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  2. i know the battery is fine but if it makes the same click as if it was dead then maybe faulty starter. try turning the engine by the crank and see if its catching on something maybe
  3. Super late to the post but was looking at old threads due to my newness at forum. Very very nice if you ever get a chance to read NICE. Alot of dedication. Thank you! Nice build.
  4. But its been doing the click, i just wanted to make sure it didnt mean anything
  5. No it still doesnt crank, and battery is fine, idk if the click means from the engine means anything though.
  6. Most common problem with the OBD2 port is a blown fuse. I would have to look it up, but it is usually the fuse for the cigar lighter, aka power port. I assume you already tried turning the instrument light dimmer up. Do the marker lights turn on? Once again, start with simple stuff and check fuses. I find it truly amazing how similar they managed to make the R50 to the WD21 and still make very little a straight swap. Finally, the 96 to 99 Nissans were different with the OBD. You can get very basic information from the OBD2 port, but if you want more, you need a consult adapter and software.
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  8. wait so it just clicks now or does it fully crank? as if dead like a dead battery type of click?
  9. Also, click from engine when you try to crank
  10. Great Pictures Micah. I love wheeling in the mountains of NW MT. But, do not miss the snow. Plan to be home to Ronan mid April. Although, not for long as we will be off to Australia and New Zealand most of June. Will be bringing my ‘00 Pathfinder home from NM for more upgrades during the summer months. Keep posting pictures. MTG
  11. ohhh my bad i mis read it then
  12. Its not saying that it is that relay, that was just a guess of mine. Someone else had that problem. So i wanted to completely make sure that was it. And i dont really have a way of checking it.
  13. I have a ‘91 XE (5 Speed), so I’ll be watching this thread as well! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  14. i mean if it says that relay then by logic its that relay? you cant start a car in drive or reverse obviously but you can in neutral and park. maybe the relay telling the car its in one of those positions is bad? thats pretty logical no?
  15. i know 100% that you can swap the rear axles from the wd21 to gain disc brakes, but you also need to get a few other things from like a frontier or something like that. not too sure what else other then that
  16. I have tried a lot already btw, yes battery is fine. Yes starter is replaced not too long ago.
  17. My 2003 infiniti qx4 has a very long story, we bought the car used in 2016, it had around 160,000 miles on it maybe. My son drove it to school everyday and loved it. One day he decided to go mud bogging and blew the 4wd, after that it was still fine. Skip some time ahead into early 2017 my daughter needed a car to start driving, and we bought a 97 pathfinder from some friends, she still had her permit. Every now and then my son would drive it to school and eventually it got to the point where e loved that pathy. Skip some more time(2017still?), and he came back to the qx4 he started it and it ran fine, but one day he said he idled funny, like it was reviving while idleling. We waited to fix it because of the short time on our hands to fix it. One day after taking a break from the qx4 he came back to it, he was driving down the highway and he said it just stopped running, he didnt know what happend but he smelt something burnt. We took it to infinity and they said the wiring harness needed to be replaced, for 4500$.( keep in mind it would still crank).We told we paid about that much for the car, and walked off, we believed we knew the problem, i looked into the ecm to see a burnt mark on it and a blown fuse. We sent that to an infiniti place to replace that and the did, next we replaced the throttle body which was the culprit for he strange idling before($500). Later we checked to see if it was getting gas and it was We tried to start but now no crank. We gave up. Come summer 2019, it is still sitting there, my younger son went out to work on it, cause he loves it, he charges the battery ( this battery was bought during the time we tried to fix it a while ago)... a few hours later and its done he goes ounto crank it and... it cranks!!!!!, but it wont start we put the “code reader”( cant remember name of the top of my head) and it says that nothing is wrong, no codes. Next day later he checks it and it gives him a code for crankshaft postion sensor. The problem was i had plenty if other things around the house that i needed to do and that car wasnt my top priority. We stopped working on it. Now January 2020 my son came back to it, charged it and now it wont start, dont want to spend any more money on this thing!! Every time i try to start it i hear a click, ive tried almost everything, my only culprit now is the neutral/park relay. It is also now giving me the p0335 code too( circuit a). Answers
  18. Sup yall.im sam with a 96 r50.ive had a few wd21s before the r50 and man the difference.lookin forward to buggin everyone about some issues I'm having!.obd2 port not workin,dash lights not comin on with the headlights,wiring schematics,what will and won't swap with wd's.....it just keeps goin lol
  19. I really have no clue how to work all this so just bare with me guys!!


  20. Ditto, though I need to replace the entire exhaust system, which I have in the garage minus one minor custom coupling requirement, it still starts first on the first turn if they key. I kinda feel bad for only calling upon its services now and then lately. It's easy to just stick with the norm and drive the same vehicle, in this case the Lincoln, regularly. As such, I've decided to rotate more regularly between the two. Granted, we're only talking 4.4 miles per day between home and the company vehicle, on days I don't simply work from home. Plus what little I do on weekends, but it's something nonetheless.
  21. I finally got around to installing a B&M 70268 transmission cooler. The temps dropped 20-30F depending on conditions, see below. Temp when cruising :
  22. Couple of pics from my latest trip. We stayed at a cabin near Breckenridge to do some skiing and some of the back roads we took were pretty nasty on the way there.
  23. I actually like his as well, but I think I would leave the stock bumper cover on and just mount a steel bumper behind it to mount the tire carrier gate onto. I was looking online and found a very similar looking tubing bumper, but made for Jeeps. It has the exact dimensions I would need, just has to be modified to fit to the body mounting points that the pathfinder has to offer. I would have to get a shop to weld some tubing onto it that could pass through the bumper cover and then attach to the body behind it. this is the one I’m looking at currently. It’s interesting because the cut out would even fit stylistically with the OEM nissan hitch if the bumper was mounted upside down https://www.ebay.com/itm/Smittybilt-3-Inch-Rear-Double-Tube-Bumper-without-Hitch-Black-JB44-R/174136885099?pageci=2a8e8d33-6819-4f22-bf32-e345392387fb&epid=75039509
  24. Last week
  25. Is yours diesel? I assumed you were American but sounds like you might be an aussie. Mine is petrol despite being nz new
  26. I had gotten away from the pathfinder Thomas I am restarting on that adventure again It is a 2004 SE I am going to take pics and post I have a lot of projects id like to do and a lot of things that need fixing.
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