor mounts · swing-gate installation kits · roof-rail mounting system for roof baskets, lighting, storage, etc. We are excited for the coming months as things roll out and our products get put to the test. Going forward we ask that all posts to this thread stay on topic with questions and comments pertaining only to our offered products and services. Stay tuned for up to date progress and product release dates!
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    Time for an update! Another month gone by... It's been busy the last several weeks, as usual. We've since acquired all the steel and hardware we need to do the first batch of kits. We've done a limited run of parts to validate our anticipated production processes, and things are currently in @TowndawgR50's hands to complete the first finished kits. For now, this first pass only includes a complete 3" and 4" kit (and technically the 1.75" spacer, thanks to the modular design), as well as two panhard drop bracket options: a short bracket that gives a simple 3.5" drop, and a long bracket for 3.5", 4.5", or 5.5" drops. We also intend to offer extended rear sway bar end links. Expect some teaser pics soon. We are planning to install the first 3" kit in less than 2 weeks (!!), so we're both excited and stressed. Soon after, The Gambler will get outfitted with the 4" kit. If everything goes to plan, we'll start cranking out the remaining kits for the initial group we've been working with. Also, we want to make a clarification about the camber-correction function of the strut spacers: while the two-piece strut spacers allow for camber adjustments, we are still advocating the use of camber bolts. The adjustment feature is primarily to make large camber adjustments during the installation process. You'll be able to eyeball the camber during installation, and get it dialed in relatively well, but our secondary objective is to simply make sure the truck is alignable—and for many people (including myself), this means taking the truck to a professional shop. The use of camber bolts gives alignment shops the ability to accurately dial things in, using a part/process that they are very familiar with. While we like our strut spacer approach, it will be very foreign to many shops, who may refuse to adjust them. Keep in mind that R50s didn't have camber or caster adjustability to begin with, so there's already the initial challenge of informing the shop that you've added camber adjustability. Feel free to ask any questions, otherwise more updates to follow soon!
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    Finished 1 complete 3" prototype kit as well as a partial 3" prototype kit and sent them off to AZ today. In the process of making this initial batch we've invested a lot of time into fabricating fixtures for the assembly and welding processes. This ensures our kits are consistent and allows us to be much more efficient. Looking forward to the coming weeks as this has been a lot of work and time but the passion for this project only grows daily, doubly so with good weather finally creeping in here and camping season on the horizon!
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    So I had to so a double take when I saw this album cover and it is definitely a pathfinder. Probably got a little too excited when I noticed this but thought it was sweet.
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    I guess we're due for an update, right @TowndawgR50? Things are moving along! Albeit, a little slower than we anticipated perhaps, but we're still at it. SFD designs and costs have been our primary focus, but we've not limited ourselves to discussions about other great ideas. We're making some initial hardware and material purchases over the next few days, as we're both anxious to get some prototypes made now that designs and numbers on paper (er, digital paper). We've given a significant amount of thought to the strut spacers in particular; I was tweaking the CADs for them tonight, actually. They're definitely a departure from what many are expecting. Behind the scenes, we've been in contact with several members who've expressed interest in kits already, and we're stoked about that and absolutely appreciate the support! We've also added a new tool to our arsenal (it arrived today actually!): a finger brake press. This will allow us to put some structural bends into plate, which opens the doors to a few additional design and product options. Lastly, we've been mulling over a company name since the end of December, but one particular name has grown on us and we've been informally using it. Can't share it yet, but I can tell you it's not HawDawgs.
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    Well, it's as done as it's gonna get before my CANVAZ trip this weekend. I will eventually put some plate up top and some additional brackets under the quarter panel for support. I've been pretty pleased with the cuts. My AZ flag apparently had some hidden lines that got cut, but I went with it. Cheapo MicTuning lights off Amazon are wired to the reverse lights...and make the OE bulbs look like garbage. I also made a new missing link and mid skid... Super pleased with the results. It slides on/off just like the front skid, and now all the hardware is matched for a single socket. ... I know this thread started off for front bumper brackets, but I've come a lot farther than expected. I'm still planning to go through with the front brackets for those interested, but still need another week or so to finalize a few things and put some numbers to things. I'm absolutely exploring options to make skids and missing link available, too. Stay tuned!
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    Hello, a lot of you may have already seen this but I designed a fold and weld bumper kit. There are still some little adjustments that need to be addressed and I won't be able to test it with a winch for quite some time. Anyway, I wanted to see if there was any interest in the kit being sold, the price would likely be near the $500 mark. Side Note: It has been quite some time since I have been on here. The new layout is much more user-friendly, so props to those of you that worked to make that happen.
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    Like Hawairish mentioned earlier, Ive started working with him on the design of these brackets. He sent me the data to punch out a set, using his current iteration, so I can start mock up on my rig and work with him on the R&D end. I have a chunk of time coming up and plan to push on this project so I can finally get rid of the XJ bumper and help however I can to get these on the market!
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    Thanks! Stories wise...well, nothing's caught fire and all fingers are still attached, so that's a good start. The fun part is probably when we're tossing ideas around then trying to "construct" an idea on the fly with any crap we happen to have laying around us. But honestly, we've been back-and-forth on numerous ideas, seemingly CADing them up for weeks, and maybe months for the strut spacers. Nothing was really tangible until just the other day. The motor mount spacers were the first thing to get cut, and it was probably more of an experiment for the bend process. They turned out well, needing only a minor tweak or two. The ones shown in the picture are our 2nd attempt, and that's looking like a winner for the final design. The strut spacers...man, we've iterated on so many ideas. They've already seen a slight redesign since our announcement today. All the strut spacer parts in that pic (not shown was another bent piece for the 3" spacer) are actually the very first prototypes for each part, and they turned out great for a first pass! The assembly process that day led to other simple improvements, mainly for manufacturing and installation. Beyond tweaks here and there, it's awesome see things come out as expected.
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    Made a recent trip to out east, exploring the area as we went along with no real plan in mind. The state turns to dry, arid desert really quickly. 2hrs from home and it was about 40 degrees hotter and dry. Great short trip with my family.
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    Retro photoshoot while on a camping trip last weekend
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    My favorite picture from 2018. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Making it's way thru the SW Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
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    FINALLY!!! Managed to get some serious work done on my custom low profile winch bumper!! Happy will the result. Now I have to bend some tubes for the corners and finish the front skid plate AND paint it! (And fix my very messy wiring haha) Sent from my SM-A520W using Tapatalk
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    First clean-up in probably 6 months from my last trail ride Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Finally had some free time so I just drove on some forest roads, and I low key like the moon dust grey [emoji23] Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
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    Dual swing out tire carrier is done. I thought about building a full bumper but wanted to keep the factory look of the vehicle as much as possible. I have to figure out what to do to pretty-up the hinge holes in the bumper plastic, but other than that it is done. The latch I had to order from Amazon, works perfectly. I used an axle shaft off my old Pathfinder as the wheel mount. I don't care for the look but I like the nostalgia and it is hidden when the tire is attached. These are the best hinges I have found. Double shear, nice bearings and have the nice lockout feature when open. I didn't get a rear facing shot, but I did get a side shot. I can still use the review mirror and see out of the back due to the tire being offset on the passenger side. The driver side swing-out is going to get some rotopax cans and other goodies when I can afford it. The next items on the to-do list are: -Pull transmission/tcase and drop subframe for oilpan gasket/rear seal/oil soaked clutch <- this is going to be the SUCK...maybe over xmas holidays. -Fix the rear passenger fender extender -Build slid out for fridge -Build sleeping area in the back and storage area -Lights Lights and more lights, need lights For the future: I want to go back to having an off-road trailer and I am going one of two ways: Go all out and build a sleep in (tear drop style) trailer that weighs less than 2500lbs or build a roof top tent trailer that weighs less than 1000lbs. I am leaning towards the tear-drop style sleep in with a spot for the roof top tent on top. This sounds like a good excuse to become proficient at aluminum welding. The rooftop tent weights 125, tires and wheels about 180, axle about 45 , and at least 15 gallons of water 120 so that is a start off weight of 485.
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    Garage day w @RainGoat &@ferrariowner123
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    For the PNW Pathfinders, yesterday started as the Silver Pathfinder Emporium & developed into a full on SwinGateFest 2019. Thanks to @02_Pathy &[mention=39745]stpickens[/mention] and his Dad for coming up from Portland. Also, thanks to[mention=32880]ferrariowner123[/mention] for just stopping by to hang out. Most of all, thanks to[mention=37543]TowndawgR50[/mention] for providing the venue, expertise, product development, hard work and good cheer! It really couldn’t have happened without him.
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    We’ve gotten just a tad bit of snow over the last couple days. This was before I left for Washington on Thursday Anddddd this is what I came back to Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Been a while since I updated this. I had a fun snow day today. I hadn’t seen this much snow in local mountains since 2009. The pathfinder is a beast in 4Lo. The skids help a bunch also. I also have the new-style carrier waiting to be installed. I can’t wait! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Here's some photos of the rig's transformation from when I got her to the police cruiser stage, then to a good trail rig to the present day Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
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    Just wanted to reflect over what I’ve learned from this forum. When I joined I was 16 in high school with a stock pathfinder and was clueless. Now I’m 25 with the same pathfinder and it’s about as built up as it can be until I go custom fab with it. Through reaserch and communication I have been able to build my pathfinder into what it is today. I feel that this forum is so much better than any Facebook group or things of that nature. I have joined some of these groups recently and I have found that all it is is people who have no idea what they are talking about making posts and wanting there car magically diagnosed and everyone asking questions about what lift I have or what size tires I have or how many miles are on my car etc etc etc when I have answered the question time after time and made posts about my build info. It made me realize how lazy people are and the lack of reaserch that is performed in order to make your dream pathfinder a reality. I just wanted to take a moment to thank people for telling newbies to go do homework before asking questions, that all the answers are literally right on this very forum and that it’s easy to find and get answers without bothering everyone with simple questions. I now have a coil lift with a sub frame drop, full belly skid plates, supersliders, locking hubs, 33s, and an endless list of other modifications, it took many years of hard work and experimentation but without this forum I would be where I am today. Here’s to those who have walked the same line as me and built their dream with the help of this forum. Cheers.
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    Complete noob on here so let's see if this works
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    Today I picked up 600 lbs of steel plate...enough to make the initial 6 bracket sets...and some skids plates. I'm still debating whether that means front or mid skids. For sure, I plan to make a mid skid to match my front skid. There might be some other revelations along the way. For now, still focusing on the remaining V2 tweaks. I'm still dividing my time across several projects to build up some confidence using the plasma table. I've not fired it up for a few days, but this week I will be cutting out the brackets and other items for my rear(!) bumper, which I (finally!) started last week. The truck has been without a rear bumper for months now, and the goal is to have it done before CANVAZ. Lots of work left to do!
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    For convenience sake, I'll start putting all of my projects and pertinent pathfinder information in this thread, as well as retroactively putting some of my project in this thread, for starters, here's the car the day we got it. Rebuilt title, a front end wreck had taken out the front bumper cover, nothing else. The covers cheaply painted, but oh well. 151k miles when we bought it (October 2018) Very First thing to get done was a sound system. I swapped my twin 12" subwoofers from the 4runner along with the amp. I added a Kenwood Double Din Stereo, and Rockford Fosgate Component Speakers. I'm not quite an audiophile, but I don't like putting up with stock sound systems on older vehicles. Next thing that happened was the pathfinder got lifted: 2" spacer for 2.5" of lift, 3" spacer in the back. No new moog springs added. Running Boards removed Next: Led Headlights-they're better than cheap halogens, but they took forever to aim properly. Not my smartest or most necessary purchase. @RainGoat was right about the headlights not melting Ice, I had some slush stick to them once while driving. Original thread below. I also Spray tinted my fog light's yellow with Krylon Stained glass spray paint. Also added LED interior lighting. Here's my simple Missing Link-3/4" EMT with the ends crushed, using the existing LCA bolts. Then My Approach Lighting Project- 2 KC Cyclone LED Rock Lights bolted into the old running board holes, and a KC C2 Scene/Area light attached to the bumper. The lights can be all off, or manually on at any time, or set in an auto position that triggers when I'm in reverse or when I open any door, or come on when I unlock with my key fob. Straightforward idea that probably took too long original thread, wiring diagram at the top of post 84 (page 3): Wheels and Tires: 32x11.5r15 Falken Wildpeak AT3w's on 15x8 DX4 Gear Wheels. Love the look of the rims, and the tires more than do their job. Very happy with their performance thus far Manual Hubs: Mile Marker 435's. I broke a stud trying to get them on. That was a fun night I have an ongoing roof rack idea. I know a guy who is about to buy a welder, but if that takes too long maybe I'll just bolt it all together in a ghetto DIY kind of way. Original thread: Added a WD21 Skid Plate for the Transfer case, direct bolt on. Lately I've been messing around with the lack of black on white contrast, so the last week I've been doing some plasti-dipping. I also pulled a honeycomb grill and fuel door off of a black pathfinder. Did the fenders and the body below the doors in black. Still not sure what to do with the tabs under the headlights, I like the black a bit better. I would've kept the original grille, but it was in terrible shape. White on the honeycomb is gonna have to go, and the hood decal if kept needs to be redone in vinyl wrap. The black makes the vehicle look a little tougher and taller, so I was happy with that. White lettering on the fairing is a keeper. That's as far as I've made it so far, I've really appreciated the community and the help I've received thus far. Within the next week I'm hoping to start over on my suspension. OME HD coils and LR 9449's are hopefully in my future, along with finally replacing my shocks. Thanks for taking a look!
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    Some action shots I received from my neighbor when we had our snow storm back in January Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
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    Day 4 of our roadtrip, visited Arches National Park Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
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    I lifted my rig in stages- - 2" spacers up front, new KYB struts on stock springs, Warn manual hubs, rear OME MD springs with HPDE spacers, Airlift spring helpers and Bilstein monotube shocks - 4" lift via SFD with a full front end suspension rebuild, front OME HD springs and a missing link -6" lift with new polyurethane bushings on all components front and rear, adjustable upper and lower control arms and LR rear springs paired with bilstein 5160 rear shocks At each point, based on having drove it from the stock condition to its current 6" setup, the ride quality has consistently improved with my current setup driving better than it ever has. Not at all rough and bouncy nor sloppy on the road. The truck flexes well off road with fully intact extended sway bar links front and rear, helping it handle high speed turns on and off-road without any lean or instability. Its luxurious and very comfortable yet purpose built to handle some very demanding driving. Love it. The only issue I've encountered was at the first stage with a 2" spacer lift on stock springs- I was breaking CV's when I had full extension of the front suspension under load. The CV showed no sign of binding when up in the air on jack stands but with the load of the driveline in 4 Low in an off-road scenario the axles would detonate in that same full droop position. I was using, and still am, the brand new lifetime warranty imported CV axles from O'Reilly's. Without that warranty I would have been on the hook for 3 extra CV's. 2 lost from off road over-extension and 1 to a tear in the boot.
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    Now with 2” lift, 16x8 ProComps and Falken Wild Peak 255/70/r16s. Skid plates and bumpers next. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Went joy riding to find a few waterfalls with the kids on this gloomy North GA day! Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G930A using Tapatalk
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    New wheels and tires. Really happy with how it turned out. 32x11.5r15 Falken Wildpeaks on DX4 Gear wheels (15x8 -19mm)
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    Doing some snowheeling this morning near Banff.
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    Finally finished welding up my low profile winch bumper last week! Sent from my SM-A520W using Tapatalk
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    Dang, sorry to hear that. I dont have schematics. What you see on the image you posted is close. Since you already have a set id suggest doing what Onespiritbrain said. Can you weld or have a friend that can? If so you can salvage your material and save money but cutting the flanges flange free and setting it up yourself. The orientation of the bottom flange does not matter as the top hat spins 360° but the angle of the tube and the orientation of the angle are the key. If your tube is anything other than straight up and down its wrong. The whole point of the SFD is to "translate" the suspension downward. Just like the subframe blocks are only providing vertical lift, the strut spacers need to do the same. So you need to cut the tube at the proper angle and orient that angle so that the tube ends up matching the subframe blocks.
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    Alright! I got the AC installed the other weekend, and it is GREAT! Fired up the plasma cutter to do some by-hand cuts last week, and tonight I cut my very first pieces on the plasma table! Nothing special, just some mounting tabs for a bracket to hold up a massive ventilation fan that @TowndawgR50 hooked me up with. Getting the rest of the ventilation pieces tomorrow, and will hopefully weld up the fan bracket and get things installed over the weekend. I think that's the last item on my list to complete the garage-to-workshop conversion...well, could use a TV in here, maybe move my mini-fridge from the other garage, some more lighting....anyway, details. Over the weekend, I also got around to converting all my original parts and some V2 modifications into the CAD/CAM application I was hoping to use for both my CNC router and plasma table. The application (Autodesk Fusion 360) is very frustrating, to say the least. Some issues are surely learning curve induced, and it might get me where I need to be in time, but I'm going to explore some other options first. Notably, it allowed me to cut my parts tonight, so at least I know we're heading in the right direction.
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    Today the title arrived in the mail. It's nice to know that after all this work it is legally mine. In Texas, at least major cities, we have to get vehicles inspected (even trailers over 4k GVWR which is a freaking pain in the a$$) before we can register them. When I was doing the title work I asked the clerk how I am supposed to drive my vehicle to get the OBDII monitors to a ready state so I can pass inspection when it is not road legal? She said I would have to get insurance on the vehicle and get a 30 day temp tag without registration. So tomorrow I start paying for insurance and I hope to get a temp tag so I can legally drive the thing if I am lucky enough to get it road worthy this weekend. Getting closer, but it is going to be a BUSY weekend. I had to pull the passenger cat after having the exhaust completed because I installed the manifold to cat gasket incorrectly. I wish junkyards could be more sneaky with the paint markings. All that's left under the hood is: -Intake manifold upper sections -computer harness from dash -belts -throttle and cruise cables -connect vacuum hoses -A/C idler -install battery -drain any existing oil and take a sample <- maybe I should have done this before installing the engine -cut open existing filter and examine <- maybe I should have done this before installing the engine -new oil and filter -pull plugs , vacuum cylinders, crank engine to build oil pressure -complete cooling system installation/radiator/fan -vacuum and charge A/C -fill all other fluids Installed new rack poly bushings. Shinny driveshafts new ujoints and balanced AND thanks my favorite junkyard for writing, in paint on the front face of the rims I purchased I have to figure out how to get that paint off without damaging the machined wheel surface. The bag of goodies...like I said, busy weekend. Oh, and I know all 8 of those rear link bolts are seized and are going to require cutting out with an angle grinder Not pictured: wheel spacers (shipped today), rear brake shoes and hardware kit, plugs...and OH I forgot an air filter
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    Quick overnighter outside of Darrington.
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    This is what happens when you use one truck as a toolbox while you work on another. She’s been patient while I worked on my Mom’s new 4Runner. Now it’s time for some love for the Pathy. Actually, all the developed products for the 4Runner have given me some good ideas on how to jury rig similar mods in my old girl! I’ve even got some RRO Sliders that have been sitting in a box unopened for almost 2 months. So much to do!
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    Bell Knob Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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