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    Not my rig but I was lucky enough to pilot this beast through AZ recently. HUGE thanks to @hawairish and his family for hosting us and letting the wifey and I use his vehicle to tour the Sonoran desert and the Colorado plateau. His rig is the most well sorted R50 I've seen. Everything is so well tuned and thought out. From the numerous mechanical upgrades and trick incognito pneumatic setup to the camping/fridge organizer in the back. It left me super inspired with a laundry list of things to improve on my own truck.
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    A few snaps of yesterday's track hunting here in South Australia
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    Here's the link and some shots with the first prototype on my truck. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/15l-NlSyDP_i69i3zcxD7mja0w7wJcLhy?usp=sharing My printing skills aren't the best so it turned out not so well first try, but a professional could probably make a nice one. Here's what it looks like on the truck. https://imgur.com/a/JhC1wid
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    Worked on the pathfinder a little bit today. I found a killer deal on a used ARB bumper off Craigslist and I couldn’t pass it up. I was going to use the Coastal off-road bumper but I was able to get this bumper for the same price. It also saves me the time from having to weld and paint it myself. The bumper does have a couple scratches on it but I’ll be painting it with raptor lining eventually. Installation was pretty straight forward. Took my 8 year old and I about 45 minutes to put it together without any instructions. The guy who sold it to me is also offering an almost new smitty bilt 9500lb winch for 200. Does anyone have anything positive to say about smitty bilt or should I splurge for a warn? The only thing I don’t really like about the the ARB is that it does stick out quite a bit and does lose some approach angle. This build is more a overland vehicle so I guess it won’t matter too much. Oh the bumper also came with a set of vision x lights. I didn’t realize until I got home and did some research that the lights are $550 msrp so I scored on that. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I got to get into the woods near big flat brook near me I need a wing person to film stuff, I wish I could've gotten video of the creek bed I found.. Rocks are fun and nothing has stopped this truck so far so I need to go to rausch creek Sent from my LM-G710VM using Tapatalk
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    Beautiful in East Tennessee today. Sent from my SM-S367VL using Tapatalk
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    About to scoop up my second pathy. .98 5spd 4wd had a 95 years ago i currently have a 95 Hardbody which is my first truck ive had for 16 years.. its lowered, 5 lug swapped, and dual weber side drafts have another 95 thats a beer truck have my 07 crew cab thats my daily and just got rid of my xterra Father has a tacoma that we have been messing with since i was a kid Looking for some ideas for the 98 im gonna get .. would love to kick up a SFD but they seem to be impossible to find
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    Any Nissan FSM ( Factory service manual) can be found here https://www.nicoclub.com/nissan-service-manuals
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    I've seen a lot of the active guys on here have a build thread, so I thought id make one of my own so that everything I've done and everything that I plan do to her in the future can all be in one place. Introducing my 2001 3.3L Series II R50 Ti as bought early 2019.. 190XXX KMS on the clock. Stock as a rock with Nissan factory bullbar and sidesteps, last owner had mounted a side awning! Ive done a fair bit to her over the past 12 months including; - 2" Lift Lovells Shocks and Medium Load Springs - 31" M/T's on 16" Sunraysia Steelies - 42" XTM Roofmount Light Bar - 2x 7" KINGS Domin8tor LED Spotties - BushSkinz 4x4 Bash/Skid Plate - 105AH Duel Battery - 40AH DCDC Charger - 900x1000 Titan Rear Drawers (Inner Wheel Arch required some uh.. 'trimming') - Slotted Rotors + Heavy Duty Brake Pads Plus a ton of other small mods Ill probably update as I remember.. And general maintenance such as all of the belts replaced, practically everything fuel related has been replaced with new, new Steering Pump and Rack, Spark Plugs, Distributor.. umm.. A lot of small things have been done over the year.. including 65,000KMS on the clock.. We get around.. SO. Below are some photos of her now and over the year as shes progressed.. < BUSHSKINZ BASHPLATE LOVELLS 2INCH LIFT TITAN REAR DRAWERS + 20L WATER TANK + FRIDGE/FREEZER + DUEL BATTERY HOUSING THUNDER 40AMP DCDC CHARGER + SOME SOCKETS MOUNTED ON WALL BLUETOOTH HEAD UNIT + ORICOM DUEL ANTENNA UHF Probably seen these before but I think these reverse cameras integrated into the rearview mirror and bloody awesome! I have a control switch where one of the coin holders were so I can have it on permanently when the cargo area is full and you cant see out the back. JUST A SILLY EXHAUST TIP PURELY FOR SEX APPEAL That's all so far.. but I have no plans of slowing down anytime soon.. next thing on the agenda will be custom flares as the stock ones just take up too much of the wheel arch for my liking.. HID Headlights.. Snorkel will probably be the next mod as the wet season approaches.. Rear Lockers.. Maybe front as well.. see what happens.. Rear LED's for camping.. Smoked out taillights.. Taillight Guards.. Also keeping my eyes out for a QX4 woodgrain interior to swap out.. A custom rear bar would also be great in the future.. adding a bit more departure angle.. See how we go with getting the new XROX bar and Winch done before wet season too.. As you can all probably guess this list is nowhere near finished and will continue to grow and I will be posting all future mods as they happen in this topic for anyone who is interested. Cheers guys, if you have any ideas or tips please let me know and I will try to do the same!
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    Agreed. Though, it was a flip on a quote that came from the R50 FB group saying that NPORA gives owners bad info. The person who wrote it is king of bad info.
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    She may be my Offroad Toy - but she’s still a work horse too. Quarantine Project time - she just swallows that stuff up. That weight doesn’t even begin to touch the LR 9448s
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    Got mine in about 2 days. Now just gotta find the time to put this altogether. AC and 9447s
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    Cleaning the upper slide on the B pillar (by your shoulder) helps a lot with seatbelt retraction. Hold the belt up and (mostly) out of the way and you can feed a thin piece of wire or something between the belt and the slider, and use that to scrape the schmoo off the slider (being careful not to damage the belt webbing of course). The belt should slide more easily afterwards. Mine doesn't shoot back like a tape measure, but I don't have to feed it in by hand and it doesn't get caught in the door. I imagine taking the seatbelt out and washing the hell out of the webbing would help a lot, and probably slow the accumulation of schmoo on the sliders as well. I'm not entirely sure where the schmoo comes from. I assume it's human slime of some variety, but it's not like I drive shirtless or wipe myself with the belt. (We're not out of TP yet.) Also, a dealer failing to honor a lifetime warranty because their VIN archive sucks is some serious BS.
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    Thanks all I found the seal, found out nissan part numbers are slightly off, instead of the 40227 number it ended up being 40228-31G00 playing around with the bed some today, think i'll try this instead of a flat bed
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    My almost complete sas
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    New guy here, first post on this forum but not new to Pathfinders or modding vehicles. I’ve owned 4 pathfinders in the last ten years and loved ‘em all! This most recent project started while searching for a “Gambler 500” vehicle on CL. There are loose guidelines that a person should buy a vehicle for $500 or less and drive it 500 miles off-road in central Oregon during the 2 day weekend event. Sounds simple enough and while my buddies decided to buy civics, neons and 2wd s10 trucks, I decided I wanted to be the guy with 4wd in the group. I found this baby on CL with the description that it had been “involved in a slow speed rollover” and was asking $400. I had no idea what to expect when I drove the 30 mins to neighboring town to check it out. This is is what I found! After a little wheelin’ and dealin’ we agreed upon $250 cash out the door. After I got home I snapped a few more pics. Might look like significant damage but the engine ran so smooth and tires only 1 year old I could not pass it up! My buddy owns an auto glass shop and got me a windshield for $60 and I pulled a side cargo window for $15 from the local JY so in about 3 days after acquiring it I had both broken windows replaced. With just over 200k miles I figure there’s plenty of weekend/dirt road miles left in it as it won’t be my daily driver. At this point I’m considering not rallying this in the Gambler 500, I might just keep and clean it up and build a reliable off road rig.
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    Here is with bumper back on and about 100lbs of stuff in the cargo area. Still sits high but not as noticeable, I’ll wait till tire carrier is installed with tire on and see how it sits then. Drives great and handles much stiffer with very little body roll.
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    Thank you sir, had the underside correct but had it facing up.. my 87 pathfinder
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    I already got out fishing this year! Didn't catch anything though... Lmao Sent from my LM-G710VM using Tapatalk
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    This picture is screen saver quality
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    If you count the Strawberry Milkshake of Death and CVT failures, that club might have more members than some political parties! Acronym might need work, though.
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    Mine would be the one on Facebook with the 3” sfd. I will let the pines to spines guys explains the technical parts. The sfd strut mounts do fix the camber issues beautifully. You essentially need to get the full 4” sfd kit to utilize the full benefits. Like leveling out the cv axles back to factory angles. With any spring lift you have on the struts you will keep that going into the added height of the sfd. So if you have +2” springs and then add a 4” sfd you’ll net a total of 6” over factory height. My current set up: OME Struts OME Springs 3”sfd 7449 Landrover springs. All this equals + 4.75” over factory height. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Honestly, the quality of the information is self-evident. Anybody who shuns the forum over FB clearly has chronic judgement issues. I’m not particularly mechanical but I can recognize a careful & thorough thought process. It’s a shame NPORA allows the FB to have the same name - it would be fine if it were different.
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    Here's my video on 3.3 #6 plug removal. Hope this helps. Sent from my SM-S367VL using Tapatalk
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    Facebook killed the forums and it is sad because the real database of info is here.
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    I talked to the seller for a little bit when i went to get the bumper. He said he sold the vehicle. He runs some sort of shop and there were lot of trucks outside. He was in the process of moving his shop so he wanted to clear out the place. The smitty Winch he has is practically brand new. I know the retail price isn’t too bad for them either around 300 I think. I also got around to installing the roof basket today. Truck looks so much better now. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Last night I finished swapping out the hinge pin on the tire carrier with the new one, and it worked out great. Much stronger, no wobble, and very smooth. Had to fabricate quite a few pieces to get it where I need it, but it clears the hatch and sits level and also corrected the backward lean of the tire that was present before. Very happy with it, just needs to be painted now. And I won’t post pics until it’s painted lol Ive also got the coastal off-road kit sitting in the garage, the old brush guard is off the truck now, just waiting to dig into the front end this week. I’m not sure how long it’ll take me, but I’m figuring at least a few days Then I’ll do the bearings on Saturday I think
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    When I brought my wd21 in I told them to change the oil at the same time. So I came out with new seatbelts, fresh oil and OEM filter for $40. I felt like at least giving them some business made them not treat me like some leech lol.
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    Did a lot of Takata airbag replacements while I was at the dealership. I did notice a report a while back that in some cars, the replacement inflators are being recalled for the same problems the originals had. I always was suspicious of the whole idea of putting an explosive device a couple feet in front of me for my safety. Now, the average car/light truck has an average of 6-10 explosive devices packed around the occupants and they still have issues with them. Did a lot of reprogramming of the airbag control modules in Frontiers, Xterras, and Titans because it was discovered that when the truck was tilted far enough and hit a bump right, it would think that it was rolling over and fire all the airbags and pretensioners off. Was told that it kinda ruined a trail run when it happens.
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    Hey guys! I'd like to introduce myself. My name is misael, and I'm from the san Fernando valley here in los angeles California. I just bought my first pathfinder, and my first 4x4! Got an original 1 owner (I'm the second) 1987 2 door wd21. I've been wanting one of these for years and I finally found the perfect one. My main goal here is to learn as much as I can about these trucks. I'm actually familiar with the v6 since my dad had 2 2wd v6 hardbodies. We now currently own my pathfinder, a 92 hardbody 2wd 2.4 and a v6 2wd 5 speed hardbody.
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    Yes sir, I’ve got the AC coils up front. I used the KYB struts as well, I’ve heard mixed reviews on everything else, so that was the safest bet. Definitely go for the OEM nissan strut mounts and bearings, nothing else has been recommended on this forum, and for good reason. It sucks to have to shell out a good amount of money on tiny parts, but you save yourself a mountain of headache and eventual replacement costs later on I only needed one set (two) of camber bolts to align my front end, but some guys end up needing two sets for whatever reason, so it’s worth keeping in mind.
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    It looks pretty normal, I don’t doubt that he has legitimate Land Rover springs, whatever part number he got. There’s no front lift that will level Land Rover springs, let alone MD’s without a spacer. The HD’s are a definite step up in weight rating and will lift a higher height, about 1.25-1.5” according to rugged rocks. Even on AC’s and 9449’s I have about 1-1.25” of rake. See post #167 for a picture of freshly installed HD’s with Land Rover springs:
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    I see you’ve got a d-ring in your driver side tow hook: just so you’re aware, there’s a moderate consensus that you shouldn’t recover a vehicle or be recovered using those front tow hooks, they’re really not designed with that scenario in mind. They seem to be totally ok for simple towing, but if a vehicle is really stuck or hung up, they’ve been known to fail:
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    Unless you have lockers the truck has open differentials. The tires with less grip spin. Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
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    Needs a bit of tweaking still, but it’s mostly done at this point. The tire leans slightly backwards, but I’m pretty sure I can use some sort of spacers between the wheel and the mount to adjust this without needing to chop and recut things. The mount for the jerry can is still mid build, it needs some sheet metal to close up the front back and sides, and a locking mechanism to keep it secure, but for now I just used ratchet straps to get an idea of whether it will sit nicely. My welds are not pretty but at least now they’re rock solid. I put my whole weight at the end of the open carrier and had no issues whatsoever. Also took it for a bumpy drive and nothing has moved so far The falkens are mounted now, which means no more highway howling, so I’m feeling pretty damn happy at the moment.
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    Finally had a chance to take some crappy pictures this morning on the way to work. It’s been raining so much here in Seattle and I only drive the pathfinder on weekends so it’s been tough trying to get some decent photos. Sorry but these are taken on my iPhone. The cutoff of these projectors are amazing with super sharp lines and nice color. Light output is so good now that I don’t even need to use my oem driving/fog lights anymore. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Lots of info on this already covered in there. You just gotta sift through it. To summarize, you can fit 32's with some trimming on a 2" lift (springs every time over spacers), you'll want 15x8 wheels with 3.75" backspacing or 16x8 wheels with 4" BS.
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    With hot soak, a couple things to check. Check for spark, sometimes the ignition module in the distributor will fail when hot. Check your fuel pressure, but also watch for pressure drop. Fuel pressure I think should be 30-40 psi range if I recall correctly. It should hold the pressure for a while after the engine is shut off. If it drops more than 10 psi in 5 min, it is possible you have a leaking injector that is flooding the cylinder making hot starts hard. You can try holding the throttle open while cranking and see if that helps. Have heard reports of injectors failing when hot also.
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    Hopefully it's as clean as it looks! They do tend to rot around the strut towers, so check there. If it's got the 3.3, it's got a timing belt that's due at around 100k (105?) but might be worth doing anyway as a precaution given that it's old enough to vote. If it's got the 3.5 and an automatic, you may want to pull it apart and loctite the power valve screws, as those have a bad habit of backing out and falling in. Some of the 3.5 trucks also have oil consumption issues, so keep an eye on the dipstick, at least at first.
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    Wheel spacers and roof rack on today also.
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    Hub update. Got my replacement ones in and it appears the bearing on the hub failed. Swapped it out and greased it up with some better grease than what it came with and the noise is gone and locks and unlocks fine. The noise was like hitting the rumble strips and more of a growl and went away when i locked them because that bearing stopped moving when the hub was engaged. Now as soon as my Lokka comes in I'm ready to go.
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    15x8’s with 3.75 backspacing don’t rub my calipers at all.
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    3.75 Backspace is the magic number if you want guaranteed fitment for any tire larger than 31” tall. If it’s 31” or less, backspacing doesn’t matter much

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