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  2. Bumper brackets Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-N920A using Tapatalk
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  4. I lifted my rig in stages- - 2" spacers up front, new KYB struts on stock springs, rear OME MD springs with HPDE spacers, Airlift spring helpers and Bilstein monotube shocks - 4" lift via SFD with a full front end suspension rebuild, front OME HD springs and a missing link -6" lift with new polyurethane bushings on all components front and rear, adjustable upper and lower control arms and LR rear springs paired with bilstein 5160 rear shocks At each point, based on having drove it from the stock condition to its current 6" setup, the ride quality has consistently improved with my current setup driving better than it ever has. Not at all rough and bouncy nor sloppy on the road. The truck flexes well off road with fully intact extended sway bar links front and rear, helping it handle high speed turns on and off-road without any lean or instability. Its luxurious and very comfortable yet purpose built to handle some very demanding driving. Love it. The only issue I've encountered was at the first stage with a 2" spacer lift on stock springs- I was breaking CV's when I had full extension of the front suspension under load. The CV showed no sign of binding when up in the air on jack stands but with the load of the driveline in 4 Low in an off-road scenario the axles would detonate in that same full droop position. I was using, and still am, the brand new lifetime warranty imported CV axles from O'Reilly's. Without that warranty I would have been on the hook for 3 extra CV's. 2 lost from off road over-extension and 1 to a tear in the boot.
  5. Yes, to me it makes no sense why Nissan never put a link there. From looking at the design of the suspension the rear of the crossmember is under huge stress. A missing link should make no difference to your CVs.
  6. At least I know it wasn't the timing belt that was the problem! Bummer is... got the heads scraped out and removed the rockers and head and guess what? Block is still seized up, guess it's time to roll it over and start on the bottom end. I am totally bummed now!!!!
  7. Well that’s terrifying. Glad I built a missing link when I did then... it may not be a perfect link, but a quarter-inch steel square tube is plenty robust. I’ve always wanted to find any more ways to reinforce the subframe after such a large drop, this might have motivated me to do so...
  8. I used gasket sealant to fill in the gaps. Now the gap is larger lol. Ebay has the window moulding for hardbodies which work Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-N920A using Tapatalk
  9. I have run across a couple of their products on US trucks locally & have inquired if the owners when they bought it, how was the experience & how was the fit. So far, a couple good reports - no negative. Definitely keep everybody posted. There’s been alot of talk about rears but the only recent ones I can recall are[mention=38818]MicahFelker[/mention] &[mention=36148]hawairish[/mention] custom jobs. If[mention=36148]hawairish[/mention] put a beveled corner on his & offered it, I think it would be a tough product to beat! However, I would imagine that’s a long way off, if ever, given the other projects they have underway & the low hanging yet to be grabbed-so I wouldn’t hold my breath. I also think the very low price, and relative ease, of retrofitting the swingate makes it a low demand item (“ease” of course said by someone who has watched[mention=37543]TowndawgR50[/mention] do it twice (plus his own) & with at least 2 still to go).
  10. Input shaft bearings are loud in all gears except 4th. Been doing this since August. How long until she bombs? I'm guessing another year
  11. Weather finally broke and was able to start the teardown of the donor JDM engine. I was really hoping to just swap engine into my P/F, now I am just hoping that the block is salvageable. Have all plugs out and intake off and I still can't get the crank to turn more then about 10 degrees. If anyone is thinking about a JDM import engine be aware!, this is what I got. I think I need a bigger parts washer ! (he,he). I am soooooo bummed!
  12. I have a 2003 Nissan Frontier with a VG 33 engine. I am having trouble with the startup after replacing timing belt and valve job. Engine act like it would like to start but will not it is acting like it is a little out of time and smells like it also. I have noticed that the drivers side cam gear has a little right and left play in it moving with my hand left or right about 2 teath. my question is, is this suppost to be like this for the electric computer timing or is there something incorrect about the way the heads were rebuild 2 weeks ago. it has never started seance the valve job and new timing belt. timming belt marks are all lined up. any ideas?
  13. @PathyDude17 Thanks so much for getting me that latch assembly! I took the boot off the pull handle and used everyone's wondertool (WD 40), applying a dose into the boot and the cable works like new. Tire carrier is reinstalled and all is well. I just need to find the little clips that hold the trim on around the hinges. Haven't really looked for them yet but I'm sure I can find them somewhere. Again, thanks for all your help! MG
  14. just be careful those cats dont come apart and get sucked back into the motor
  15. how much work is it to swap from a manual setup to the auto setup. my 1991 SE has the auto fan control. the 1994 SE does not. . not sure if it is worth the work
  16. Pulled off the rear hatch panel, the rear wiper wireing was all melted. I had to rebuild the wiring. Then found the cause. The wiper motor was seized. The motor should be fused somewhere but could not find a fuse anywhere. ordered replacement used motor and installed. All is now working great. hopefully it does not happen again.
  17. We’ve been going over this a lot now haven’t we? Haha. I’m worried about some of the problems people had with the AC+1 combination. Maybe I order a second pair of camber bolts and see if it’s possible. I know the .5” won’t be a problem, especially once the springs settle
  18. Info is in my profile http://www.nissanpathfinders.net/forum/profile/41893-mhand52/
  19. If you already have spacers, and add springs, your overall droop and hence risk to the CV’s is still the same. When you do a spring lift, you’re just partially extending the strut within it’s travel range, so there will be less down travel left before it bottoms out but it won’t extend any lower than it does now. Hopefully that makes sense? With that said, there are two things to consider. Alignment could become more of an issue, but that’s easily fixed with a set of camber bolts. And if you don’t have manual hubs, then the increased lift will add a little more stress to the CV as it will always be riding around at more of an angle than it does now. The maximum droop won’t change but the static angle at ride height obviously will. Personally, I’d leave the 1 inch spacers, plan on camber bolts, and get manual hubs if you don’t already have them.
  20. from what i’ve read and been told so far you can even just use the one inch spacer just not any bigger Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  21. that tire size looks good what’s your lift and what size are they and what not? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  22. I’m tempted to order a rear bumper for my wd21 from Wam... Will see how it goes and let you know haha.
  23. Neither the 3.3L or the VQ40 are known to be oil burners. The VG33 is just a bigger version of what was in your wd21. Personally if you go first gen X I’d go with a supercharged model. Yeah it requires premium but it has 40 more hp and 46 ft lbs more torque. Mine seems to get the same mileage as the modded 2nd guys. Both fairly simple to work on, the 2nd gen has the ability to Titan swap the front end which is cool. I’ve worked on a few and they seem well built. I love my first gen but that’s because I prefer the simplicity of it and it pretty much is just a revised wd21 with leaf springs. I drove it to work every day till I bought new winters for my VW.
  24. You should get a small car to keep the mileage off of your trucks!
  25. I just purchased my pathfinder about a month ago so I have many “to do’s” on my list. I started following you and will be looking forward to new products you will be releasing in the future.
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