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  2. Doesn't have to be a daily to encourage them to develop parts for it. Ironman has a wide range of products for various makes and models outside the USA. The R50 sold well internationally with many of them still being modified and used for recreational purposes. With the exception of engine options they don't change much from region to region so I think there's a chance we could see some offerings even if they aren't as plentiful as others available to the USDM Toyota or Subaru crowd.
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  4. A little late but there is a Russian spartan type for the open diff. Would rather have it than lsd .....
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  6. You can often get away with re-using copper washers, but, yeah, it's not ideal. They deform a little each time you tighten the banjo bolt on them and there's a limit to how many times they'll do that before the copper work-hardens or gets too thin. I doubt the steering banjo nuts have been tightened enough times to kill the washers, so if you don't have replacements ready to go, I would check that the washers and the surfaces they seal against are clean (no chunks of sand or dirt holding one of them cockeyed), maybe clean up the washers on a flat piece of fine sandpaper if it looks like they need it, and see if that does it. If not, or if the washers are obviously hashed when you get them out (dents/cracked/squished), cut your losses and order new washers. I bought an assortment of metric washers online a while back when I couldn't get them locally. If you're not sure which line is leaking, don't feel around for it with the engine running. High pressure hydraulic leaks can mess you up.
  7. If you need to download, my pearl of wisdom for Gaia is to load the Satellite layers separately as they’re the most likely to hit the cap. Also, if you’ve downloaded an area you’re unlikely to go back to anytime soon, at least delete the satellite imagery to give you more room before the 100K cap. If the download is hanging up for unknown reasons, it’s probably the MapBox cap. I wish they would just build into it a warning that said “This cannot be downloaded as it will exceed the MapBox Tile Limit”. It took me way too long to figure this out. I tend to aimlessly wander so I like having a large area in great detail.
  8. Interesting. Thanks for the heads up, and I'll do my best to keep everyone posted there. I'll definitely play with the app on the head unit before trying to rely on it while off grid.
  9. I’d agree with all that. It made me sad [emoji20]
  10. Quick update. I was able to remove the distributor cap and got access to the #2 injector. I did an ohm test on it and the injectors on the opposite bank. Here are the results: #2 9.2 ohms #1 12.8 ohms #3 15.4 ohms #5 12.6 ohms. This was done with engine cold and about 72 degrees outside. I had read somewhere that the readings should be between 10-14 ohms. Is that correct? Is the low reading on #2 verifying anything? Also, should I test them after the car has warmed up as well? Thanks!
  11. That may very well be your problem there. Those crush washers, you usually replace them once they are opened. Kind of like the crush washer on the oil pan drain bolt. Nissan has them and they are relatively cheap. I’m changing my rack too when it warms up out, and they were around 4 bucks a piece For OEM Nissan. You should only need 4 of them. How’s the Detroit axle rack? I’ll probably be going with ACDelco. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Yeah u got that right.. sorry to my english its not my first language .. and yeah i agree with you.. moving that clutch plate from gear side to other side should not make any difference .. but its what i found.. maybe i did something else that i didnt notice .. i will try that again and i will take video and post it in FB.. its very complicated to post videos or pics here .. thanks for your reply bro..
  13. I tried to reach out to jovany to come on the site to clear any misinformation and he has been slow to react and probably uninterested. He did tell me his attempts to work with Ironman were before he made the video. He also mentioned Ironman wanted to give him partial refund for the springs. At this point he looks like even bigger liar with his claims of bad customer support. With that said, having worked on my pathfinder’s suspension a bunch, I can say something is wrong with those springs but I guess we’ll never really know. [mention]RainGoat [/mention] I gave up social media nearly a decade ago. I haven’t looked back since. The amount of crap on there makes everyone stupid. Sent from my Pathfinder
  14. Sorry for old bump; Im looking at getting headers for my 01/1990 2-Door WD21, 4x4, VG30E, manual transmission. Are the pace-setters and doug-thorleys only made to fit on the 1990-1995 4-door SE models? Or will they fit on my 2Door? I am confused by the fact that I have a early 1990 2-door SE, which seems to suggest I should look for 87-89 headers. But I dont have a VG30i, its instead a VG30E. Help? ----edit --- Here is what I've learned - From 1985 to 1989 Pathfinders were available with 2-door body, either the VG30i or the diesel -The four-door Pathfinder was introduced in October 1989, and in early 1990 it became only a four door. -Some US 1990 Pathfinders came with the two door body, but they are rare. (mine is one of these, apparently!) -1990 the V6 received an upgrade from VG30i to VG30e. ----2nd edit --- So I need to find headers that will meet requirements of 90-95VG30e fitment, and being a 86-89 2-door body style, and a manual 4x4...anyone can help with this? Mike at AC says " I have never ran into this situation with 2 door Pathfinder that had VG30E."
  15. I’ll be curious to see how Gaia works for you on a head unit. I’ve used it about 3 years on an iPad. I’d recommend Gaia but the download limitations on MapBox products are very annoying. The biggest PITA to any of my trips is downloading maps for off-grid use. Here’s just one thread that talks about the issue - it’s unclear to me how this will impact a head unit. https://help.gaiagps.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/360000809607-Can-t-download-MapBox-Streets-HD-map
  16. Well, the R50 offroad market is small, cheap & diminishing here in the U.S. Sadly, while Pathfinders are common here (I literally see a couple on just about every drive I make), they’re rarely used as offroad vehicles. In almost 20 years I NEVER ran into another one on the trail (AZ, UT, CO, NM, CA, OR, WA, BC, ID) & think I only saw one other one and it was as minimally modified as mine at the time. In the last 5 years or so, there’s been an explosion of interest in offroading in the US and at the same time these trucks are now dirt cheap. Sadly, they’be become a bit of a throw away vehicle. It doesn’t take long on FaceBook to have a very sad impression of the R50 community these days. Conversely, offroading has been a part of daily life for alot of Australians. My Australian friends here talk about things like how their Mom, as a teacher, checked a Land Cruiser out of the district motor pool for her teaching duties. Following PCoA & corresponding with a couple Australians, R50s offroad are fairly common there & suppliers are numerous - many of them laugh at us buying ARB because that’s the most expensive of more than a handful of options they have. IronMan is just one of a few of many Australian brands that already have a domestic product but are only now considering distribution in the US. That said, I concur that they are unlikely to find a market willing to pay their prices (anyone familiar with the Toyota market would find our products ridiculously cheap but our options virtually non-existent. Everything on my Pathfinder cost a literal fraction of what something similar costs for my 5th Gen 4Runner). The Toyota world is full if 20 & 30 somethings willing to throw gobs of their disposable income at their truck. I’d love to see more Australian manufacturers bring their products here. The video that sparked the IronMan debate was rife with oddities & we already have an example of a successful application. I suspect we’ll soon have a second. If the guy who decided to distribute IronMan products here has an employee with an R50, I expect it’s a personal purchase. Given our tiny market, buying an R50 would likely exceed any profit margin they can expect on ALL R50 products they’ll sell here. I imagine our best avenue to more R50 products is a personal interest by the staff who will be deciding which products to bother importing. Frankly, I’m impressed with a professional response on their part in the face of a non-compliant customer. I don’t really understand what that truck owner’s goal was? All complaint, no attempt to fix or get his money back. I doubt any of the forum regulars would have responded similarly. IronMan already has a rep outside the R50 community & it’s pretty good. It’s my hope that one guy, and an overreaction on our part, doesn’t get us labelled as a community not worth supporting. I have to admit I responded from a jaded perspective. I spent more time on FaceBook R50 sites in the last 2 weeks than I ever had before. The level of immaturity, ignorance & stupidity I observed was mind numbing & depressing. The NPORA forum is typically a respite from all of that & has tended to make me feel superior to what I read on the Toyota forums - FB negated all that.
  17. How is your new windshield holding up? I think you noted yours sits outside like mine. If it’s doing well, where did you have it done? Did you have to pay for it or did you have it covered under comprehensive on your insurance- they’ll usually cover it as a safety item. If not, what did it cost you. That’s an issue I wouldn’t mind addressing this winter. Thanks!!
  18. I have a 1991 Nissan Pathfinder I take off road when I can and I’m slowly building it into a rig that will sustain me for a week+ at a time on remote trips. I’m located in the Bay Area of California.
  19. I did not replace them I went with the Detroit axle rack
  20. I doubt they’ve bought an r50 as a daily. Their only offerings currently are springs for front and rear. At $200 for a pair of springs, I doubt they will be creating anything more for our platform. The market for r50s is extremely small and the majority of owners can’t afford that price point. I think them buying this car is simply to test if their springs are defective. If ARB is able to ramp up production for their products, then this company will be obsolete in the r50 world. Sent from my Pathfinder
  21. If they truly did buy a 2004, at least it won’t have the ECU issue. Drive by wire, babyyyyy. Not sure if that’s truly a step up, but that system does avoid the IACV/ECU disaster.
  22. Did you replace the washers when you swapped the rack? Usually you should. What rack did you go with? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  23. Did you replace the washers when you swapped the rack? Usually you should. What rack did you go with? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  24. Did you replace the washers when you swapped the rack? Usually you should. What rack did you go with? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  25. With the latest news of someone within the company picking up an R50 maybe it'll encourage them to open up more offerings specific to our platform. We can only hope, right? Let's play nice and encourage them diplomatically. Maybe someone can inform them about the power valve issue and throttle body coolant leak that fries ECU's without frightening them off...
  26. I just replaced my rack and pinion and it's leaking out of the lines that connect on top the in/out lines it looks like it's coming from the washers I can't figure out why it's doing this. 2000 pathfinder
  27. Thanks, I appreciate i! I'll make sure to check those.
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