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  3. Canadian R50s have their own variations, often different than the U.S. versions.
  4. I'm using 4runner steel wheels on my '98 and they fit fine. Center bore is bigger so it aligns itself with the wheel studs when you tighten them. The ET20 is probably the wheel offset (but I might be mistaken) Sent from my SM-G973U1 using Tapatalk
  5. needs to go up about 3" but thats the idea
  6. got it up there only to have near 200lbs of metal fall back down on my leg... that was fun.
  7. Hey R50 teammates! Came across a good set of alloys from a '97 4Runner, see below for specs. Will these fit on my '02 R50? Not sure how big a difference the ET15 vs ET20 would be. Also the center bore shouldn't be an issue I assume? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  8. Ditto! I have lifted my whole rear end with a Hi-Lift in my hitch shackle. I have the OEM hitch which is significantly more robust than the aftermarket ones as it has extensions that extend up the unibody underneath. It was emergent/urgent & it was sketchy but I’ve done some of that kind of thing in non-automotive settings. I would NOT use the running boards as a jack point. I will consider my sliders once they are welded on but that would still be a last resort as there is significant risk of damage to the vehicle - either from the lift or from the Jack misbehaving & hitting the doors. I now have a steel front bumper & would consider lifting off that; however, I have reservations there as well - both stability if the jack & some lack of faith in how the bumper mounts to the unibody. You can use a Lift-mate to lift a wheel and help with building up or shoveling our with obstructions. With a wheel change you would then need to put something under the body & lower & remove the wheel - obviously not ideal. Another advantage of a Hi-Lift is acting as a come-along (basically a manual winch) for recovery or for moving obstacles. I carry my OEM scissor jack & a 5T bottle jack all the time. I’m looking at the Safe-Jack accessories for my bottle jack & I have a 1cm thick poly foot for the jacks by Reese. I also have had an ARB Bushranger exhaust jack for >15 years. It’s a pain to pack. I’ve never used it & I stopped bringing it. It’s been hanging in my garage 11 years. My Mom does usually pack hers but I don’t think she’s needed it. In 17 years, I think I’ve only lifted the truck 2-3 times at most - my primary reason for carrying the Hi-Lift was emergency extraction as I was typically remote & solo. Hi-Lifts are a pain to mount & sketchy to put up & down on your roof (I always fear losing control & smashing up my metal or popping a window) I generally consider jacks as insurance for emergencies & bad luck. With reliable tires and judicious driving you should hopefully never need one.
  9. Definitely this. Bottle jack with a solid piece of wood will be safer.
  10. mine personally didn’t quit but got pretty dang close with leaking tranny fluid being what sent me into selling it. it would get stuck in neutral when i was in drive then catch at like 2-3 grand and make the whole car shudder and wouldn’t change gears above 1st without a huge thump. after turning it off at night then starting again in the morning the car would be fine with only hard shifting. i had a thread somewhere about it but i also had the RE4R01A. Only lasted 130k miles then would go on and off with that problem until i sold it at 139k. Weirdly enough@buttercup is at 199k and the tranny runs so much better.
  11. I would not recommend trying to use a Hi-Lift off the step mounts. They're rounded and don't really stick out that much. Just overall not a good anchor. I've seen people do it off the hitch. But if you're new to a Hi-Lift definitely do some studying, and maybe practice with someone who's familiar. They're useful, but also super dangerous. In many circumstances a solid bottle jack, or even scissor jack, can get you out of a pinch. Just my $0.02! Once you get sliders a Hi-Lift would become a lot more useful.
  12. That reminds me @ferrariowner123 I could start pulling paint matched rear bumper/fender flares if you wanted.
  13. Welcome! And interesting that he has that grill on a 99! The plot thickens with the amount of variations in our vehicles.
  14. I can understand wanting to replace what's easy to see if that clears it up without a major teardown. If it wasn't an interference engine, I'd say go for it. But it is, which means there's a chance of crashing the valves if I'm right and it jumps again. The recent timing belt replacement means the belt itself shouldn't be worn out, but it still could've skipped time if the tensioner wasn't done up properly or if a foreign object ended up in between the belt and one of the sprockets. Devonianwalk's engine jumped time after some mud got into the timing cover. Advancing the timing got his to start again, just like yours, though it turned out he was two teeth off on one cam and three on the other. I doubt your timing cover is full of mud like his was, but maybe a fastener backed out and fell into the belt? The only other ways I can think of for the timing to have suddenly changed would be a loose hold-down for the distributor (which you probably would've noticed when you adjusted the timing), the dizzy trying to seize up and slipping its drive gear (check that the pin that holds the gear on is intact and the distributor spins freely), or the woodruff key that holds the crank sprocket in position on the crankshaft has sheared (though AFAIK that only happens on the VG30, which has a smaller crank snout).
  15. I have one of those for mine. And another one missing the gasket. It was absolutely a factory option made by Nissan. They are very rare and hard to find but they are out there. The biggest thing if you find one is you need the gasket that goes to it.
  16. Anyone know any good junkyards in the NJ/NY/PA area? Looking to try and snag some parts. The local ones around charge an arm and a leg..
  17. My info is just data aggregation mostly. I’ll defer to @02_Pathy &@R50JR as they’ve done it themselves. I saw it on the shop floor during the traumatic events of having to remove my otherwise pristine engine & put in a new one.
  18. Ah, a silver Pathfinder in the NW, we’re all going to have a hard time making sure we get into the right trucks! But seriously, Welcome!
  19. Thanks! Looks like we’re both in Vancouver. Take it easy.
  20. Bro, you need my #! I would have come any gave you a hand. Gonna PM it to you for future reference! Sent from my SM-J327P using Tapatalk
  21. Nice snag! Welcome to this great community!
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