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  2. mtnboy

    R200A vs R200A...what's the diff?

    TRE, have a couple mates with them and they rate em. 5yr warranty as well
  3. You shouldn't need new coils unless you buy the package to just avoid building them up yourself with a McPherson strut compressor. You also need the strut mount isolators that go at the top in the case you don't use the pre-built strut package. Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
  4. Check the heater bypass hose behind your engine. That thing just caused me a huge headache chasing down a phantom blown head gasket. It’s the black hose in the center of the picture there. Mine looked a little decrepit from the top but the underside was leaking coolant. When you say popped the radiator, what exactly do you mean? Like blew the seal between the core and top/bottom pieces?? Or like a hose or something? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. hawairish

    R200A vs R200A...what's the diff?

    Nice. Which locker are you going with?
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  7. mjotrainbrain

    Random picture of your R50

    Throwback Tuesday........
  8. Mattmill91

    Random picture of your R50

    What’s that blue anodized piece in the coolant hose??
  9. Mm rad cap with rad is a must... look for where the water is going... Should be able to get a year or 2 of even the cheapest rad... mmmm over heated?... fan and fan clutch good?
  10. Hey nissan junkies. Just curious if a headlight assembly from a 2001 pathfinder will fit nicely into my 1998 pathy chilkoot edition. Im not sure if the wiring is all the same and what not
  11. Will a couple of these get me off in a good direction? https://www.amazon.ca/KYB-335016-Excel-G-Replacement-Strut/dp/B000CODES4/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1531852625&sr=8-2&keywords=1998+nissan+pathfinder+struts Any other suggestions? I spend most of my time in the pathfinder driving on the highway and turning off onto forest service roads to go camping etc on the weekend. The pathfinder does take a good beating! I should get new coils as well?
  12. mtnboy

    R200A vs R200A...what's the diff?

    I took the back cover off and was able to count the Ring Gear bolts. Had 10, l was also able to measure the edge and eye up how wide it was which seemed inline with being the R200a (200mm ring). So locker ordered. Going to help pull it through heaps more places.
  13. Did you replace the radiator cap too in case it has failed? If the radiator was good, and it wasn't just some bad luck, the next thing I'd suspect is exhaust gas leaking into the coolant. Have you tried one of those test kits for exhaust gas in the coolant? Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
  14. Im not sure my uncle replaced it at his shop and the job came out to $260
  15. Was it a nice radiator, or the cheapest one you could find on eBay? Could be as simple as a crappy radiator lasting about as long as you should expect one to.
  16. 1998 R50 With 193xxx on the clock, Valve cover gasket has been bad for a while and have been adding oil and coolant as needed here in the hot months. Now I think the radiator has popped because it has over heated and needed water twice in 2 days and needed alot of water. My problem is that we replaced the radiator last year so i dont think this should be happening. Any suggestions as to what could have popped rad #2
  17. Sweet - just thought of a friend who may have a bit of experience with this as well as some tools. Gonna see if he's able to help me and if so I will get your guys recommendations on parts!
  18. dcgoalie98

    Anatomy of a Nissan ignition lock assembly

    I know this is a very old thread, but I am looking to rekey my ignition and was wondering if you had any more information on how those pins were removed. Not all the pictures are showing up over 7 years after the original posting. Do you remember how you were able to get them out? Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
  19. mjotrainbrain

    astrorami’s build thread

    Looking very good, lots of important mods done!
  20. onespiritbrain

    time for a new FORUM GAME

    Record Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  21. mjotrainbrain

    time for a new FORUM GAME

  22. JamesRich

    Blown/Seeping Head Gasket?

    yes i would replace that hose, it could be leaking between the layers. Make sure you get coolant hose and not fuel line also. Some parts people don't know there's a difference. If you can't find small coolant hose at a parts house check a big truck dealer. James
  23. RedPath88

    Mushy brakes

    17hr day, not thinking straight so forgive if I am stupid ...Air gets by the bleeder valves? Tried replacing them too? And yes you can use Teflon tape on them or at lease I have in the past (not the Pathfinder) and never had a problem. If air is getting by them under vacuum, then it's reasonable that air is getting into the system because of them too.
  24. RedPath88

    time for a new FORUM GAME

    Error (it was dead to k9 lol )
  25. Mrelcocko

    Random picture of your R50

    Polished the upper plenum and some of the brackets for the plug wires, hood switch, BPT valve etc. And then went a little crazy with a Sharpe. Ha ha Mr Cox 96R50-97JR50
  26. Slartibartfast

    Mushy brakes

    I would hope that one of the mechanics this thing had been to would've tried that, or the gallon (at least) of brake fluid I've put through the system over the past few months would've dislodged whatever's still caught in it just by brute force, but it's not like anything else makes sense at this point. I've got plenty of spare reservoir caps so I modded one today to take a valve stem. I'm not sure how much pressure the res will take but I've got spares of those, too. I'll give it a go while I'm waiting on the pressure gauge. I did try a mityvac, but the threads on my bleeders aren't what they used to be and the vacuum just sucked air around them (between the bleeders and calipers). I've read you can wrap the bleeders in teflon tape, but haven't tried that yet either.
  27. Yesterday
  28. Mrelcocko

    97 QX4 Fixer Upper

    Polished the upper plenum along with some of the brackets and painted the numbers on top of the plenum. Mr Cox 96R50-97JR50
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