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  2. Alexey_Maruschak

    Random picture of your R50

    На парковке
  3. Slartibartfast

    Resurrected Terrano 1 - fixing the blower fan...

    If the rear wiper's set up like my '93, there's a rocker switch on the dash (to the right of the column on mine). Not sure if you've got the right hand or left hand drive dash though, or if that changes the control layout. Can you follow the wires from the fan to the resistor pack?
  4. Today
  5. RainGoat

    Water Prep

    Great Find! I’ve been needing to do this to my Mom’s 4Runner & now I think I’ll tackle the Pathy as well. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  6. RainGoat

    What did you do to your Pathfinder today?

    Stripped off my load bars, rail mounted Yakima Basket Case, all the rail slides & the rails themselves in preparation for mounting a full length Rola V-Tech rack. I haven’t been able to adequately access the roof under that Yakima basket for about 14 years. I’m going to clean it all up, wax it & remount the rails. I’m still working on the rack mount. I’ll use the rail slides & conduit clamps but after seeing another R50 with just those (Pathy_02), I feel it needs another 1cm - 1” elevation to be able to put cam strap hooks around the lower bars & that will also allow the sunroof to function without interference. Something tells me that I’ll be dealing with wind noise once I do that.
  7. hawairish

    CANVAZ 2018 - SoCal/Anza-Borrego 10/5-10/8

    Campsite posted: https://nextcampsite.com/blair-valley-campground-anza-borrego-sp/ Coordinates: 33.038155, -116.40892
  8. Slartibartfast

    Seat Motors

    If you're not sure which is which, you could probably unbolt the seat and push it up, or flop it forward, or just use a mirror or something, then work each adjuster and figure out which motor spins for each. Looks like the mechanism is exposed enough for you to see which ones are or aren't moving. That should narrow it down to which one's borked, and it looks like it should be easy enough to pull that motor and have a look on the bench to determine if a little percussive maintenance will bring it back or if it's time to track down a replacement.
  9. So I haven't seen much in the light of swapping in a Toyota 4.0L V8 1UZFE VVTI into our R50s and so I went ahead and did a metric fskcton of research about both the VQ35DE VVTI and the 1UZFE VVTI, to get dimensions and measurements for both engines and their mounting positions. This made the process way easier after finding and buying said Toyota engine locally for $200us and so far it looks like the motor mounts for the engine as almost identical and in the damn near same locations with the distance of both engines keeping the same space from the back of the engines to the firewall the same. But obviously the only way the v8 would fit without issue is to delete the clutch fan and installing dual electric fans on the radiator (which I wanted to do anyway) which isn't a big deal anyway BUT the two radiators are pretty different which is fine because A I could either adapter some coolant hoses or B find a radiator that would work with the space of the pathfinder radiator space (I haven't done much in the way of measurements or research on this) or C have a custom built aluminum performance radiator (too expensive probably) which would be nice but ideally not what I'd want to do since my truck build is budget minded for the most part. Another nice thing is that XAT makes a bell housing adapter plate to run the SR/KA 5 speed transmissions but I have also found out the the older KA24E 5 speed 4x4 transmissions might work perfectly with their adapters but I don't know what the towing capability would be with those transmissions (since I do tow with this truck) as I can't find any info on that. So my first question is for you manual transmission off roaders out there is, how is it out on the trails with a manual trans, because mine is an auto and so far I love it for off road but this 4 speed trans isn't great for highway driving because it just drags down the fuel economy hence the idea/plan for the manual/engine swap.
  10. Slartibartfast

    1995 Pathfinder LE Slow Acceleration & Bad Gas Mileage

    These aren't powerhouses or hypermilers at the best of times, but mine will usually manage double that on a tank. Sounds like yours is running pig rich. I'm guessing the old plugs were black as hell? Oxygen sensor sounds likely. I had a hell of a time getting the sensor out of my '95; I've read that doing it with the exhaust hot helps. I'd also check the coolant temp sensor and its connector. There are two temp sensors on the coolant neck that the upper rad hose connects to. The one-wire sensor goes to the cluster, the two-wire goes to the computer. If the computer thinks it's cold as hell outside, it makes the engine run richer. The EF&EC section of the '95 service manual should have the info you need to check the sensor with a multimeter. For the plug, just check and see if it's wiggly or corroded.
  11. Thanks Kent! Yeah, it's ridiculous how catastrophic something like that really is, especially when you've pampered a vehicle. It's more ridiculous that Nissan didn't own up to it. As for the IACV/ECU issue, wish I could say I've seen a good, definitive post anywhere. Most of what I've seen is on the NICO Forums...this is probably one of the better starting points: http://forums.nicoclub.com/advice-please-ecm-repair-warranted-t613891.html. Much of the discussions have been chicken-vs-egg discussion...i.e., did the ECU fry the IACV, or did the IACV fry the ECU? The issue wasn't unique to the VQ35, either (I believe it was common on VG30 in some of the cars, like Maxima and I30), but I think the primary reason we didn't see it in the 03-04 is because of the drive-by-wire system. The issue is still rather foreign to me, but my (general) understanding is that a seal or gasket on the IACV body or housing fails and exposes coolant to the solenoid, which shorts it and also eventually takes out the ECU (perhaps an impedance issue, dunno, but doesn't read like it's an immediate failure). If you fix the IACV problem without fixing the ECU, the ECU can then short out the IACV...not sure how plausible that one is, but it's out there. It reads like some guys have lucked out with only IACV failures, but others replace the IACV without knowing the ECU is bad.
  12. hawairish

    Any concerns with a 1" spacer lift?

    Technically speaking, yes, but are you determining the 2" sag using specs from the FSM? I'd be surprised if you weren't bottoming-out on the strut bumpstops over bumps, assuming they're installed.
  13. AlabamaDan

    Any concerns with a 1" spacer lift?

    That's 1.5" over stock? So if I'm I'm sagging 2" from original height it would give me 3.5" of lift from where I am today?
  14. hawairish

    Any concerns with a 1" spacer lift?

    OME MD springs yield about 1.5". There used to be light-duty ones, but I don't think they're available any more.
  15. AlabamaDan

    Water Prep

    Here's a great write up from days past:
  16. TroyButler

    Any concerns with a 1" spacer lift?

    Is there a spring for 1" lift?
  17. AlabamaDan

    Water Prep

    It doesn't look like this thread got much traction, but I'm investigating it as well. I've read the rear diff breather hose needs to be extended as it's rather short. However, the front diff, t-case, and tranny run into hard lines that go up the firewall - that's what I've read anyway. I haven't crawled under yet. I was reading that on a Toyota Landcruiser the diff air valves have a flapper that closes when it goes into water or something. The problem with this is that when the breather valve closes it pulls the air/water in through the axle seals causing damage. Are Nissan breather valves the same? Also, I read that the D22 snorkels fit the R50 well. Anyone know more?
  18. hawairish

    Any concerns with a 1" spacer lift?

    I think that if we're talking any amount of lift, I'd advocate springs over spacers any day like TowndawgR50. Static spacers are convenient if you really want to keep stock ride characteristics, but with limited options even available, you have to disassemble the entire strut anyway to install them. If you're going to go that far, springs are the way to go...better handling, better load support. Spacers have their place for us, but springs will make more of a difference for only a little more cost.
  19. TowndawgR50

    Any concerns with a 1" spacer lift?

    Springs are easier but more expensive. Spacers require modifications to the top hat of the strut. Both methods require compressing and removing the springs.
  20. Slow acceleration and bad gas mileage. That sums up owning a Pathfinder/QX4. LOL. That's is a good tune up. Can't imagine what more you could do.
  21. AlabamaDan

    In-Channel Window Deflector Vent Visors

    REVIEW: I've had the visors in for a little while now and they're still holding up strong. Today I drove to work, ran errands, and drove home and more errands after work. I drove on the interstate and side roads. With the windows cracked but still within the visors there was good airflow to keep me a little cool, but not enough that I felt like I was in a wind tunnel. There is no additional road noise from the visors. It kept the car significantly cooler. I was actually able to do all my driving today without breaking a sweat. It is supposed to rain tonight so I've parked outside and left the windows cracked. We'll see what happens!
  22. Enri330r

    Random picture of your R50

    thanks josh!!!
  23. joshrichard

    Random picture of your R50

    I just painted black my rims and did the conversion to leds of my instrumental cluster Wow, this rig is absolutely amazing!
  24. Enri330r

    Random picture of your R50

    I just painted black my rims and did the conversion to leds of my instrumental cluster
  25. Yesterday
  26. AlabamaDan

    Any concerns with a 1" spacer lift?

    Not to hi-jack, it could be for TroyButler too. If you went with springs that provide a 2" lift you shouldn't need to do any other modifications such as lengthen brake lines, steering shaft, etc. If the answer is true, then I assume a 1" spacer is easier.
  27. TowndawgR50

    Any concerns with a 1" spacer lift?

    Yes, 1" is fine-get an alignment after installation. 2" or more I would recommend springs. With a spring-only lift you should not encounter any issues with CV axles. There aren't any lift struts made for the R50.
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