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  2. how are the yellow brake pads compared to stock?
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  4. No I snug the nuts down. Everything stays in place pretty well.
  5. My traction boards are mounted almost the same way, I had wing nuts on mine, but switched to threaded knobs, which made it a lot quicker to screw on and off. I also have a small locking cable (it's actually a snowboard cable lock) that I'll loop through the holes and the rack if I'm going to be parked somewhere sketchy. Sent from my SM-G973U using Tapatalk
  6. Are the nuts held on by the boards pushing back on them?
  7. Couple more basic projects from this summer. First is a GMRS radio setup. I went with a Midland MXT275 because it has all of the controls on the handset which allows discreet installation of the head unit, and everything can be tucked away when not in use. It also includes a nice little magnetic antenna. I installed the antenna behind the roof rack’s wind deflector on the passenger side, and ran the cable down underneath the windshield trim - through the passenger door jam, and into the passenger side footwell: I ended up attaching the head unit inside the top half of the center console, and run the hand set cable through the opening. The head unit is powered by the cigarette lighter plug in the bottom compartment. System works great and I was able to communicate with my party about 4-5 miles away through pretty dense forest. Also got a set of X-Bull style recovery boards, and made some mounts for my SE rack out of square U-bolts with self adhering felt pads and heat shrink to help protect the cross bars. I know this has been done before but maybe it’ll help someone visualize how to attach these with our roof racks. I'm going to get wing nuts instead of the 3/16th nuts that came with the U-bolts but this works okay for now: Up next is a IAC valve replacement for preventative maintenance. I have the OEM Hitachi part just need to find the time to do it..
  8. Bennett Pass - Mt. Hood National Forest - Oregon
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  10. I didn't touch motor mounts. They are the same. And no more crossmembers exclude panhard tower.. That's problem, i think. Subframe is more stiff construction. I'd like to see another similar project))
  11. Super easy mod but maybe this is helpful to the community for those with the non-motorized antenna. I was a little annoyed at the huge factory antenna getting caught and rattling around on branches in narrow trails. Started looking around for options but I wasn’t able to find any aftermarket short antennas listed for R50’s but came across the Nissan USA parts site and was able to figure out that we share the part # with Frontiers (and some other models). I went ahead and ordered this unit - https://www.cravenspeed.com/the-original-stubby-antenna-for-1998-2019-nissan-frontier/ and it fits great. They are a local company to me, it’s a USA made part and their customer service has been very helpful. Looks great I think, and seems like a well made unit. Reception seems fine in town, although I'm sure there is an overall reception trade-off. That being said the Pathfinder isn't my daily so this is definitely an improvement for my use case. Nice little easy and cheap mod in my book.
  12. I am trying to decide what to do for a lift. I don't want anything too big. I would like to do the SF Creations spacers in either 1" or 2". At the same time I would be putting on new shocks/struts/springs. I currently have 255/70/16 AT tires on. I feel like a 2" spacer lift would make these tires look too small. Can anyone point me to some pics of an R50 with the 2" spacer lift and either 255/70/16 or 265/70/16 tires? Preferably on a post-face lift R50.
  13. Thanks for the reply Slarti the pump hasn't gone out but it's getting harder to steer while sitting still and I notice some jumping/vibration in the steering wheel when i turn left almost full lock. Just trying to get it back 20 years in condition and felt like it's a good thing to make it drive less old
  14. I bet they are. Mine looks terrible and partially works but only goes up to 3/4 then isn't always correct and have no clue what it would say while empty bc it shows E when it's half a tank. Any idea where to get a new or reman one
  15. I don't remember mine off hand but I put in quite a bit more than the manual said - I just measured what came out, and it was more than the documented amount. However, I can't ever get the dipstick to measure anything. lol.
  16. Probably overfilled. I overfilled mine when I flushed it. I thought I was being clever and under-filling it, so I could just add a little more to get it to the right level once I warmed it up, but then I warmed it up and it was way higher than I expected. I think I drained half a quart or so. I had a hard time getting a consistent dipstick reading, but I got the level close enough that the dipstick read correctly once, and I decided that was close enough. If it consistently reads high, I would drain a little out and check it again, for peace of mind if nothing else.
  17. First thing I'd check is the ignition timing. Easy to get the dizzy a tooth off, or 180° out if you set it up at top dead exhaust instead of top dead compression. Easy check if you've got a timing light. Check your firing order, too. And be glad it doesn't have an oil pump drive that you have to position so the distributor shaft will engage it. Had all kinds of fun with that on my friend's Chevy 4.3l.
  18. Looks like the W/D22 pump will work. IIRC the R50 pump is set a few hundred pounds higher, probably to suit the rack and pinion, so I wouldn't bother with that. I would expect a pump off a '95 WD21 to bolt right up. If the old pump died a messy death, flush the hell out of the lines and box consider adding a filter. There's a bit of a screen in the res, but it's not much (and may need cleaning). I replaced a pump on a VW last winter that had run dry and the glitter just kept coming out of that thing. It had a half-decent filter in the res but I added a Magnefine to the return line anyway to hopefully catch the worst of it.
  19. PartTime4WD, did you ever get the front suspension put on? If so, do you have any pics with everything complete?
  20. Be very careful with the sending units. after all this time they are very fragile. the flexible contact that rides up the fuel level contact can crack. when they are pulled out they are subject to damage just setting them on their side.
  21. Hey folks, I've had my auto VQ35 Pathy for a year now and I never really bothered to properly measure the ATF level with a warmed up transmission. The few times I did a stone cold measure it read very high but I just told myself to check later after a short trip (and never did until now). So, properly warmed up (driving around the neighborhood, changing gears, engine running), the dipstick is reading about an inch higher from the max mark, give or take. I haven't used the car as much but I have done a couple of 300+ trips with zero issues. Being a firm believer of "if it's not broken..." I'm not sure if I should let some fluid out or if this is fine. Surely I don't want to be causing gradual damage to my transmission either. I did some research and found this thread and my dipstick reads almost exactly as the one in the photo: http://www.nissanpathfinders.net/forum/topic/45253-transmission-fluid Should I just leave it alone? Fluid is rather fresh still (PO changed it shortly before I bought the car).
  22. Hey guys blew my pathy up over 3 years ago and finally got around to fixing it got a motor, went threw all the gaskets, timing belt etc. Well put the motor in and it just cranks no start... i have fuel, i have spark. brand new battery, starter, all new gaskets, timing belt, water pump, plugs, wires, cap and rotor. please help lol.
  23. Hey I have searched and I am needing to replace the power steering pump on my '91. I noticed the '93 and older have a different pump than after '93.5. So my question is are there actual differences in fitment or can I use a '95 vg30e pump. Further if I swap brackets and pulley could I use one off an R50 or early xterra? Seems like if they are the same engine block it might be possible, or at least locating a '95 WD21 pump. The prices on the R50 and xterra are much lower than the early wd21 pump. Thanks for any replies
  24. Is it possible to use QX4 motor mounts on a wd21? Or are there any hydraulic mounts to replace the motor mounts on a wd21 SEV6
  25. Thanks yeah I have an SE and my tank is 23 gal I will try and find a good used one if possible thanks
  26. There’s a rubber seal between the door and A pilar and I ran the wires in the channel of the rubber door seal and it pops out into the engine bay where the hood hinges are and they connect to the switch panel in the engine bay where [mention]RainGoat [/mention]helped tidy it up then a wire from the switch panel goes into the cabin via the clutch plate/hole underneath the brake booster Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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