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    Great trip with some of the PNW folks this past weekend @Stpickens and his dad in a slick kitted out Subaru, @zakzackzachary @02_Pathy @Citron and @SteelerCam. Ran section 1 of the Washington Back-country Discovery Route and got my technical fix afterwards at Jones Creek with @02_Pathy
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    Ran the Gambler500 with @Slartibartfast this past weekend. The original plan was to take the Pines to Spines 2003 LE but I didnt have enough time to sort its electrical problems. So we took my 2001 instead. Really enjoyed meeting and hanging with @Slartibartfast. His rig is one of the cleanest WD's I've seen! The gambler crowd is a pretty wild bunch and there was plenty examples of creative and nutty cars that had all the right hackery to make for a fun weekend. Explored a large area east of the cascades which was mostly new to me and played around at Moses Lake briefly before heading out.
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    Километры бегут Отправлено с моего BV9500 через Tapatalk
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    Whatever is going on with these replies, take it to Facebook or Instagram or wherever else because that bull@!*% doesn't belong here. @joshualaw205 My 04 has OE glass fogs. A p/n crossref shows fitment for 99-04 trucks. I suggest hitting a junkyard or eBay for options. LH: 26155-2W125 (full assembly, ~$182), 26159-2W100 (housing only, NLA) RH: 26150-2W125 (full assembly, ~$182), 26154-2W100 (housing only, NLA) You seem proud of the truck, but it seems like there's misinformation. You've acquired followers hell-bent on exploiting it, too. I'm not one, but the bottom line is that there weren't factory or dealer options for a rear locker, front LSD, special tow wiring, suspension lift, nor extended range fuel tank for any Pathfinder, probably ever. You could get an optional rear LSD, 4-pin trailer harness, and tire carrier on WD21 and R50, but that's about it. Even when your truck was new, those other items may not have existed at the time even in the aftermarket (they hardly exist now), and no way Nissan nor a dealership was pioneering upgrades like those. All US-destined R50s were made in Japan, so nothing unique there either. If you're interested in learning about what the truck does have, this is a good community for that. A "what is this?" or "is this stock?" thread may help answer some questions you (and apparently others) may have about your truck, but this thread isn't a good place for that sort of discovery. Maybe there are some customizations on the truck that we can help identify. @everyone else: Fellas, whether he's lying or misinformed, just offer information, insight, or correction and move on. Call a guy out if you have to, but have some tact; this isn't FB or IG. He seemed to have a genuine question about fog lights, and then things got stupid fast. If you can't contribute, don't reply.
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    Overdue thanks! I think that's a very likely possibility. Well...sorta. Things have been slow-moving, and my fault really...overworking at my regular job, working on a downright horrible Land Cruiser project, and a few other projects eventually just burned me out a bit. So, I took a vacation! Spent a few weeks driving around the country with my family, caught a few baseball games, visited family, and just put some miles on the new Telluride. Notably, I did spend one of those weeks on the road at my company's headquarters working...not that I really wanted to, but it saved me the trouble of having to fly back out there later and it was actually on the way home. Plus, the expense report paid for all my gas on the trip. It was a good way to clear my head. @TowndawgR50 and I haven't stopped chatting about things, and feeling a little refreshed now, we're ready to move forward again. After the first prototype sets were made a few months, we learned a few things and it's just been a matter of adjusting things to get the product we want. So we've tweaked the designs a little, purchased some more equipment, and are working on a few more tooling items before cutting the raw parts. The near term goal is to produce a small batch of kits and finally get them on the PNW Piners' trucks. Steering joints ordered already. The biggest change from the first kit is that we've decided to drill all bolt holes. The plasma cutter can cut small circles and can do it reasonably well, but it can't do it consistently well. So we're needing jigs to ensure we can mark all holes quickly and consistently, and while it'll be extra work drilling, we think it'll produce a cleaner product. It also gives us opportunities to use press in studs, which will simplify installation in a few places. I've got an expansion kit for the plasma table arriving this week. While it doesn't give us any massive cutting widths, it's a beneficial upgrade that I'm pretty stoked about nonetheless. No immediate need for it, but the need to do skids keeps surfacing, and there's a good possibility we may see if bumpers are viable.
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    up in stokes this past weekend Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Surrounded by Toyota’s Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Finally got it moving on its own power.. Pretty excited!
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    I recently moved and directly across the street is a shop. I don't plan on spending a lot of time there , but he's got a lift and told me I could use it anytime I wanted. There's still good people in this world. Sent from my SM-S737TL using Tapatalk
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    The beginnings of an extensive electrical project under the tutelage of Mr. Electric (@ferrariowner123). First step, “new” Pioneer AVH-X391BHS radio with USB port, line in, microphone, BlueTooth, and 2 camera ports (ultimately reverse & undercarriage cameras). We also addressed dash cam wiring, LED turn signal relay & removal of my old CB, it’s cable, and my old front auxiliary light wiring, as well as making room for a rear power panel. Special thanks to@ferrariowner123 without whom this would have been infinitely more difficult & who went the extra step of taking the new radio wiring & crafting a custom harness! Also, to my annoyance - as of March 2019, WAZE withdrew App support from Pioneer - REALLY annoying.
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    Aside from a couple harsh comments, we were just giving you a hard time. Your apology and willingness to move on goes a long way. Hopefully you can share with us more about your truck and the mods. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Lying about having an off road package and having fog lights on the forum seems like bringing it onto the forum. Here's what I think. Obviously we have a great community of great people on here who all share the same passion: their Pathfinders. When it comes down to it, we want this to be a place where people can talk about what they have and what they've done with their cars for what they actually are. In a perfect world nobody should feel the need to lie about what they have to try and give themselves a persona of being special. The fact is, everyone's car is special to themselves regardless of the fact that to everyone else it may just be another stock rig. When I first got my Pathfinder handed down to me from my folks, I loved it to death because it was mine and to me it was the best car I could have. To everyone else it was just a boring stock Pathfinder, but to me it was beast. Our goal here should be to be able to relate to that, and take that passion for a vehicle and help talk with and guide people into building and modifying their car to be exactly what they want, which is what so many people on here helped me with a few years ago when I first started modifications. There is absolutely no shame in having a stock and unoriginal vehicle, because that's where literally everyone has to start. The only thing we decide is how to talk to and help people who are in that place we used to be, and not act in a way that would make people feel like they have to lie about what they have. I haven't been on here a lot recently so obviously I don't know all the influence that's going on, but from everyone I know personally on here there are no actions I see that would seemingly make anyone feel they need to be untruthful about what they have. Everyone I know on here is nothing but helpful and direct when it comes to helping guide people to how to add certain things to their cars, and the right way, so I don't think it's the forum that's the problem. But we don't need to get into why the truth was or wasn't told. I think the only thing that needs to be made clear at this point is what we expect from our community. Making up information about what you drive should not be tolerated, there's nothing to gain from it on either side. This forum is here as an awesome resource for people who have questions and want to talk about their cars, and we want it to stay that way. I know a lot of people on here that rock NPORA stickers on their cars, and everyone who does so is presenting this website and this group to all the people of the world in a way. Each person represents NPORA when they rock the sticker, and we want a good image portrayed to anyone who may be able to or be interested in coming on the forum. If we have people badly representing us, it'll keep people from wanting to come on here, and NPORA will become a wasted and unused resource to anyone new who may hav otherwise been able to use it. That said, as a friendly and welcoming and helpful community to everyone in every stage of build, there should be no need to stretch the truth, only to be honest and seek actual answers!
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    I guess I’m done then. This is confusing. Maybe you could also clear up your dealer installed rear “vacuum” locker, your dealer installed front LSD, and your dealer installed 27 gallon gas tank that you claim to have? Or why you say you have a 99.5 with the off-road package, but no tire carrier or SE Limited badging (My dad owned an ACTUAL 99.5 w/ off-road package when I was in elementary, and it’s been at the local JY for months. It had the tire carrier (which I pulled off and shipped to another R50 owner), SE limited badging, and came with fog lights). Or the tow package that you have? What does the “trailer” button that I’ve seen photos of do? Or maybe you could articulate to everyone how you received a factory installed 1” lift? I’d honestly appreciate evidence and explanation of all of these modifications that you claim to have, you would certainly have the most capable “stock” pathfinder around. It seems like most attempts to hash this out don’t go very far. I really want to understand how you got a dealer to completely modify your front and rear diffs, gas tank, and suspension. I’d also like to know why you have the only 99.5 off-road package without badging, tire carrier, or fog lights. Heres a brush up on the info we’re talking about R50’s like yours were only sold in the west? I’m interested in this one too I’ve heard all about this mean dealer installed machine, and I think everyone would enjoy seeing the inner workings of your lockers, LSD, suspension lift, and oversized gas tank. Have a good one!
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    Some pics from my last trip out in August with a mate in his lifted Forester
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    Had a junkyard day and was able to snag a handful of parts: color matched side mirrors (mine are black), no rush to install these I guess OEM low-pro side steps tons of fasteners/fuses/relays other misc trim pieces/spares Welded on some angle iron to support a jerry can holder in the back, and installed the OEM low-profile side steps. The side steps were definitely a functionality "upgrade"; I found myself accessing the roof basket a lot and standing in the door sills and on the tires grew old, fast. These low profile ones are a great alternative- I don't currently have the ability to get some nice rock sliders. With the new jerry can I had to relocate my license plate. Decided to go all in and install riv-nuts. If it looks crooked it's because I need to adjust the spacers behind the plate. Due to the angles of the hatch, spacers were used to push it out level-ish. I wired in the LED light to the stock bulb locations. Bonus- found these little rubber strut covers and popped those on.
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    found these in my camera roll today
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    You non-U.S. guys & your diesels! You make us sick!!! (with envy that is)
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    Hey everyone, excited to officially join the group! I've been using the site for the last few years researching everything involved with a 2" suspension lift which I installed a couple months ago. Figured it was about time I actually joined. It's been a fun learning experience and looking forward to taking advantage of being in one of the best places in the world for 4x4ing. Anyone else in Colorado let feel free to reach out!
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    More electrical hijinks as I played with the idea of getting these awesome T4R cabin lights to work in our dome lights (with expert consultation with[mention=32880]ferrariowner123[/mention]). Not sure it’s going to work. I’ve used incandescent red, LED red & even IR controlled RGB LEDs but nothing comes close to these lights - a nice bright white & manually switchable to a red that is also bright. Part of my never-ending quest to repurpose Toyota & Jeep aftermarket parts. (BTW, I used the “small” pic posting - I don’t know why they’re so huge).
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    The 3.3 can barely tow heavy on flat ground. I can’t remember exactly how much weight it was but I think it was about 4000# including the trailer and it was nearly unable. 0-60 was seriously like 30 seconds or more and I had to drop down into 1st gear for steep-ish grades and 2nd for anything else. Lighter towing isn’t as hateful but I still end up dropping into 2nd for steeper grades, which on highways means I’m doing like 35-40mph. Empty trailer isn’t too bad. I can make my way pulling empty by choosing to wait for good opportunity when pulling out into traffic and the likes. Overall the 3.3 just isn’t able to handle its own when towing and it really shines a light on how underpowered the motor is for the weight of the vehicle. Lastly I have an automatic trans and I noticed the thing doesn’t shift the same after towing heavy. Soft shifts are softer and it’s since cleared up but it did have a bump midway thru 1st gear every morning directly after towing heavy.
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    Hopefully! But yeah, given some product decisions, we just need better and/or efficient ways to do things. Drilling holes is definitely not efficient, but it will be better. A larger and slower drill press was a must. Though, I did also buy another tiny flux core welder...probably not a must, but I couldn't resist. I've also been eyeballing a horizontal bandsaw...
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    Hey guys, just wanted to say it would be cool if everyone kept chill. It's late right now and I've been working all day, but in the morning I'll probably censor a potty word here or there. Just don't want to see this go south and get a bunch of people in trouble. Joshua, I'm in a a group chat that's been talking about this, seems like glass fog lights do exist. No idea what the correlation is to trim level, year, etc. May have to go to a local junkyard and poke around for glass ones. How bad was the wiring to add them by the way?
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    I don’t think anyone is interested in the story and you’ll do well to retain it.. they want to see actual irrefutable proof.
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    If you have legitimate proof that you actually have all of these things, please come forward and show us proof. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    In your profile pic, and your account pic, you don’t even have fog lights.....
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    Gotta say I like either of the stock R50 tail lights or the QX4 tail lights better than the 2fast2furious Altezza aftermarket stuff.
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    People seemed to like this one so I’ll put it in
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    I believe you'll need a resistor and a relay to accomplish your goal. The DRL voltage is usually quite low, somewhere between 3 and 6 volts. (Use a voltmeter to check the DRL voltage.) If you tap into the high beams for your light bar, the DRL voltage is still high enough to trigger the lights. You need to add a resistor between the high beam wire and your automotive relay so that the relay will not trip until it gets enough voltage. The size of the resistor will vary based on the relay's "ON" voltage and the DRL circuit's output voltage.
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    Got bored today so i took some pictures of my pathy. Theyre the same but i tried playing around with some colour changing and what ever and it looks really cool actually. My bumper is not finished yet so dont pay attention to the back of the car. https://imgur.com/a/S91l9gV
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    Could always grab a Nissan OEM option Momo steering wheel. They're equipped with airbags too. I worked a deal out with @ferrariowner123 for his unit and its a pretty slick upgrade, but you will need to relocate cruise control and stereo functions to the dashboard or setup a wheel mounted system
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    Probably your best bet. https://www.crutchfield.com/S-I0Gjw6kFQLp/p_120RFASWC/Axxess-RFASWC-Universal-Steering-Wheel-Controls-Package.html The zenkis never had the option for steering wheel controls. Those little covers you are steering wheel are access points for removing the air bag. -Kyle
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    No sweat. Look, we've all wanted our truck to be more than what it was at some point. Let's just get you the right information about what it is right now, so you know what you're working with. Even in stock form, a lot of people here will attest to its capabilities, so there's not really anything to be ashamed of. There's tons of information here that you won't find in any other Pathfinder forum, so don't let this experience deter you. As for the fogs, I may be able to help. Mine are still in the bumper cover that I removed last year, sitting on the side of the house. I was planning to incorporate them into the bumper I built, but I've abandoned that idea and just haven't told myself yet. I tend to hoard R50 parts for longer than I should. But anyway, explore your options and let me know if I can help.
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    Thank you Hawairish, I am fairly new to the Pathfinder community and do not understand too much about what did and did not come standard, as it was my father who bought the vehicle originally. I will admit to lying about a few things, but I will save that conversation for later as it is almost 1am where I live and I am very tired. But for the most part I myself am a bit confused on what all came standard with the truck and what was added on after the fact. Again, I’ll save this for later. I just want everybody to know that I am terribly sorry for all the drama and confusion I have caused. It’s great to know that the latter model R50s do have available glass fog lights. I will have to check eBay and local junkyards for a set. Thanks for setting it all straight and actually leaving a helpful comment as opposed to a hateful one. Have a great night, I hope to discuss some of this with everybody tomorrow when we’re all awake and fresh. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Thank you for getting the topic back on track LOL. That’s good to know, I didn’t think Nissan made glass OEM fog lights for R50s, but now that I know I’ll have to probe around to see if they will fit. The installation was not terribly difficult. When it was time to work out the wiring, I got a bit lazy and just spliced them into the dash light fuse with a cheap little switch where the fog light wires split off. That way they still work with the headlight dial, but I don’t necessarily need to have my headlights on to use the fogs, I only need to have the dash lights on. Unfortunately the set of cheap plastic fog lights I bought three years ago or so when I did this were of a poor quality and cracked/aged very quickly, so last year I removed them and put the black plastic inserts back in. The wiring is all still there and I do miss having fog lights, so I wouldn’t be opposed to another, higher quality set of plastic lights, however glass would be preferred. Thanks for all that you do! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Wait, I knew that trailer switch looked so familiar. I went to take a look at my dash and I have the same thing!!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    so can we see some more pics of your car?.. like tonight your rear locker switch really intrigues me
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    So are you saying we don't have to lie to kick it? and... we should get rid of those that don't show us their vehicles up front or who contribute inaccurate regurgitated knowledge?
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    Oh come on let him be. He didn’t bring it on this forum, did he?
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    Ahhh.... I'd forgotten how much fun it was to just have the kids on my lap and driving around the lawn in the Pathfinder.
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    went out to play in the woods a little last evening Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Can’t get it anywhere except 4x4 parts. My recommendation to save you a grip of money would be to get the ac 2 inch coils for the front, and get Land Rover nrc9447 coils for the back from lrdirect.com
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    Yes someone has relocated it. Its proper place is under the upper intake plenum but its a huge pain in the arse to get to so folks, myself included, will relocate it to an easier to get to location instead of putting back underneath the plenum. Looks like yours is broken and missing the clip that snaps in to hold the connector on. Id just cable tie it on there..
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    Might have a go for the first time. Winter trip up the Carricktown track in Central Otago, NZ, in my JDM diesel r50 with a mate in his lifted JDM Forester XT. We were stopped by that big drift, was about a metre deep in the middle and just couldn't get through.
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    You can buy a sewable steering wheel cover online and sew it on! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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